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The Terminator - Color Regrade

There are two ways to match audio, either you do it by ear and by matching the waves forms, which means sometimes the people doing it make tiny cuts so that the audio stays in sync.

Alas it’s wrong because a) you alter the original audio b) from one master to another, the audio never match exactly because it wasn’t captured the same way, but when you view it with the image, you won’t notice the tiny ms differences.

Or you do it like I do, which is syncing the audio by matching the image to the available current master.
In that case, you don’t have to worry about the waveforms being exactly in sync on every version you sync. It worked for the source master, then it will work for the new one as the frames of the film are the same.

The only modifications are adding missing audio at the end of reels or beginning, when the source master misses some footage.

I advocate as a rule to always sync by frame matching. It works 99,99% of the time.

The Terminator - Color Regrade

Hi guys, I’m currently syncing all available mono mixes for another project.
I tried to sync the mono mixes rips from the 1995 THX LD that previously had been released all over the web, and sadly, I must report those mixes were cut down to match the 5.1 track, meaning some parts of the sound are missing.
I’m currently awaiting for a new rip of this THX LD, that I will resync without any cuts being made to the original audio. The only improvement will be filling in the blanks at the end of the reels changes.
you can follow the progress on fanres.

James Bond 007 Goldeneye "Royale cut"

Hey guys, this edit was made on SD DVD quality so I thrashed it. I wanted to redo it in HD but the whole event with the DNRed Blu-ray master put me off it. I think I may redo it later using the HDTV which is sightly cropped on all four sides, but offers solid grain and color and picture quality.
FCPX has made it so much easier now to do these.

True Lies Archival Project???

I think it might be source from iTunes?
It had NL subs so maybe it’s from NL.
It looks pretty clean, the pans are without any strobe.

Regarding open matte with russian audio, check if the station logo doesn’t intemitently appear. That new one was released a while back, but the station logo that pops in and out ruins the presentation.

If you have an older one, then muxes with DTS audio already exists out there.

Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress

Salut, bravo pour ce projet. Cependant avant que tu le release à nouveau, as tu bien fixe l’interlettrage dans tous les textes cartons pour être exactement comme l’original?

Les espaces entre les lettres font amateur, il faut vraiment conformer tous les cartons à l’identique. J’ai vu que tu as ajusté pour le début, mais pour le générique de fin, j’ai l’impression que tout est en spacing 0.

Toutes ses choses sont très facile a conformer sous photoshop ou FCPX ou Adobe pour le déroulant, il te suffit de placer l’original dessous en transparence, et d’ajuster ligne par ligne mot par mot pour que tout soit identique.

Sous FCPX, tu as même un plug inclus pour faire le crawl, plus besoin de créer le texte sous photoshop tu le fais dans FCPX direct.

Milles excuses si tu as déjà ajusté ces éléments là, mais je n’ai pas vu de mention dans les dernières pages.

Je peux t’aider pour les polices et l’interlettrage panneaux fixes si tu cales.

Pour les fonts exacts, as tu utilisé whatthefont?