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Godzilla Fan Reconstructions and Fan Edit Covers for Red Menace and Others

Hey Gang!

As you know some of the links for the covers for the Godzilla reconstructions and fan edits have been removed so I uploaded all of the ones I have, I know that I am missing the SON OF GODZILLA so if you have that set please PM me or post links here if you can

Word to the Spookies!

The Return of Godzilla EOST BD Covers

Ghidrah BD Covers

Godzilla vs. the Thing BD Covers

Monster Zero BD Covers

Astro-Monsters BD Covers

Destroy All Monsters BD Covers

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

PodracingThisIs91 said:

Rikter said:

Doctor M said:

Rikter said:

Hey there Gang!!

I uploaded all of these to the squeedily spooch (the organ site - with closed membership)

JJPotter - the work of the gods!

Did you ask JJP before posting?


I hope that at the very least you credited him.

Well his name is in the title of the uploads… and in twenty plus years of uploading for the fans I don’t believe I’ve ever not gave “credit” - so I’m not sure why you would even ask.

Disney Era Collection Kenner Cardback Inspired Set Blu-ray Covers

Benjamin K. said:

This is some wonderful art! A great callback to the classic Star Wars art style. My only question is this - how would these be used practically? Are there really ISO’s out there of all these Disney Plus releases?

These are not made for any actual blurays out there, these are a one size fits all -hence no specifications- on the backs.

Disney Era Collection Kenner Cardback Inspired Set Blu-ray Covers

Just added my first release in a LONG time… BLAX42 The Last Jedi Score-Only Version, yes I know it is an option on the BESTBUY Skywalker Saga Box Set and the UK re-release but I have neither and have no interests in adding either to my collection… but either would be happily accepted as a gift!.

I will upload the ISO to SNAHP.IT forums and pass on links (users MUST have a 20 post minimum)

Thanks to @schorman for the shared audio files!!