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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V2 Released)

Mario said:

Hi Revan. I watch your edit and I really like the ideas. The new beginning suggest that Snokes Thronroom is on Mustafar and I really like the idea. The short talk between Snoke and Hux suggest that he gives Hux the Order to attack the Rebel base. Hux is now much more competent. I love that new beginning. As Luke talk about his encounter with Ben, I love the idea with the vision of Palpatine, what triggers Luke’s lightsaber ignition. And the shot of Vaders Castle, before we see Ben and Reys first force connection is really cool. Cut the whole Chase, Holdo and Rose. But I missed Finn a little bit. His sacrifice on Crait (whitout the kiss) is a really strong scene, but I don’t sure if it works whitout Finns Arc in the film. That makes me a little bit sad. A little problem is the Wayfinder scene on Mustafar. If this is Snokes planet, why he must conquer Mustafar and why he find the Wayfinder. Episode 9 don’t explain that, but in the context of your edit is it a little problem for me. Your explanation with the locals fits not for me. But I like the edit and the ideas.

Snoke’s throne room is actually on the Star Destroyer over Mustafar, not on the planet. The entire background would had to been changed during the throne room fight if that was the case.

Cutting a lot of stuff with Finn was necessary because he’s with Rose throughout the movie. But the deleted scenes with Poe and BB-8 were done to soften the blow so to speak, putting more focus to his belonging with the Resistance and his desire to see Rey again.

Kylo doesn’t conquer Mustafar in either the movie or this edit. In Episode 9 he’s just there to get the Wayfinder and the locals were simply in the way. But in this edit, with Snoke using the planet as his own, I tried to imply the fighting happened because the locals didn’t like him dying and having Kylo take his place. With the Wayfinder, Kylo simply finds it because he senses it.

I’m glad you liked the other changes I’d made though. I appreciate it.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V2 Released)

An updated version of this edit is now available. Version 2 has the following:

  • Added a little more contrast and a slight purple tint to the TLJ footage in order to balance the slight blue tint from the previous version.

  • Vader’s breathing and Snoke’s voice when Luke searches through Ben’s mind is included. This is meant to connect with Palpatine’s “I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head” line which has been added back in.

  • Removed Kylo turning around and yelling after Luke cancels his force projection.

  • Removed the shot of the sun intercutting the shot of Luke looking out in the distance and inserted another shot of the sun afterwards that was previously removed.

  • Moved Rey and Leia’s reactions to after Luke dies.

Like before, you can send me a PM if you are interested in watching.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V2 Released)

EddieDean said:

This sounds interesting! I thought Holdo was an interesting character and the way she was used to show Poe that he can’t have heroics without leadership was really good - what’s your motivation behind her removal? And I’m also curious about your removal of the bombing run.

Like Rose, Holdo was a character I felt was detrimental to the storyline and was only there for the sake of forced conflict that easily could of been avoided.

Holdo refuses to tell the crew about the plan as the fleet diminishes —> Poe and other members of the crew mutiny for the sake of the Resistance.

Leia tells Poe the plan later in the film —> Poe now understands what the plan is and agrees with it.

Since Rose was also removed in this edit, her sister had to be removed as well, which meant cutting out the bombing run due to her involvement in it.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V2 Released)

Before I saw The Last Jedi, I was looking forward to see how the movie could expand what The Force Awakens was setting up.

But instead of a sequel to The Force Awakens, what I got was a Rian Johnson movie. Ignoring plot points from before while creating irrelevant ones, introducing characters that undermined the plot, and a shoving in a load of cringe. It wounded the potential and scared the sequel trilogy forever. Thankfully, in my opinion, The Rise of Skywalker patched up that wound as best as it could, but the scar remained.

The goal for this edit is to make TLJ a respectful sequel to TFA as best as possible by doing the following:

  • Remove the cringe.

  • Remove everything related to Rose, Holdo, First Order Chase, Canto Blight.

  • Make the characters consistent with how they were established in TFA as close as I can.

  • Use deleted scenes and fan editing resources that seem fitting.

  • Incorporate elements from TROS.

I have a few video samples to give you an idea what this edit has to offer.


