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The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

first thing - the Bobby McFerrin song is now truncated by two lines worth of "blah" in the end credits, which is extremely off-putting for me, its absence is sorely missed having binge-watched this short in my earlier days ... is there some sort of blah quotient I'm not aware of that reaches an eventual level of offensiveness?

second thing - though J.L. has saved our children's sensitive eyes from what was obviously a back-breaking breast augmentation for the poor lady, he is now promoting a very unhealthy level of anorexia, much worse than what Barbie suffers from in general proportion.

Help: looking for... sorry to ask, but where do I find these fan edits?

firstly, I do not wish to break any rules of this forum, so I am not making specific references towards what has catalized my original post and concern here ... I do wish to mention a certain website that was taken offline last year but apparently now back online again simply will not load up here in the Land Down Under ... I've been researching what little information I can find around The Google about whether this website-of-mention is indeed alive & active, let alone if there are any possible regional restrictions in place etc ... I recently conrfirmed that someone else from (let's say) Europe says they can load said website okay in their area, of which I've heard our U.S. cousins are allegedly getting through okay as well.

so, this begs the question ... does anyone know what may be occurring that prevents me (from Australia) from accessing said weblink and/or if there is any other viable sources of fan-edits ?  some hints have abound that virus/malware checkers or firewalls are the problem ... I run AdBlockPlus as a religion, which I have not yet disabled, but seriously doubt would be the reason for this problem.

any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

The Terminator (1984) - Original Theatrical Mono Preservation (Released)

on the rare occasion that I have swapped between the 5.1 and 1.0 mixes in a single ten second scene, the truck's horn when Sarah and Kyle had hitchhiked from is a completely different pitch (and obviously not the same one) ... also, the gun-sounds in the future bunker are different, of which each have their own merits, but the original version is more suited in the 80s that it came from.

anyway, is there surely a media player that can play two audio tracks (first on left speaker, second on right speaker) so that I can truly blow my mind in the way that The Terminator first did when I was only 13yo?

Many thanks.

Help: looking for... sorry to ask, but where do I find these fan edits?

ever since my main source for fan edits had disappeared (and I think everyone has an inkling to what I’m on about here), there is still continual discussion and reference of on-going projects that are apparently somewhere in the limelight just waiting to be absorbed by this hardcore appreciation society.

I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but where is one meant to source these projects today?  I’ve tried the usual suspects without any luck whatsoever.  I would be so grateful if someone could help point me in the right direction, otherwise it looks like I’ll have to give up on my favourite art form, which is not a prospect I am looking forward to.

My last foray was with “The Things”, which I have to say is one of the greatest and most subtly produced projects of this ilk that, for one, demonstrates how truly incredible even a classic can be improved upon by even combining it with the equally derived sequel to become something truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Please PM me.  Many thanks for any assistance.

Info & Help Wanted: 'Death Becomes Her' & 'Dr. Giggles' - Preservations?

I live in Australia (with that nasty TV format called PAL, hehe) and we did have a free-to-air broadcast (probably SD, maybe HD) of Death Becomes Her in 16:9 ratio and perfect quality with probably the TV channel's logo burned in.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about this presentation before having a chance to set my STB timer, but I spent the rest of the running time enjoying this creative comedy with its obviously limited but still impressive CGI (kinda like Jurassic Park where nothing looks plastic etc, not even Meryll and Goldie post-mortem etc).

I'll do my best to record DBH or any other gems that grace our screens that are often a better quality than its DVD counterparts.  Another movie called Men At Work has been doing the rounds of late, too.

Info Wanted: Has anyone done any Unaltered Disney Classics preservations?

I have a substantial collection of Laserdiscs (haven't watched them in years), including 6-8 Special Editions and/or CAVs including The Lion King, T2, Toy Story, Ghostbusters, Evil Dead 2 (Red Disc), The Frighteners etc.

Unfortunately, my LD player is a lowly composite-only Pioneer CLD-D515 with RF Demodulator for AC3 decoding.

In the past, I haven't had much luck with video-capture in general, at least to a quality that I would always be pleased with.  Now I have a BeyonWiz DVB unit that apparently can capture analog video, so I may finally dig out my collection and record these missing gems of multimedia.

btw, someone was in the middle of assembling all the stuff for Ghostbusters and wanted the deleted scenes from the CAV edition?  I can get around to doing that as well.

so, does anyone know of a good post-filtering system/software to hopefully minimise the artifacts of my above capturing setup?  I've watched my LDs once on my 40" Samsung LCD and it's a crying shame how bad it looks blown-up :).

