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Camp Camp Season 4 - Genuine Edition (V4 Released)

Wow. I totally forgot I made this thread. It’s been over a year and this edit has gone through it’s fourth rendition. Various tweaks have been done ever since. Main page has been updated.

Just when I thought I was done with this edit in V3, I find more things to address. I noticed I removed a small amount of frames in various spots when I didn’t need to. Those frames have been restored so the cuts aren’t as sudden as they were before. But there’s two major things I went back and changed.

I restored David thanking Gwen in After Hours after they decided who was going with Quartermaster and did some editing to close his mouth and keep the shot for a little bit longer to smoothen the cut to Gwen driving.


Max now has a look of concern on his face when David speaks to the campers again at the end of The Forest. This was something I should’ve done when I removed Max’s lines in earlier versions of this edit. At this point in the show, there’s no reason for Max to show any sign of annoyance at David coming back after he was gone for a long time.


With that all said and done, Version 4 is ready for viewing. PM me on this site or Fanedit.org if you are interested in watching.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Since Ascendant removes the notion of Snoke literally being created by Palpatine, maybe we give Snoke back some agency as a character in the ST?

Or maybe he could say “I am Snoke.” In other words, Snoke was an alias Palpatine used but taken a step further. Like a disposable puppet he made to control and speak through until the time was right to reveal himself.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Refined Edition (Released)

Jar Jar Bricks said:

That’s certainly a questionable change. I’d understand if the film was up in your face with some steamy, long-drawn make out scene between two random characters. That would feel extremely forced and cringe. But it’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment, really. I think JJ actually did a good job here making it feel organic.

Besides, why should it necessarily be interpreted in a sexual way? How do we know that in a galaxy as large and diverse as Star Wars that it isn’t their culture’s way of celebrating with each other? Yes, the novelization states that they are in a relationship, but the film itself never actually makes that clear.

I would of preferred to have them hug instead of kiss. That’s why I removed it.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Refined Edition (Released)

AI voice samples provided by Jar Jar Bricks allowed me to adjust Kylo’s lines to have him prey on Rey’s conflict and fills in the gaps of removed dialogue of Rey being pushed to remember her parents. Since in my TLJ edit, she already saw them while underneath the island. So this was a nice way to reconfigure the scene.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Eon Returns (Released)

Eon Returns is an edit of Ben 10,000 Returns that keeps Ben’s future unknown by establishing Ben 10,000 as another alternate future version of Ben, while also providing small hints to Eon’s identity earlier in the episode.

Fan Edit.org page: https://forums.fanedit.org/threads/ben-10-ultimate-alien-eon-returns.27488/

Change List:

  • Added FanEdit.org disclaimer and logo.

  • All references to Ben 10,000 being Ben’s future self have been removed or changed.

  • Changed title from Ben 10,000 Returns to Eon Returns.

  • Added “Fan Edited by Revan100” when Kevin opens the door to the museum.

  • A very brief shot of RAT Ben during the events of Race Against Time is added when Ben touches the Hands of Armageddon. Later, the device shows RAT Ben among the ruins of his Earth when Gwen’s spell to reveal secrets is about to be broken. These two moments give additional hints to Eon’s identity that was stated by Professor Paradox and imply a connection between Eon and the Hands to help explain why he dies after the device is destroyed.

  • Removed Paradox saying alternate worlds should not leak into others to account for this edits narrative changes to Ben 10,000.

  • Removed Paradox telling Kevin they are going to destroy every version of the Hands.

  • Changed Eon’s eyes from green to purple.

  • Ben doesn’t ask Ben 10,000 to give him Master Control.

  • Ben 10,000’s arm doesn’t move when telling Ben he gave him some new aliens to keep his position consistent in the next shot.