The one and only flashback explaining what happened between Luke and Ben:

Rey’s Training: forum:

V1 Complete Change List:

  • TLJ footage has been altered to include a little more contrast, saturation, and a slight blue tint.

  • The opening title crawl music is replaced with the one from TROS.

  • The title crawl has been remade to establish the First Order is recovering from the destruction of Starkiller Base, Rey’s determination to bring Luke out of hiding, and Kylo Ren traveling to the Mustafar system while recovering from his injuries.

  • Used the opening shot of Mustafar from TROS to introduce Kylo. (All Mustafar scenes have been color graded to be more red.)

  • Removed Snoke quoting General Hux’s “Tied on a string” line.

  • Removed Snoke asking Kylo about his wound.

  • Kylo removes his mask after Snoke expresses his fear that he was mistaken.

  • Removed Kylo saying he didn’t hesitate killing Han.

  • Removed the close up shot of Snoke’s guards withdrawing their weapons.

  • Included a brief flashback to the TFA bridge scene with Han before Kylo destroys his helmet.

  • Replaced the entire scene of Rey giving Luke the lightsaber and throwing it off the cliff by inserting two shots of Ahch-to Island. One from the TLJ Documentary and one from the film.

  • Shots of Ahch-to Island that seemed to look more yellow than green have been re-colored.

  • Removed almost all of the Porg scenes.

  • After Rey calls out to Luke, she turns around and sees his X-wing underwater.

  • Used the “Luke has a moment” deleted scene after he changes robes to maintain his emotional reaction at the end of TFA.

  • Removed Rey telling Luke about the First Order and the galaxy needing him and the Jedi back.

  • Removed Luke’s routine.

  • Rey answers why she is on the island the first time Luke asks the question.

  • Removed Rey mentioning Luke’s routine.

  • Removed Luke saying that he came to the island to die and that it’s time for the Jedi to end.

  • Removed General Hux and Captain Kannedy from the Resistance Evacuation battle.

  • The entire Resistance counter-attack is reworked. There’s no bombing run. Poe’s goal is to engage the Dreadnought, distracting the First Order to focus on him instead of the Resistance fleet, ensuring the safety of the evacuation.

  • Poe’s weapon systems don’t get damaged.

  • Replaced the awkward scenes of Finn waking up and reuniting with Poe with the deleted scenes where Poe catches Finn up to speed on what he missed and BB-8 showing Finn the recording of Rey saying they will see each other again. (Cropped areas where Finn has Leia’s beacon visible on his hands.)

  • Inserted an establishing shot of Vader’s castle from the edit resource which leads into the first force conversation between Rey and Kylo.

  • Removed all Caretaker scenes.

  • Removed Leia slapping and lecturing Poe after the Resistance fleet jumps out of hyperspace.

  • Inserted a shot of Poe and BB-8 after the plan to find a new base is explained. The First Order does not find the Resistance until they reach Crait. Thereby removing everything related to Rose, Holdo, DJ, Hyperspace Tracking, and Canto Blight.

  • Removed Rey asking Chewie about reaching the Resistance and touching the water falling from the Falcon.

  • Removed Luke lecturing about the Jedi during the days of the Republic and Rey talking about Luke redeeming Vader.

  • Luke tells the whole story about how his encounter with Ben Solo went. Luke quickly turns on his lightsaber out of fear after seeing Palpatine, prompting Ben to retaliate against him. (I believe if there’s one thing that would prompt Luke to make such a hasty action after many years, it would be seeing the person who gave him so much pain.)

  • Inserted TFA footage showing Kylo and the Knights of Ren from the lightsaber vision to conclude the flashback and establish that the Knights are the remaining students.

  • Removed the gold dice when Luke tours around the Falcon.

  • Luke doesn’t tell R2 nothing will change his mind.

  • Removed Luke telling Rey he will teach her the ways of the Jedi and why they need to end.

  • Combined Rey using the staff/lightsaber and her training with Luke.

  • Removed the touching leaf gag.

  • Luke doesn’t tell Rey to reach out with her feelings.

  • Removed Luke talking about the vanity related to the light and the Jedi.