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

BarBar Jinkx said:

I like the text on the screen personally, although it is a missed opportunity, it should have had Ozzle & Piet vitals, one showing Ozzle with breathing issues and then flatlining, & Piet’s heart racing and peeking as Ozzle hits the deck :P

Well, since these employees are only pretending to die as per the following video clip, it would take quite a bit of coordination for them to dummy up said screens and show it flatlining on the very second that Perkins falls to the floor ...

The Fall of the Jedi Trilogy (Released)

If it's not too late, can you try to include this possible change below, but I can see why already it probably has to stay in ...

With SW3:ROTS, it has always bugged me that at the birth (and death) scene of Padame and naming her two children (Luke and Leia, duh!), if to either keep in or take out this little tidbit of info, it can present the following problems each way over :-

- if naming the twins as Luke and Leia remains in the SW3 edit, then it eventually spoils the revelation in SW6 between said siblings whereby they really shouldn't be trying to kiss each other etc

- if naming the twins as Luke and Leia are taken out of the SW3 edit, then the "newcomers to this franchise" won't have a freakin' clue as to what relevance these babies have in SW3 and whether they could even come back to haunt us in SW4/5/6

Come to think of it, by removing the names Luke and Leia but still referring to them as "it's a boy, it's a girl", the "newcomers" could then start their own eternal debate as to whether the indirect SW3 reference may actually have some correllation to the direct SW6 reference, even though it is only implied at most.

The "no-naming of the twins" situation isn't so bad because the OT is well-ingrained to the popular culture over three decades.  But if these movies were actually made in chronological order (ie  PT in 70s/80s, then OT in 21st Century), it would literally have become a 30-year-long cliffhanger that the vague SW3 reference in 1983 would only come to fruition when the more direct SW6 reference was revealed in 2005 (as well as in the literal timeline of said movies).

Many thanks.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- 1975 theatrical (on hiatus - lots of info)

Here's a bit of history about aspect ratios (and the filming of them) that I'm recalling from my years of persistence and anality on the subject :-

I'm a full believer of watching a movie in its Original Aspect Ratio (to get the entire viewable image possible), at least in terms of the intended viewing presentation by the director.  But each film is different, which roughly fall into these sorts of camps ...

- oar 1.33:1 (or all Stanley Kubrick movies) with little or no intention of being widescreen (while SK was alive), but are now sometimes being cropped to 1.78:1 on video etc (even things like the old Laserdisc game Dragon's Lair has been unfairly cropped like this etc)

- hard-framed ratio - eg Aliens (1985) at 1.85:1 oar (or any other 70mm/equivalent film-making etc) - no option but to crop this for 1.33:1 when on old-time TV (but James Cameron didn't know he didn't have do hard-framing at that point, hence the following transition to ...)

- Super35 (oar 1.33:1) - eg The Abyss (1989) and True Lies (1995) - cinema cropped to 2.35:1, but the TV presentation can take advantage of some/all of the 1.33:1 frame (however, the CGI-FX are nearly always only rendered in the 2.35:1 frame)


Robocop 1 - oar 1.66:1

first DVD (Criterion 1998) was oar 1.66:1 non-anamorphic, but has a full-bodied 2.0 soundtrack (great for when ED-209 shoots its guns off etc)

later DVDs/BluRays are now cropped at 1.78:1 and the 5.1 mix is pitiful (even with .1 subwoofer channel), like Terminator 1's remix etc


Total Recall, Blues Brothers, Evil Dead I - oar 1.33:1

all video releases (until the latest SEs) have always been presented in thei oar 1.33:1 (but not hotly considered for widescreen at the time)

for Evil Dead, Sam Raimi demanded to crop it at 1.78:1 and do a couple of "star wars adjustments" (such as removing the rogue hillbillies at the start of the bridge scene, which unfortunately negates any possible talking-point about this and other "bloopers" in the film)

for Total Recall, it only seems to suffer for a particular scene where the "futuristic Pepsi sign" entirely disappears on the cropped 1.78:1 frame

for Blues Brothers, it really bugs me because when cropped to 1.78:1, the "neon hat on top of the head of the musician" is entirely missing in the image, thereby the joke is destroyed forever


Monty Python & The Holy Grail - oar 1.66:1

first DVD release (1999) was oar 1.66:1 non-anamorphic

later DVDs were cropped 1.85:1 anamorphic

latest SE DVD 2006 is oar 1.66:1 anamorphic, and so will the Blu-Ray be too


Starship Troopers - oar 1.85:1

Now, why do I mention this movie?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  (hehe, any Aussies old enough to remember "The Curiousity Show"?)

when you watch the original DVD, the TV's 1.78:1 frame is filled in, but there are cropped words on left/right sides of frame, which indicates a cropping of the oar 1.85:1 (but a recent review of the Blu-Ray claims a 1.85:1 viewing ratio, but what that really means here I have no idea).


