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Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
Just a thought, but would an effective strategy be to utilize sympathetic members of the 501st, Rebel Legion, and/or Fanforce to even set up some kind of protest?

I don't think there's a better way to capture media attention than a bunch of beautiful geeky folks trooping around protesting the recent announcement. Does anyone have any contacts in any of those organizations?
We have to buy this set atleast to preserve it for the next generation of fans
Originally posted by: Tiptup
Old fans will remember the way it was, but new fans will not love the prequels or understand why the original trilogy was great in light of them. Star Wars will die with this generation I believe. I could be wrong, but it seems clear to me that the final films we have now are not great art by any means and nobody is going to care enough to be devoted to them like we were with the originals. The next CGI-drenched eye candy is always around the corner for today's kids and the latest incarnations of Star Wars are just another drop in the bucket.

I couldn't have said it better. Lucas will have no one to blame but himself. I guess there's beauty in a creator destroying his creation. If only he was aware of it.

Star Wars will die with us, which is why fan restoration projects are so important. We don't need Lucas, anymore. It's ours.
Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe has a page dedicated for contacts: Boston Globe Contact Page

The most relevant contacts for the Living Arts section where they give the email/number for their reporters and editors. There are thirty-eight contacts for that section alone, too many to post so I'll link to the page with them:

Living/Arts Section Contacts

Associated Press
(From their contact us page)
When sending e-mail messages to The Associated Press, do not send attachments. As a result of the huge volume of e-mail received daily, we may be unable to provide a response. However, all comments are read and taken into consideration.

To Send a Press Release

Media Requests for Interviews
All requests from the media for interviews, comments or appearances by the AP staff are handled by AP Corporate Communications:
write to and address the request to:
Jack Stokes
Director of Media Relations

It may be easier to hit up local affiliates and smaller news rather than the National press itself. Find a couple of local people who feel the same way you do and contact your local news, if you're alone they are more likely to ignore you. Once the little guys start to talk about it the big ones will too, just a thought.
Star Wars Logos?
I've been following this forum for awhile, especially the DVD cover thread where people have posted some amazing stuff!

I'm hosting a marathon at my college (of OCPMovie's version), and spent about two hours searching for high-resolution - 200dpi or higher - original trilogy logos (The Star Wars logo, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of Jedi) for the poster I am designing to advertise the event. Because color is too expensive, I was looking for black and white versions but I can Photoshop anything to look how I want I just need the higher resolution since I don't have access to Illustrator or Freehand to vectorize them. After about two hours of searching with Google,, and Yahoo I've given up and am hoping to get help from you, my fellow fans.

Thanks so much for reading this.