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Fall of the Republic - The Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith NCC (V2.1 Released)

SandMTV said:

I recommend using this to add more emotional weight to Anakin’s death at the end of the film. Like how Gamora’s death music did to the Destruction of alderaan in Illfaneditore’s Heir of Skywalker. When Anakin turned off Ahsoka’s lightsaber, Anakin is dead. His eyes turned yellow. He is now Darth Vader forever.

I just noticed that video starts as Vader is looking at Morai and plays the end of the track that plays during Padme’s death which is the part where the Tantive III arrives on Naboo. Before this, add the same track to when Vader’s shuttle is landing so we can get the transition from “Burying the dead” track at the end of the BInary sunset to Padme’s Death track at thte beginning of Darth Vader CLone Wars ending scene to make it more somber and bittersweet. Using the wind SFX to recreate the wind SFX and the Lightsaber SFX recreating thte Lightsaber SFX when turned on. So we can have where NightWing1015’s CW rescore continues from.

Fall of the Republic - The Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith NCC (V2.1 Released)

If the Darth Vader Scene at the end of TCW was rescored with the funeral theme (Padme’s death and Vader’s NOOO scene, and Padme’s funeral) just like NightWing1015’s rescore adding the wind sfx and lightsaber sfx cause having 2 tracks playing at the same time would be harsh, the music that played in Ahsoka’s last scene transitions to the music that played when Padme dies (Despite that she survived). Before we cut to the credits, we cut from the clone helmet to the star destroyer as Vader meets up with the emporer reporting “Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.” and Palp replies “You have done well, Lord vader.”

DYK: Mon Mothma’s only appearance in ROTS is when Palpatine, Obi-Wan, and Anakin arrived at the senate to meet up with the other senators. She only appears as a cameo appearance and that’s why she’s credited in ROTS.

<strong>Star Wars: The Bad Batch</strong> (animated series) - a general discussion thread - * <strong>SPOILERS</strong> *

I wish they include Palpatine’s cut lines which are from ROTS which are “Any collaborators will suffer the same fate! These have been trying times, but we past the test! {Attempt on Life and resolve been stronger already in} The war is over, the separatists have been defeated, and the Jedi rebellion has been foiled. We stand on a thresehold of a new beginning! {After Palps says safe and secure society} Which I assure you will last 10,000 years! An empire that will be ruled by this august body and a sovereign ruler chosen for life! An empire ruled by the majority! Ruled by the new constitution!”. Shouldn’t they restore those cut lines? I think they should’ve done that.

Worst Edit Ideas

Redub Revenge of the Sith/Seige of Mandalore fan edit cast with FFVII AC cast:

Steve Burton - Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
Rachel Leigh Cook - Ahsoka Tano
Steve Stanley - Maul
Quinton Flynn - Mace
Crisp F. - Ki-Adi-Mundi
Steve Blum - Clone Commander Cody
Beau Billingslea - Rex
Christy Carlson Romano - Bo-Katan
ChrisEdgerly - Jesse
Dave Wittenberg - Nute Gunray
Wingert - Bail Organa
Greg Ellis - C3PO
Liam O’ Brien - Yoda
Rick Gomez - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mena Suvari - Padme Amidala
George Newbern - General Greivous

Worst Edit Ideas

Redo the Revenge of the Sith final moments:

