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George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

Shows a little promise with the aspect of there being a power vacuum but you can already see the warning signs “I don’t want any human characters to get killed”

Also it is evident he did not understand the little things, the snippets of Nostalgia that appealed to us, the generation that made Star Wars successful.

The Sequels got things off amazingly well with TFA, completion opposite to the shallow prequels with obvious green screen backgrounds (although Hal’s re-edit of TPM showed there is a good film there in Episode 1), but why Rian Johnson ballsed things up with a bizaare story of spaceships going ‘just about fast enough’ to stay out of target and whilst that’s going on, lets have other characters leaving the ship and going on a merry adventure. Bizarre they even green lit his idea!

ROTS Extras: CGI TPM Yoda

CO said:

<div class=“PostQuote”><span class=“Italics”>Originally posted by: <span class=“Bold”>Mr Bungle</span></span>
I am sure there will be a Special Edition of the Prequels

talking of the Special Features i found this amusing on the commentry.

"they had to go back and film Obi Wan picking up Anakins lightsabre after their duel- he later gives it to Luke in Episode IV- because “we kind of forgot about that”</div>

<span class=“Italics”>Text</span>

Also Lucas said he didn’t realize why people were cheering anytime Tantive IV appeared on the screen. I don’t know if it was McCallum who pointed it out to him, but come on George? It is the little things that make Star Wars great, and sometimes Lucas just totally misses the great things to tie the trilogies and instead puts in Jango Fett & Anakin building C-3PO! It baffles me sometimes that this is the same guy who made the original Star Wars.

Years ago I used to take part in discussions when everyone hated the prequels and given the passage of time, I can see why critisim was justified.
You could easily argue that the Lucas who directed ANH and Wrote, Produced TESB and ROTJ was a different person to the one that did the Prequels as so much life changing events occured to him.
I still attribute the success of the originals to him but were it not for the grace of god in having others to help him out, particularly in the editing to ANH, then it would simply have not been successful. But he did what all great leaders do, he directed people and made something truly collaborative.

Where should Lucasfilm go after Episode IX?

They need to ignore the naysayers who post nonsense on YouTube and Twitter. They’re never going to please everyone all of the time, so just make movies and tv shows faithful to the original trilogy - the trilogy which made it successful.

They’re onto a winner anyway but for some strange reason, people just want to post hate.

Disney has been fantastic for Star Wars

Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Released)

Llirael Moroth said:

Speaking of that kiss scene, maybe I’m late for the party as V7 is out, but for V6 I’ve made my personal little tweak. It’s just added last few seoconds of Across the Stars from soundtrack, some play with original V6 audio (mainly much lower volume of course) and gentle transition. Nothing special and I’m sure that playing with channels you can get much better results.

Also, is V7 in sync with V6 so I could use my edited V6 audio with V7 picture?

Really like this subtle edit

Star Wars Episode I: Cloak Of Deception (Released)

Put this on a memory stick last night and watched this…then my wife started watching it, followed by my two children. It’s been a while since my wife saw TPM and last time I got the kids to watch it they both lost interest during the political parts of the film, however this time it was a different story.

Hal, you have made a frustrating film into one which is a rip roaring non stop action adventure, this is Episode 1 as I always hopes it would be and I love how you have respected the source material and George Lucas’s vision even when by your own admission, you would have preferred to remove scenes.
You my friend have done what Richard Chew, Paul Hirsch and Marcia Lucas accomplished on Star Wars and respected the material but produced something that’s far more satisfying and elevated it beyond comprehension. I think you have single headedly made this the best prequel and effortlessly merged this into the original trilogy, sequel trilogy and Sequels narrative.

I cannot give this enough platitudes Hal, top, top work. You have played a blinder here son and had this been the Episode 1 when it was first released, it would have justified the big box office and there would have been no cries of ‘George Lucas destroyed my childhood’, instead we’d have got a response from the populace that GL is back and bring on Episode 2.

As it is, bring on your version of Episode 2!

What next for Star Wars - Extended Editions?

I’d like to see releases of the movies with proper colourisation. I think Disney have done wonders with the movies incidentally as prior to their purchase, Star Wars transitioned into CGI Movies as opposed to the original aesthetic of the OT. So fair play to them.

I also think GL is a legend too but Disney were proper shafted with the OT. New things added to them and a washed out image with lack of colours. If they change it now, no doubt bell ends like Mike Zeroh will do a series of 10min click bait videos to explain why GL is going to purchase the films back lol.

But for me, release a version that has the audio that GL intended it to be, Special Edition special effects improvements but without droids, Jawa’s falling of Ronto’s etc.

Despecialized or the Special Editions; Which do you prefer - and why?