This edit is completed and ready for viewing. You can send me a PM if you are interested in watching.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Refined Edition (Released)

Rey’s vision was remade entirely with the repurposed footage of Kijimi’s destruction with a shot of the Sith throne and a documentary shot of Rey sitting on it. One of the issues I had with the original sequence was that the footage seemed too quick to process properly. This updated sequence has more breathing room, allowing less confusion, especially since none of the footage involving Kylo Ren isn’t present either.


Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Refined Edition (Released)

The Rise of Skywalker is good. But it can be better. That’s what this edit is all about.

Serving as a continuation to The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition, this edit modifies The Rise of Skywalker to be a more fulfilling end to the trilogy by smoothing out the plot, removing convoluted elements, and modifying aspects of the film to elevate the story.

IFDB page: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/star-wars-episode-ix-the-rise-of-skywalker-refined-edition/

Cuts and Additions:

  • Added FanEdit.org copyright disclaimer and logo. (Modified logo by INIGHTMARES)

  • Color correction to remove the green tint.

  • New title crawl that recaps Palpatine’s fleet, Rey struggling with her abilities while training under Leia, and the Millennium Falcon racing towards the Resistance outpost.

  • The Millennium Falcon jumps out of hyperspace after the camera pans down. (FX by Poppasketti)

  • The chess scene between Chewie, Poe, and Finn is moved to the end of the movie.

  • Removed Klaud from the Falcon. (FX by Poppasketti)

  • Removed lightspeed skipping. (FX by Poppasketti)

  • Recreated Rey’s vision using repurposed footage of Kijimi’s destruction and a documentary shot of her sitting on the Sith throne.

  • Recolored Exogel from blue to grey (LUT by Skenera)

  • Kylo reforges his helmet after Rey’s training and heads out with the Knights of Ren. A documentary shot is added for a more dramatic reveal.

  • Removed the Knights of Ren being referred to as ghouls.

  • Replaced Poe’s “Somehow Palpatine returned” line with Leia saying that Palpatine has returned from the dead. (AI line by Jar Jar Bricks)

  • Replaced Poe saying that Palpatine has been planning his revenge with a line explaining he’s clinging to life in a cloned body. (AI line by Jar Jar Bricks)

  • Removed the 16 hour ticking clock element.

  • Removed, cropped, or replaced shots that blatantly feature Rose when possible.

  • Leia tells Rey that Palpatine is too dangerous after she explains how to find Exogel. (AI line by Jar Jar Bricks)

  • Rey and Kylo look at each other before Poe tells her that they should get going.

  • Kylo doesn’t tell Rey that he’ll turn her to the dark side once he finds her.

  • Lando isn’t introduced by Threepio.

  • Threepio is the only that says “They fly now!”

  • Finn doesn’t try to tell Rey about his secret, as that plot thread was never finished.

  • Poe isn’t startled by Ochi’s remains.

  • Sith whispers are heard from the dagger throughout the events of the film and act as a guide for Rey to find the Wayfinder while inside the Death Star ruins later on.

  • Two of the Knights of Ren are given bits of dialogue on Pasaana, Kijimi, and Exogel. The voices are those of Yuri Lowenthal and Seth Green that were AI generated using the xVASynth program.

  • Trimmed Kylo’s fighter crashing so it isn’t shown excessively spinning and blowing up.

  • The tug of war between Rey and Kylo doesn’t happen so that Chewie’s fake death is removed. He’s still captured by the First Order but no one thinks he’s dead.

  • Trimmed Rey’s conversation with Finn so she doesn’t mention seeing both herself and Kylo on the Sith throne.

  • Replaced Hux informing General Pryde about Chewie with Palpatine contacting Kylo about Rey being alive.

  • Moments where Poe snags at Threepio have been removed.

  • Threepio’s memories stay wiped. References to R2 backing up his memories are taken out.

  • Removed the scene where Threepio has another idea before being shut off.

  • Poe doesn’t say anything about the hyperspace routes being blocked and Zorii doesn’t show the First Order medallion.

