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The Force Awakens Fan Edit Ideas - ** SPOILERS **

Overall I liked the story. There are just few changes I would like to see. Not sure they can be done through editing.

  1. Han should ask how he didn’t know about the power of the bowcaster or should not acted surprised.
  2. TR8R stormtrooper should be changed to Captain Phasma.
  3. Starkiller base:
    A) the beam should go into hyperspace
    B) the beam should cause stars to go supernova not destroy planets
    C) only the star going supernova should be visible in the skies tokodana.
  4. Rey should be captured by Phasma and rescued by Finn.
  5. Finn should have used Phasma’s hands to bring down the shields.
  6. The attack on the thermal oscillator by the x-wings should fail.
  7. the explosives set off by chewbacca should blow the Oscillator.
    In addition to many of the changes I read these would be good in my opinion.
Putting The Original-Original Trilogy's Prequel Story together

That’s one of the questions of the clone force users. If that was an original concept. Maybe there is a host of problems. Zahn explored that too but again in the EU. That’s why was wondering if there was any recorded media of that concept in the original backstory. It would explain a lot as far as the Jedi’s Fire being extinguished from the universe and not trusted.

Putting The Original-Original Trilogy's Prequel Story together

I know this is a response to a really old post but here it goes. I know that the “Dark Empire” was EU but both they and the Zahn series (EU) explored the idea of cloned Jedi and force users. Where did they both get that idea? Zahn used the cloning tech to create stormtroopers not far off from the clone troopers that we were sold. Are there some writings, conversations, or other recorded media that reveals insight into the OOT intentions regarding the clones. I really like the idea that OB-1 is a clone and “Ben” being a similar to the Hebrew or Arabic of Ben or bin meaning “son of”. The idea of Owen and Obi-wan being brothers seems be something that made it to the ROTJ novel but was reconsidered in the movie version because of the familiarity by Owen and Beru in ANH. I think there was an intent for a real family connection but they realized that the Anakin following Obi-wan on a “damned fool crusade” would not make sense. Now if Obi-wan followed Anakin then it would make sense. So I think it was caught in ROTJ movie but not caught before the novel until in print. Just my thoughts.