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King Kong (1933) - Criterion Commentary (Released)

RayRogers said:

monks19 said:

RayRogers said:

monks19 said:

RayRogers said:

monks19 said:

Hi. Sorry to bring back this old thing, but I was wondering where I can find the Criterion audio track commentary now so I can include it with my Blu-ray.

Ok, thanks

Thanks to answer

I should still have it up on Mega and I’ll share a link. It’s either AC3 or I dunno. Wasn’t there another commentary besides the Criterion one?
I’ve many more Laserdisc commentaries.

For King Kong (1933), there’s the Criterion LD, but also the Image Intertainment one

Do you have those two ?

I shared the link to Mega for the Criterion commentary in a PM to you. I’ll look to see if I have the Image Entertainment commentary on my server.

Found it. Will upload to Mega and share the link with you in PM tomorrow. Only 137MB and AC3.

Hey, I realise it has been a while but do you still have this?

My fingers are crossed! :p