  • Replaced the water coming from the ground with part of Rey’s vision from TROS.

  • All Exogel scenes are re-colored using the Grey Exogel LUT.

  • Removed Rey deducing that Luke closed himself off from the force.

  • Removed Luke saying “…in Ben Solo…” when saying he saw the raw strength once before.

  • When Luke mediates on the ridge, he sees a brief glimpse of the Sith Temple on Exogel.

  • During the third force conversation, Rey doesn’t ask Kylo if he could put a cowl on.

  • Kylo doesn’t explain the Fandom Menace’s interpretation of what happened between him and Luke.

  • Kylo doesn’t tell Rey to let the past die. (This is the same person who values his grandfather’s possessions.)

  • After touching the cracked wall underneath the island, Rey sees her parents say their last words to her.

  • Removed Luke calling out to Rey when she speaks to Kylo.

  • Removed Rey telling Kylo it isn’t too late.

  • Rey has a brief glimpse of Mustafar after touching Kylo’s hand. Giving her a general idea where he is.

  • Removed Luke disrupting the force conversation, the fight between him and Rey, and the following moments after.

  • Moved the conversation between Luke and Yoda after the throne room fight begins.

  • Replaced the Falcon dropping out of hyperspace and ejecting Rey’s escape pod with the deleted scene showing Kylo on the bridge waiting for her.

  • Removed the shot of the prison cuffs and the elevator conversation.

  • Removed Snoke’s comment on Rey’s strength and the darkness rising with light to meet it.

  • Removed Snoke saying that he bridged Rey and Kylo’s minds.

  • Snoke is killed by Kylo when he searches through Rey’s mind.

  • Used the Snoke eyes edit resource when he dies to foreshadow his connection to Palpatine.

  • Removed Luke telling Yoda he’s going to burn the tree down.

  • Removed the “page turners” gag.

  • Removed Yoda poking Luke.

  • Rey doesn’t get caught in a hold against the guard, eliminating the vanishing weapon error.

  • Replaced Rey telling Kylo to call off the fleet with a shot of Snoke.

  • Replaced Kylo saying it’s time to let old things die with a shot of Rey.

  • Removed Kylo telling Rey that her parents were junk traders that sold her for drinking money who died on Jakku.

  • Removed the Kylo/Hux dispute.

  • Removed Leia giving the order to shut the blast door.

  • Removed the Resistance setting up the base.

  • Inserted the shot showing the First Order cannon when the Resistance is in the trenches.

  • Removed Finn struggling to use the speeder.

  • Inserted the Wilhelm Scream when the trenches come under attack.

  • Removed Rey yelling in excitement when shooting the Ties.

  • Removed Hux saying “All fighters!” after Kylo gives the order to blow the Falcon out of the sky.

  • Moved the Falcon/Tie Fighter sequence after the Resistance retreats.

  • Removed Kylo and Hux both giving the order to focus all firepower on the speeders.

  • Finn doesn’t object to Poe’s retreat order.

  • Cropped the scene showing the cannon firing to hide Finn and Rose.

  • Removed Luke saying he can’t save Ben and no one’s ever really gone.

  • Luke doesn’t give Leia the projected dice.

  • Kylo doesn’t give the order to fire on Luke.

  • Kylo and Luke stay silent before they face each other.

  • Removed Poe quoting Holdo.

  • Removed Poe asking how did Luke get inside the base and telling Threepio to shut up.

  • There are no more rocks blocking the exit to the base.

  • Removed the slow motion moments during the fight between Luke and Kylo.

  • Removed Luke saying that the rebellion is reborn today and that the war is just beginning.

  • Swapped the reaction shots of Finn and Rey when they hug.

  • Removed Kylo holding the projected dice.

  • Removed Poe hugging the fish dude.

  • Inserted TROS opening sequence with Kylo on Mustafar. (Since Mustafar is Snoke’s area of operations in this edit, the scene is reinterpreted to suggest that the locals are not happy with the change in leadership.)

  • Inserted the Vader temple edit resource when Kylo grabs the Sith Wayfinder.

  • Extended the music when Kylo enters the Exogel temple.