Instead of Yoda and Palpatine knocked out of the Podium and Yoda falls while Palpatine clings on to the podium, instead Yoda blasts Palpatine far away into space. We cut back to Mustafar as the scene stays the same from Obi-Wan jumpm onto the pipes to Obi-Wan and Ani pushing each other as lava spewed. Then we cut back to Coruscant and we see Yoda dancing and smiling. Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Typho appear next to Yoda as confetti is falling from the ceiling. Qui-Gon says “Well done, Yoda. You stopped the Sith.” Bail Organa heard that voice being like ‘whaat?’. Jar Jar appear in a joyous mood. He yells “Victory screech.” and howls. Suddenly all the celebration stopped when Maul emerges. Maul in triumph knew that Sidious is gone. Eveyone turns around and saw Maul. He says “With this Sidious out of the way, I have to give myself a promotion! I am now officially back as Darth Maul!!!” and he turns around and look at his comrades with some clones which are Cody and Thire. Maul yells “Thire! Cody! Rook! Arrest this Jedi and his friends!” and Thire asks “What happened to Darth Sidious?”. Rook replies “Silence clone, you clones now serve Maul!”. She turns around and starts falling in love with Cody. She says with glee, “This is going to be such fun! We can go to the lake country and we can touch each other’s parts.” and Cody says to himself “I think she really loves me”. Thire asks Rook if she’s g"y for Cody and Rook replies that she’s bisexual (despite that she’s female). Thire is unclear and asks Rook that she’s really g*y for Cody all while Maul grolws in rage. He yells “Stop screwing and hurry up!” and Rook uses the grappling hook to capture Yoda, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Typho. Ornn makes fun of Maul saying “Screw you and everything you love” and he continues. While Ornn makes fun of Maul, Maul yells “Guess what? You got a fat belly! And guess what? I’m going to wreck the galaxy! THat’s right!!” He pushes Ornn out of the building and says “Get out of my sight!”. We cut back to Mustafar and this scene (The Arm) is still the same as Obi-Wan and Anakin fights on the arm but they stop and look at the lava breaking the arm and they need to dodge the lava rain and the arm falls out and they start climbing up the arm. Then we cut to Yoda and the gang be tied up by Rook’s grappler. Bail Organa says “This isn’t good Yoda! Maul is a lot smarter than Sidious ever should be!” and Jar Jar (Who isn’t tied up and is behind Maul) says “And THICKER!” and starts laughing. Maul turns around and yells at Jar Jar “I have something special planned for you, you gungan” and Jar Jar shouts in glee, “MMuy muy! Something to do!”. We cut back to Mustafar and the duel remains the same but as Anakin and Obi-Wan starts swinging and clashed their lightsabers while holding the cables, we cut to the docking bay with the Naboo Skiff. We see R2 and 3PO trying to take Padme back to the skiff. 3PO is holding Padme. R2 beeps to 3PO in concern. 3PO replies “I know I’m careful. I am getting to good hold of her. But I’m worried if my back is holding too much weight.” and we freezeframe and zoom out of this scene and it’s shown on a whiteboard and George Lucas appears to the viewers. He says “What you see here is a scene…” and he paused for a bit and dashed near to the camera for a close up shot of his face as he shouts “…THAT I DELETED!!!” and we resume to 3PO and R2 and we see Jar Jar appearing and scared the nuts out of them. 3PO and R2 are curious why Jar Jar is on Mustafar. Jar Jar asks “Youssa want to go fast?” and 3PO replies “Yes.” and Jar Jar says “Meessa bet that youssa can’t go fast as messa!” and 3PO says to Jar Jar that it’s a safe bet and Jar Jar says “Okay”. A FEW Minutes later, C3PO and Jar Jar and at the starting line ready to race. C3PO asks to Jar Jar that he doesn’t expect to beat 3PO and Jar Jar replies that he’s very fast. R2 beeps to start the race and Jar Jar does a big leap all while 3PO falls into the lava. Turns out Jar Jar can fly and he says “Meesa can fly. Screw you.” and we cut back to Obi-Wan and Anakin we get the remainder of the duel all up until the high ground scene. Instead of Obi-Wan yelling “Don’t try it!” and Anakin jumping and Obi-Wan cutting his limbs off, Obi-Wan instead replies, “And what do you mean by your powers?” and Anakin leaps over Obi-Wan and Anakin now has the high ground. Anakin says “And by my power, I mean my radical dance moves!!” Obi-Wan and Anakin started doing a dance off with health bars and they dance at the same time. Anakin and Obi-wan are doing the right moves but some Obi-Wan’s moves are late and early and the dance off ends but Obi-Wan falls unconcious and Anakin merges victorious thinking that his former master died and he triumphantly beaten him. BUT, Obi-Wan gets back up in a split second and says to Anakin that he has to do it again. Anakin is in shock and he yells “He’s alive?!”