  • Removed Poe asking Finn where to go after they land inside the hanger and removed the mind trick scene. Making Finn the lead on where to go to find Chewie.

  • Removed Finn yelling at Poe when he is shot.

  • Rey sees her parents being attacked by Ochi when she retrieves the dagger.

  • Kylo tells Rey that he sees the darkness in her and she was right that her parents were no one. (AI lines by Jar Jar Bricks)

  • Moved Finn and Poe being taken to Pryde right after Kylo explains the fate of Rey’s parents to her.

  • Poe doesn’t say “I knew it!” when Hux reveals that he is the spy.

  • Added a Wilhelm scream when Rey shoots at the stormtroopers in the hanger.

  • Rey and her parents are not related to Palpatine.

  • Kylo tells Rey that she has the power of darkness and encourages her to kill Palpatine and take the Sith throne. (Inspired by TROS - Ascendant)

  • Swapped the moons of Endor. (FX by Poppasketti)

  • Removed Rey lining up the dagger with the Death Star ruins.

  • Threepio doesn’t refer to Babu Frik as one of his oldest friends.

  • The Skywalker saber becomes cracked at the end of Rey’s encounter with her dark side apparition. (FX by Kewlfish/Luka Frik)

  • Dark Rey’s eyes become Sith looking when she yells. (FX by Burbin)

  • Finn doesn’t interrupt the duel between Rey and Kylo.

  • Added the trailer shot of Leia holding the medal when she makes contact with Kylo.

  • Rey doesn’t say Leia’s name in shock.

  • Kijimi isn’t destroyed by the Final Order.

  • Moved R2 reuniting with Threepio before Poe speaks to Leia.

  • Removed the shot featuring the Porgs.

  • Luke’s appearance is improved during the start of his conversation with Rey. (FX by NeverarGreat and jonh)

  • Leia’s lightsaber color is changed from blue to purple. (FX by Skenera)

  • The Holdo Maneuver is not mentioned.

  • Removed Finn telling BB-8 that he’s doing great.

  • Intentionally kept Palpatine calling Rey “Empress Palpatine” when he offers her the Sith throne as his twisted way of giving her a family name and a belonging.

  • Replaced the standard Tie fighter that Ben used with Vader’s Tie fighter. (FX by Poppasketti)

  • Trimmed Ben running inside so he isn’t shown jumping down and muttering “Ow!”

  • The Skywalker saber is restored when Ben receives it.

  • Replaced Poe telling the galactic fleet that every cannon taken down is a world saved and Wedge’s cameo with an extended shot of the fleet engaging the Final Order.

  • Centered the close up shot of Rey’s eyes when the Jedi spirits speak to her.

  • Yoda, Obi-Wan, Luke, and Anakin appear behind Rey and assist her in defeating Palpatine once and for all. (FX by Jonh)

  • Rey says “I’m a Jedi” instead of “I’m all the Jedi” (Modified line by sade1212, CaptainFaraday, sherlockpotter)

  • Removed the lesbian kiss.

  • Removed the conversation between Jana and Lando.

  • Added a flashback from ANH where Leia gives Han his medal to clarify the one Chewie receives is the same.

  • The quick color switch from Rey’s saber is changed from blue and green to blue and purple. (FX by Burbin)

  • Ben accompanies Leia and Luke on Tatooine. (FX by jonh)

  • Replaced the theatrical “Rey Skywalker” take with the one featured in the documentary for a more emotional delivery. (Modified shot by Poppasketti)

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released)

This edit has been updated to V4 and is now part of the IFDB.

Special thanks goes to ArtisDead, INIGHTMARES, Wraith, bbghost, and lantern51 from Fanedit.org for their time and support to help get this edit approved. An additional credit is given to INIGHTMARES for putting in considerable time to upscale this edit. His efforts are truly appreciated and I am very grateful for the work he put into making the quality look better.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released)

Looking back to what I said about leaving Fanedit.org about the approval process, I was rash and failed to understand that there were things about the plot and some technical stuff that needed to be addressed. So I went back and redid the entire edit. Some elements from the film are brought back for the sake of context and stakes, while other things have been changed.