  • Removed Palpatine saying “I have been every voice you have ever heard inside your head.” (While I really like that line, I wanted to give Kylo time to think about what he heard about Snoke.)

  • Incorporated part of Snoke’s theme when the clone vat is shown and re-colored it from yellow to red. (Retaining the Snoke vat was important to me because it shows his origin and explains why he looks and acts differently than he did in TFA. It was a different Snoke.)

  • Used the no electricity edit resource when Palpatine shows his deformed hands.

  • The movie ends with the Final Order fleet rising from the ground.

  • Inserted “Fan Edited by Revan100” during the credits.

Camp Camp Season 4 - Genuine Edition

Camp Camp Season 4: Genuine Edition is my edit of Camp Camp’s 4th season. Shortening the season into a near 40 minute feature with a handful of episodes edited and streamlined into one experience. With the rest of the episodes removed entirely.

The fan edit is already completed. So you can PM me if you are interested in watching it.



Removed episodes:

  • ‘Keep the Change’

  • ‘Attack of the Nurfs’

  • ‘Who Peed the Lake’

  • ‘New Adventure’

  • ‘Follow the Leader’

  • ‘Preston Goodplay’s Good Play’

  • ‘Camp Loser Says What?’

  • ‘Squirrel Camp’

  • ‘Fashion Victims’

  • ‘Panicked Room’

  • ‘The Butterfinger Effect’

  • ‘Time Crapsules’

  • ‘St. Campbell’s Day’

General changes:

  • Cameron Campbell does not make a single appearance. In the end of the season 3, he was sent back to Camp Campbell to work under David, and his involvement in season 4 contradicted that. His sudden whiplash from an antagonist to a supportive character trying to learn from his mistakes did nothing for the plot.

  • The supposed theme of 'change" is no longer mentioned, as it never developed at all throughout the season.

  • Removed the opening title from the episodes except for ‘The Quarter-Moon Convergence’.

  • Removed the ending credits from the episodes except for ‘The Forest’.

‘The Quarter-Moon Convergence’ changes:

  • The intro song starts after Quartermaster salutes David.

  • Removed the excessive bickering from the campers after Max tells Harrison his magic is getting old.

  • After Neil sets up the telescope next to the group, the scene cuts to Harrison meeting with Quartermaster.

  • Removed the montage conversation between Harrison and Quartermaster.

  • Removed the pickles scene.

  • Removed Neil telling Space Kid that he’s the leader now after being attacked.

  • Cut out the cosmic octopus conversation.

  • Neil and the rest of the campers no longer find the meteorite. This keeps Neil’s behavior about getting out of the forest consistent. (Some cropping had to be done during the final talk between Neil and Quartermaster due to this.)

‘After Hours’ changes:

  • Neil asks David if everyone could go back to bed early right after David plays the song.

  • Gwen doesn’t ask David who will be watching the campers.

  • Quartermaster doesn’t mention a coming battle.

  • Removed the squirrels appearing. David is quickly freed by Quartermaster.

  • After the conclusion of the trade off scene with Gwen, a shot of the mess hall is added to smoothen a quick transition to Gwen giving David the nazzle spray, skipping the moments before.

‘Campfire Tales’ changes:

  • Removed the stories from the Quartermaster and Jeremy. (Cropped the scene where Dolph is about to tell his story to accommodate the story removals.)

  • Max is less harsh towards Dolph after his story is completed.

  • Max is revealed to be the one telling the last story.

‘Party Pooper’ changes:

  • Gwen doesn’t tell her dad to shut up after struggling to figure out what is the opposite of pooper.

  • The campers are less aggressive towards Gwen when her dad reminiscences about the past.

  • Removed Harrison being booed by the rest of the camp.

‘The Forest’ changes:

  • Moved this episode to the end as I felt it served as a true finale to the season.

  • The episode cuts to black after David knocks his head on the canoe, then cuts out from black when he wakes up.

  • Removed David excessively throwing up water.

  • Removed David being attacked by a swarm of bee’s and struggling to make a camp fire.

  • Removed Max’s lines when David speaks to the campers again.