(btw, I don't know how or why I'm showing up as "double-space", but I can't stop this ... anyone know what I'm doing wrong here in

Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary

Jambe, you may also be interested in the following stuff ...


The Shark Is Still Working (2007)

- professionally made retrospective fan documentary with interviews of cast & crew (yes, Steven Spielberg etc)

- surprisingly it still has not been officially released despite rave reviews by a handful of previewers (which makes me wonder about the guy who has yet to see a single cent for his efforts ... hmm, sounds strangely familiar :) )


Your Studio And You (1995)

- a satirical 1950s-style b/w short mockup that was only meant for internal viewing at Universal, when (would you believe) they were being taken over by Liqour company Seagram

- commissioned by David Zucker and created by two unknown struggling artists named Matt Stone and Trey Parker

- boasting a ton of celebrities, starting with Steven Spielberg playing a tour guide shouting "Look Out, It's A Shark!" along the infamous Jaws Ride, though we can't tell if he or his passengers are more bored with the experience

- you can easily google info for this, however I have an extensive article by that I can forward to you since the online link no longer exists


8mm reel

This one was created by 12 year old kids (and has no sound), but includes the original daytime version of the initial attack scene


Jaws Ride

- below is a link to the "simulated tour", which is probably the best quality version of the attraction

(and look up the TSISWorking facebook link for info on its unfortunate dismantling this year)

Speaking of which, you may want to create a supplemental piece regarding this now-destroyed attraction piece.


Hope this helps.

'Raiding The Lost Ark' - a filmumentary. (Released)

Jambe Davdar said:

If you look at it closely, you will see that it is a different design and not in fact an R2-D2 head.

I stand corrected.  And I just discovered the following link about the R2-D2 clone-head and all other things regarding Ralph McQuarrie ...

Still, I wonder why the dome was even attached to the pole in the first place (in accordance to the situation by the Nazi's, not due to the director's/producer's whim etc).

Info: THE ARRIVAL - Special Edition (seeking a team up) (lots of useful info)

Apologies for bumping such an old post, but this is surely better than making another separate one about it.

I'd like to know if there is someone out there (by now) who may have ripped this LD with all the special features, even if the transfer quality is poor would not matter to me.  I've seen that the Blu-Ray of this movie came out in 2009 with no extras whatsoever (less than the previous DVD release had had).

Also, here's a good brief synopsis on the movie and making-of etc ...


Idea &amp; Info: Star Wars Deleted Scenes - Reincorporated?

I have a suggestion that you can take or leave at your leisure ...

How about presenting most/all of the deleted scenes in (very long) "flashback sequences" (akin to Julia :) ), as this would definitely give the whole movie a different spin and feel to proceedings.

In fact, to present Luke's longing to reach the stars as a past event would probably have more viceral (and 70s) impact than showing it in linear/real-time ... and given these scenes can be easily interpreted as a distant look back into Luke's life, rather than being intertwined within the concurrent timeline of the angst scenes with Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru ... as well as we only ever see that floppy hat of Luke's when he's whining to his friends or burning his eyes out through bifocals staring out at the dual suns etc.

Therefore, there may not be any need to "clean up" these deleted scenes, since the film scratches and reminiscing-B&W display will give more "authenticity" to Luke's recollection of happier days when he'd be playing with his Power Convertors from Toshi.

I only hope I'm not too late with this offering for you to consider this for maybe v3 of your edit.

Live Long and Prosper (and one hand up with a four-finger split arrangement that is not unlike a death-metal salute with extra digits). :)

Puggo Strikes Back! (Released)

I'm one of those people who crave extra content such as behind-the-scenes etc ... but this obsession is unfortunately at the sacrifice of ultimately ruining the "magic" that a movie holds on its own.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could include any footage of the contraption that you use to transfer the 16mm reels into digital.  Since we're now in an age where kids will never have grown up with joy of "filming" (which includes the humble still camera let alone a motion-picture) AND the risk of whether one's artistic creation may not even emulsify properly at the processing lab (ie the local KMart booth).

I think that what you provide here would in some way become a sort of historical document that might otherwise become lost in time and memory.  Then again, I'm sounding like my grandfather here.

Thanks again for everything you have done here.