. Anakin tries to pull out his lightsaber but he yells that his lightsaber is taken and says to Obi-Wan that they’ll do Round 2. While they’re about to begin Round 2, Jar Jar interrupts yelling “Not so fast!” Obi-Wan and Anakin looks to the left and saw Jar Jar. Jar Jar yells “It’s time for the intense level!” and Anakin goes “WHAT?!”. Jar Jar walks and stand next to Obi-Wan and he says “That’s hard for youssa.”. Anakin is furious and says “I can’t take you both at once!” and he smirks sinisterly and he continues “Unless…” BUT R2 appears to Anakin beeping to him to accept the diffication when defeated. Anakin decided to quit and Jar Jar asks “FOR REAL?!” and Anakin smiles maniacally and says “Of course not!” He says “So long, TRAITOR” and he uses the teleporter gizmo that he took from the Mining facility to escape. Obi-Wan said “Goodbye, old friend” happily while everyoen is confused. Everyone is very silent and Jar Jar asks “Now what?”. We cut back to Coruscant in the Senate building as Maul has won. Maul yells out “Who will stop me now?!” and chuckled sinisterly. Things aren’t good for Yoda and the gang until we hear a comlink ringtone. Rook take Cody’s comlink which is actually strapped in to his pocket. Rook asks “Yes?” and we see a hologram of Ahsoka Tano. She asks “Yoda, is that you?” and Rook replies there’s no one and to leave a message but was abruptly stopped as Yoda uses the force to catch the Comlink. Yoda is glad that Ahsoka is alive. Ahsoka yells to Yoda to stop the Sith before it’s too late. Organa asks how to do this and Ahsoka says to the gang to do it in seconds if they had a gizmo. Mon Mothma located the gizmo and tells her comrades to take the gizmo and bring it to her and her gang. Organa makes a distraction by asking Cody how everything is going and Cody replies everything’s fine and Organa says “So anywho, hello there.” Cody turns around and he saw Fang Zar, Giddeanu, Chi Eeckway, and the senators from the rebel subplot attempting to take the gizmo. Cody yells “I saw that!” and goes to take the gizmo all while his comlink’s strap which is elastic gets very slingshotty. Cody takes the gizmo from the senators but he realized he’s doomed because his comlink has a very elastical strap the strap did a sling shot flinging Cody at the grappling metal that Yoda and the two senators are ties in and it exploded causing Cody to die. Rook gets shicked that Cody died and Yoda grabbed the gizmo. Organa tells Yoda to go quickly and Mon mothma gives the speeder to Yoda to race up to the secret controller room. Mon Mothma and Bail Organa turns around and saw the clones coming after them. The ghost of Qui-Gon stops the clones ultimately killing all of them. Rook mourns the loss of her BF Cody and decide to take revenge. She aims at Mothma’s speeder which Yoda is riding in and she shoots a missle at Yoda but he dodges it and entered the secret controller room and he placed the gizmo in the slot and starts to commence the Senate Building to take flight. But he didn’t cause Maul says to Yoda, “Nice try, green warthog!”. He pushed the eject the slot button and the gizmo got ejected and crushed. Maul chokes Yoda and went neat the edge of the Senate building. Maul says while choking Yoda, “5000 feet! Time to die!!”. He was about to let Yoda go to make him dead but he was stopped and looked at two figures. It turns out the Figures are Jar Jar and Saxon. Jar Jar felt that all the killing makes him hungry and is about to eat Saxon. Saxon begged for help. Maul lets go of Yoda sparing him and leans on the edges hanging with his legs grabbing the ledge yelling to Jar Jar to get away from his Mauldalorian son. Yoda stares to Maul’s rear and then he got an idea. He walks to Maul’s feet and kicked his rear. But Maul grabbed the ledge with only his hands. He yells at Yoda “What are you doing?!” and Yoda replies “To an end, the Sith must be brought” and he beings the launch sequence of the Senate building by pushing the launch button. Bail Organa and Mon Mothma approached to Yoda. Bail Organa yells “Yoda, what have you done?!” and Yoda replies “Done, something that should be.”