The edit itself is almost approved, I’m just waiting for it to be upscaled by someone who offered his help.

So I won’t be sending links (again) until the IFDB page is created and everything is ready.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released)

racoonankles said:

Hey Man! I recently had a chance to watch your edit, and I absolutely love it. This will be my go-to edit during my rewatches.

Probably the only thing that I have a gripe about is the lack of Luke’s characterization. I feel it could’ve been expanded more by keeping the “It’s time for the Jedi to end” line and his rant about how “the legacy of the Jedi is a failure”.
I’m a big fan of the clone wars series and if you’ve seen the show, you’d know that the second quote has some truth to it. While I don’t exactly agree with what Luke is saying, nor do I think it matches with characterization in the original trilogy, I think future media from Dave Filoni will flesh out the concept of Luke gradually becoming disappointed in himself and the Jedi order due to his explorations and Ben Solo.

This is just my opinion and I do get why you chose to cut these things out.

I’m glad you enjoyed the edit. I don’t watch the Clone Wars but I understand what it tries to focus on when it comes to the Jedi.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released)

I’m happy to announce that The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition has been updated to V3.

V3 Changes:

  • The title crawl has been significantly improved with brighter text and better spacing.

  • Minor tweaks to some of the audio.

  • Removed the slight green tint from the Exogel scenes.

  • Rey has a quick glimpse of herself sitting on the Sith throne before she is thrown into the cave. (Eye replacement by NeverarGreat.)

  • Removed a flash frame after Luke first speaks to Yoda.

  • Kylo hears Palpatine call out to him after dealing with the Mustafar guards, which leads him to discover the Sith Wayfinder. (Palpatine audio by Poppasketti.)

I’d like to thank everyone who provided resources that made this edit possible, as well as those who have waited patiently to see this, either again or for the first time. I’m planning to work on my Rise of Skywalker edit in the near future. I’ve cut ties with Fanedit.org since I couldn’t handle their hypocrisy on the approval process anymore.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released)

Mario said:

Hi Revan. I watch your edit and I really like the ideas. The new beginning suggest that Snokes Thronroom is on Mustafar and I really like the idea. The short talk between Snoke and Hux suggest that he gives Hux the Order to attack the Rebel base. Hux is now much more competent. I love that new beginning. As Luke talk about his encounter with Ben, I love the idea with the vision of Palpatine, what triggers Luke’s lightsaber ignition. And the shot of Vaders Castle, before we see Ben and Reys first force connection is really cool. Cut the whole Chase, Holdo and Rose. But I missed Finn a little bit. His sacrifice on Crait (whitout the kiss) is a really strong scene, but I don’t sure if it works whitout Finns Arc in the film. That makes me a little bit sad. A little problem is the Wayfinder scene on Mustafar. If this is Snokes planet, why he must conquer Mustafar and why he find the Wayfinder. Episode 9 don’t explain that, but in the context of your edit is it a little problem for me. Your explanation with the locals fits not for me. But I like the edit and the ideas.

Snoke’s throne room is actually on the Star Destroyer over Mustafar, not on the planet. The entire background would had to been changed during the throne room fight if that was the case.

Cutting a lot of stuff with Finn was necessary because he’s with Rose throughout the movie. But the deleted scenes with Poe and BB-8 were done to soften the blow so to speak, putting more focus to his belonging with the Resistance and his desire to see Rey again.

Kylo doesn’t conquer Mustafar in either the movie or this edit. In Episode 9 he’s just there to get the Wayfinder and the locals were simply in the way. But in this edit, with Snoke using the planet as his own, I tried to imply the fighting happened because the locals didn’t like him dying and having Kylo take his place.

I’m glad you liked the other changes I’d made though. I appreciate it.