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A Machete Order Prequel edit - (parts of) all 3 movies down to 1 (Released)

Got to watch this recently and really enjoyed it. It could become my go-to for the Prequels except for one scene which really ruins the continuity for me.

TriggeredPuppy said:
… I got rid of Tatooine completely.

Not quite! 😉

When Obiwan contacts Anakin to rebroadcast his message to the Jedi Council, the sequence of shots introduces the following issues while maintaining that Anakin is on Naboo with Padme:

  1. Anakin and Padme are inside her starship. Why would they be in her ship if they’re still on Naboo?
  2. The stark landscape through the windows is clearly not Naboo.
  3. When they go rescue Obiwan, the ship flies out of a cliffside hangar, even though we just saw a vast empty landscape through the windows mere seconds earlier.

I understand why the problematic Tatooine shot was included, but if there’s ever another cut of this film made, I’d strongly suggest removing that shot from this scene, even if you have to just imply that Anakin and Padme see the transmission.

I think it could work to just omit shots of the couple and focus on Obiwan’s message, then cut to the shot of the Nubian Cruiser leaving the Naboo hangar. This would create some implications for the viewer to follow; firstly, that Anakin saw the transmission and secondly, that he rushed to his Master’s rescue. I don’t think these are too obscure or hard to follow for most viewers.

That scene aside, this was a great cut of the Prequels. Thanks for making it!


I watched this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The only thing I bumped into was the scene where Ahsoka gives Din the beskar spear. I very much enjoyed the removal of Din from Ahsoka’s work on Corvus. It really reminds viewers what a powerful character Ahsoka is.

However the sudden transition from the Ahsoka/Din/Grogu forest scene to the Ahsoka/Din outside the walls of a celebrating Calodan scene was a bit jarring. I know why it was included, but it struck me as odd that the pair would travel from the woods, into town, then back to Din’s ship.

I think that scene could be removed without causing too much of a continuity issue. The scene before; night-time in the forest with Ahsoka/Din/Grogu could flow easily into the morning after; at Din’s ship, preparing to leave. When the spear makes an appearance later in the film, audiences, if they even remember it from the Ahsoka/Morgan fight, would just assume that Ahsoka gave it to Din on Corvus.

You might also consider an earlier cut at the end of the forest scene to remove Ahsoka’s line about ‘testing’ Grogu. We don’t see that testing at all in this edit.

Anyway, this is a great edit. Thank you for making it!

Star Wars: A (formerly?) 3-in-1 fanedit of the Original Trilogy (* unfinished project *)

I’m surprised no one has responded to this.

I’ve only just found this thread and think the whole idea is fascinating

I’d love to see it, either in its original 4 hour version, or the new formats you’re discussing.

Maybe it’s because I’m old, or just a rabid fan, but FWIW I’d happily watch a four hour Star Wars film.