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Mr. Plinkett's Prequel Reviews Remastered in HD?

Alternating between franchises would be a great way to avoid burn out on one franchise.

Just for sake of it I checked the max resolution of all of the other full Plinkett Reviews

  1. Star Trek Generations > 360p
  2. Star Trek First Contact > 360p
  3. Star Trek Insurrection > 360p
  4. Star Trek Nemesis > 360p
  5. Star Trek 2009 > 360p
  6. Avatar > 360p
  7. Cop Dog > 360p
  8. Baby’s Day Out > 1080p [This is one they remastered themselves. Not sure why this got priority over the others.]
  9. Indiana Jones KOTCS > 720p
  10. Titanic > 720p
  11. The Force Awakens > 1080p
  12. Ghostbusters > 1080p

So really only the Star Trek reviews, Avatar, and Cop Dog are needed to have all Plinkett reviews in at least 720p or higher
And before you ask yes Cop Dog is sadly available in FHD 1080p
Thanks again for all the great work BlueCopy

Mr. Plinkett's Prequel Reviews Remastered in HD?

Cutting off dialogue is a staple of RLM humor lol

Parts 3 4 5 look right to me. Can’t wait for the rest! Thanks again for doing what Mike should have done by now BlueCopy.

I know this is a Star Wars topic but I was wondering if you could do the Star Trek TNG film reviews as well. These should actually be less work because Mike doesn’t use that many sources for content besides the TNG films themselves. I think those reviews are only available in super compressed 360p and are desperately in need of updating as well.

Thanks again BlueCopy.