. We cut to the Senate arena and we see Mas Amedda and Sly Moore leaving the building as it begins the launch sequence. Mas yells to Sly, “Let’s get out of here!!!” and Thire leaves saying “Screw this nonsense!”. We cut to the secret controller room as Yoda and Bail Organa and Mon Mothma rushed to the ledge and they went to Mon Mothma’s Speeder which fits for 4 citizens. Bail Organa tells the gang it’s time to get out. The speeder moves fast away from the Senate building as it begins to take flight to space. Maul still holding on to the ledge screams as he is going to space. At teh Senate arena, Tarkin, Yularren, Krennic, and the other Imperial guys are in horror. Tarkin says nobely, “It been a pleasure serving the Empire.” and the camera pans to Rook holding Cody’s helmet and she says to Cody, “Now we can be together…in hell!”. The Sentate Builing hits the Work in Progress Death Star and it made the Death Star and the Senate building explode to debris. Everyone in the galaxy are freed from the Empire. For the film’s ending montage, we see Organa on Alderaan at his balcony staring into the afternoon sky. Mon Mothma walks to Organa and says “Senator.” and Captain Antilles approaces Organa calling him Chancellor. Bail Organa is now Chancellor of the Republic. He goes to his desk and the Senators from the deleted Rebel Subplot honors Organa that he is Chancellor of the Republic. We then cut to Kamino and we see the clones and Kaminoans walking and chatting in the facility but we stop at the lab where Lama Su is brooding. He laugh maniacally that the Sith are gone. We fade to black and we fade into Coruscant cityscape and we saw that Mace indeed survived. Mace is still injured and he asks “Wait, is the Sith truly gone?”. He feels concerned and felt content. He talks to hiself, “Yoda, you heard that right?” and he heard an explosion which came from the Death Star and the Senate Building. He stares at the explosion and he recovered proudly. We fade to black and then fade to Naboo and we see the citizens given gifts by a salegungan and we see the gungans fixing the damage that the Clone Wars did as Nass watches and he sees the sky sparkling and we fade to black and fade to Lothal and we see an infant Ezra and his parents (Now survived) and they lived a happy life. We fade to black and fade to Wolffe and Gregor watching the sunrise and they go back to their base but they were wondering if Rex survives and they leave we fade to black and then fade to the purple and orange sky and we see Rex yelling “Wolffe! Gregor!” as he was grabbing thing air. He walks slowly and stants tall and spoke “I’ll comeback”. Turns out Rex is with Yoda, Padme (Now recovered and survived), Ahsoka, Chewbacca, and R2 at the edge of the cliff. Ahsoka asks “So, what now?” and Padme shakes her head. The 2 women turned and look and Yoda. Qui-Gon’s voice spoke to Yoda that the Sith have not yet been gone meaning Sidious survived. Yoda spoke, “Sidious. Long as out there, he still is, hunt him, I will.” Rex looks back at Yoda saying that he thought Yoda had beaten Sidious. Yoda shakes his head. Padme says “We can.” Yoda turns around and looks at Padme. She continues “We will”. Ahsoka says “Count me in.” and Chewbacca growled translating that they need a nose like his if it’s to be a hun and R2 beeps to them translating that they also need a navigator as well. Rex startled and turns around and looks at the gang yelling out “I’m in, TOO! This Sidious wants to end the Republic, eh? An enemy of this is an emeny of the Republic!” Yoda smiles. The gang all see that the storm is here and the rain starts falling. Eveeryone walks away from the cliff and Padme stops and looks t the sky. She says “I missed it. The steel sky.” as the camera flies to the sky. We transition to Anakin falling into the seas. He was then washed up on an island. He brings out the teleport gizmo he had but it was soggy and stopped working. He is frustrated. He says to himself, “Great! How am I going to get out of this place?”. But we see a figure name Maz Kanata and says, “You’re a fine looking sea creature.” Anakin got jumpscared and he looks at Maz Kanata for a moment. He says that there should be a way to get out of the island. He then sees a ship and tell Maz Kanata that their salvation is flying in the sky. Maz Kanata responded that the ship won’t help them and Anakin asks why and Maz Kanata replies that the ship is to small. Anakin grabs the ship which turned iut to be a figure. Anakin speak sadly, “This is just great”. And we iris wipe to the credits.

