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Boxset Booklet Ideas

I’ve decided to finally get started on my despecialized boxset using the 4K77 and 83 versions of the films and the D+80 copy of Empire. So far I have all my plans laid out for bonus features and extra materials such as the original '73 rough draft of the script, some recreations of some Topps cards, and a gallery booklet with posters/ads/BTS photographs/film stills but I really wanna put a text part in the booklet as well like the director’s note from Lucas found on the laserdisc boxset or an original review/essay in the same vein as the Criterion Collection. Any suggestions would be great to hear. Thanks 😃

Info Wanted: Has anyone done... Twin Peaks: The Return - Feature Length 18 Hour Cut?

There’s been a lot of discussion about Twin Peaks: The Return, specifically if it’s a movie or a miniseries. David Lynch himself called the project an 18 hour long film while Showtime divided it into 18 episodes or “parts”. So I’m curious to find out, considering the roadhouse performances were all released uncut without end credits on top of it. Can someone make an 18 hour long version of Twin Peaks: The Return? No pauses or anything like that, just having each part flow into each other. It seems like an interesting project to tackle.

What is your main way of watching the Original Trilogy?

StarkillerAG said:

Recently I’ve been downloading the D+XX versions of the OT, and I think they’ll be my go-to versions from now on. The quality allowed by combining the official 4K with 35mm sources is amazing, and the tiny Special Edition changes that were kept don’t bother me at all.

No clue if I can do this or not but do u have any idea on where I can find a link to download D+80? I’m perfectly satisfied with 4K77 and 4K83 and now all I need is an upgrade from my regular copy of Empire to tide me by until 4K80.