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Where do people go to get 35mm movie film reels?

I was wondering how people on this website are able to get their hands on 35mm prints of movies for restoration and preservation. Obviously I don’t think the answer is to just wait until a listing for a specific film shows up on eBay, but I wouldn’t really know any other specific place. Is it some place like private collections and local archives that allow you to rent stuff out, or is it something else? And where would I even start to look for these things in my area (or further beyond, for that matter)? Sorry for the stupid questions, but I just have no idea where to start with this whole thing.

Old game cutscenes / FMV games

Avatar_Emil_Borg said:

SpookyDollhouse said:

You probably know already but Night Trap recently had its original source negatives found and scanned for re-release. They basically “remade” the game and it looks gorgeous. There’s a clear demand for projects like that but movement on any of them is little to none unfortunately.

Negatives? I was under the impression that Night Trap was shot on video.

Night Trap was actually shot on 35mm film, but that’s not what was used for the 25th Anniversary Remaster. The 35mm negatives are lost, so what you see in the game are time-synced tape masters that James Riley (the director of Night Trap) kept. There’s a few tape glitches and some scenes are missing outright, which you can see here

PFClean-PLE 2017 not opening

I’ve been trying to work with PFClean-PLE 2017 (because PFClean 2018 doesn’t have a PLE version), but I have the issue of the program not doing anything. The program installs and opens fine, but it will just stay on the “Copyright The Pixel Farm” text window, never opening up into the full GUI, so I can’t load files or actually use any features of the program. Is the problem because it’s an older version of the program, or am I doing something wrong on my part?


RU.08 said:

No unfortunately not. I’d suggest physically cleaning the film instead of digital cleaning, it’s a lot less work. You can get the demo version of PF Clean here:

It’s in the “standalone” category.

I think something might be wrong with that download or I’m just messing up on my own. I’ve had the window sit open for quite a while now and nothing is happening past the “Copyright The Pixel Farm” text in the standard-looking text window.

Could it be a problem with the program or am I missing something that I’m doing wrong?