Worst Edit Ideas

Dub Greivous to sound like Sephiroth from FFVII.

Greivous has one black angel wing in ROTS.

Have One-Winged Angel played during battles:

  1. PS1 version - Battle of Hypori
  2. Reastered PC - Malevolance
  3. Reunion - Vs. Ahsoka
  4. Crisis Core - Lair of Greivous (Vs. Kit Fisto)
  5. Kingdom Hearts - Vs. Eeth Koth
  6. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 - Vs. Kenobi and Gallia
  7. Reorchestrated - ARC Troopers
  8. Dissidia - Shadow Warrior
  9. Monster Strike - Final Ahsoka Rematch
  10. Distant Worlds - Crisis on Utapau
  11. OJV - Battle of Coruscant
  12. Rebirth (with all instrument from every version and Heavy Metal from Advent children)
Fall of the Republic - The Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith NCC (V2.1 Released)

I recommend using this to add more emotional weight to Anakin’s death at the end of the film. Like how Gamora’s death music did to the Destruction of alderaan in Illfaneditore’s Heir of Skywalker. When Anakin turned off Ahsoka’s lightsaber, Anakin is dead. His eyes turned yellow. He is now Darth Vader forever.

The NumeralJoker/MechaSalesman 4K HDR Edits Megathread, Clips Previews, and Release Info

There are a few moments in REVENGE of the SITH that you may one day add:

  1. Nos Monster

  2. Yoda’s struggle to get off Kashyyk

  3. Anakin killing San Hill, Rune Haako (PS: Rute Gunnay has an on screen death and not Rune Haako because the shot of Rune is lifted from the Conference room which is where he was supposed to be killed and placed it on Rute Gunnay’s reaction), Shu Mai, Cat Miin, Sun Rac, and Wat Tambor. He also killed the guards which are the first ones to be killed and droidekas which are before Nute gets killed which would explain why Nute Gunray flinched as Anakin jumped to him. He thought the Droidekas would’ve killed him.

  4. Obi-Wan visiting Padme before he leaves Utapau (It was mentioned in ROTS and in the featurettes, it is indeed filmed but was cut out for time constraits)

  5. Extended Obi-Wan vs. Anakin which would explain why Obi-Wan has Anakin’s lightsaber during the duel. He is using both lightsabers.

  6. R2-D2 and C-3PO taking an unconcious Padme to the Naboo Skiff (It is also mentioned in the film).

  7. Extended Anakin and Padme on Veranda (Most of the opening with Typho, Motee, and C-3PO, Anakin not being an errand boy, ETC)

  8. Obi-Wan talking to Anakin about the tensions between the Jedi Council and the Chancellor.

  9. Anakin being lifted from the Medical Capsule and placed onto the operating table.

  10. Stuff from Anakin’s 2nd nightmare being in the birth of the Twins and the Death of Padme which includes the Japor Snippet.

Star Wars - Episode IV: The Heir of Skywalker (V2 Released)

The Alan Silvestri score in Alderaan destruction, in my opinion, I think it would make everyone feel dreaded instead of sad.

If Alderaan’s destruction comes immediately before Luke in the homestead cleaning the droids, Obi-Wan would’ve sensed the destruction offscreen. Alan’s score for destruction of Alderaan, Luke seeing Leia’s hologram for the first time, Lars dinner, and the binary sunset with ROTS Score ending the first act and vegins the credits would’ve end on a hopeful note.

WoW Villains &amp; their Star Wars Counterparts

If the worlds of Star Wars and Warcraft were combined, which villains would line up the most closely?

Since the beginning, the Warcraft universe has created different Iconic villains. Each has their own personality and conquest for power.

But if they were to be compared to some of the characters from Star Wars, there are many clear counterparts that can be seen within them. Whether it’s their traits or the manner in which they behave, there are plenty of major similarities between some of the characters from these two very popular worlds.

  1. Arthas - Darth Vader

  2. Illidan - Darth Maul

  3. Ragnaros - Count Dooku

  4. Garrosh Hellscream - General Greivous

  5. Kel’Thuzaud - Grand Moff Tarkin

  6. Anub’Arak - Director Krennic

  7. Grommash Hellscream - Savage Opress

  8. Gul’dan - Talzin

  9. Kil’Jaden - Supreme Leader Snoke

  10. Kael’thas - Gar Saxon

  11. Vashjj - Rook Kast

  12. Sylvanas Windrunner - Asajj Ventress

  13. Cordana Felsong - Komari Vosa

  14. Archimonde - Thrawn

  15. Kilrogg - The Grand Inquisitor

  16. Zul’Jin - Hux

  17. Xavius - Trench

  18. Azshara - Phasma

  19. N’Zoth - Darth Malygus

  20. Yogg’Saron - Darth Nihilus

  21. C’Thun - Darth Plagueis

  22. Mannoroth - Gideon

  23. Magtheridon - Poggle the Lesser

  24. Sindragosa - The Seventh Sister

  25. Deathwing - Darth Bane

  26. Ner’Zhul - Exar Kun

  27. Wrathion - Boba Fett/Jango Fett

  28. Cho’Gall - Wat Tambor

  29. Blackhand - Durge

  30. Sargeras - Palpatine