StarkillerAG said:

I think almost everyone here prefers Despecialized. Even though some parts of the SE actually improved the movies, watching the original Star Wars trilogy without the terrible CGI creatures is amazing.

It’s somewhere in the middle for me, the release of the Special Editions got me back into Star Wars and opened up a world whereby anyone with a computer could go in and amend movies, edit them differently and enhance special effects. But then you see the original films and realise a lot of the original effects do hold up and then over even more time George Lucas adds even more stuff which makes you really question the notion of ‘The special editions are the movies I wanted to make’ - hmmm indeed.

For me it’s the original films but with the space battles from the Special Editions.

George Lucas's Sequel Trilogy

Sounds great but all this 2/3 year old nonsense is a lesson from the Prequels of what not to do. On Paper this sounds amazing but reign in Luke training loads of Jedi and instead have him discovering just one (Rey) who is embracing the Dark Side based on the lessons of Maul.
So twist the movie on it’s head, Maul = Obi-Wan, Rey = Luke but we’re focusing on the bad guys. However by the end of the 2nd film, Luke faces off against Rey in a duel thats the opposite of The Empire Strikes Back and Luke’s words to her make her question her choices of embracing the dark side.

Then come the end of the 3rd film it is actually Rey who helps the Jedi rebuild - all that stuff with 3 year olds leave off camera.

I don't think Revenge Of The Sith is as good as everyone says it is.

Makes me laugh when I see YouTubers and the new influx of vocal fans saying we’d have been better off served with a George Lucas approved sequels. He’s an absolute legend but the prequels are the evidence we need where he wanted to give us something different each time. New Planets, new spaceships and yes, new villains.

The biggest issue with the Prequels was having a new main villain each film. Had they stuck with Maul it could have been amazing, however Dooku was okay if a little LOTR esque. But General Grievious wiedling toy lightsabers whilst Ewan McGregor balances against a green screen to wield against nothing before hopping on a computer generated lizard where the only real element is his head.

I want to enjoy it I really do and there are good moments but time hasn’t been kind. Plus with Vader murdering a load of Jedi kids…being a parent myself it kinda makes his redemption touch to acknowledge now. So don’t bother with the prequels if I can help it.

<strong>The Rise Of Skywalker</strong> — Official Review and Opinions Thread

Must say that I do find all the hate this film gets to be really suprising. When the Prequels ended and George Lucas released The Clone Wars movie, enthusiasm for Star Wars just seemed really low. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 seemed to be universally disliked due to their over reliance on CGI and watching those films on broadcast TV didn’t do much to affect this viewpoint either - bluescreen nightmare, especially AOTC and TPM.

It’s worth clarifying that I’m the type of person who looks for the positive in everything and with the prequels, I looked past the issues and focused on the many great things about them. Although it’s a sad fact that despite how many millions they grossed, criticism of them was pretty vocal. Remember those fans with Internet access grew up with the originals (in the same way we’re now seeing people exude positivity about the prequels because they grew up with it)

So when Disney purchased Lucasfilm they had a job on their hands and to recapture the essence of the originals they went back to as many practical effects as they could. Even if something was CGI, they didn’t have unbelievable camera angles of super feats (Anakin jumping on Zam Wessels speeder was always a face palm for me…it should have pulled his arms off).
The shots of the Millenium Falcon despite being CGI, always looked real and the film was a rousing success. A return to traditional Star Wars where those fans who got their parents to buy all the tickets and memrobilia in the 1980’s and then paid for tickets and got their kids into it in the 00’s - but were left oh so disapointed with the prequels, now had a film that ticked all the nostaliga boxes.

So everything was set up then, essentially Rey was Luke, Kylo Ren is Vader and the Empire is the New Order. We even have a new Emperor in Snoke.
I knew it, others knew it and we knew Episode 8 was the middle of a new trilogy so why Rian Johnson decided to re-set this universe is mind boggling. Kathleen gets a lot of stick for meddling but for me she should have done more and queried why the director of The Last Jedi decided to make such radical choices.
How they didn’t have a blue print for the sequels I find baffling. By all means have different directors bringing something different in style but to not have an overall plan was shocking.
The Last Jedi just…well it isn’t a bad film and it understands Star Wars but to re-set the universe in the middle of a 3 movie plan was bizarre.

So enter Rise of Skywalker, the Universe is now scorched and probably worse than when the Clone Wars movie came out. After the rise of Episode 7 it was to be a false dawn, the universe for a brief time burned brightly than it has for years and it was like 1977 all over again, then Episode 8 came.
But JJ knocked it out the park again, he once again managed to condense his overall plan into 1 film and despite Rian Johnson doing what he did in TLJ, JJ even incorporates that film into this too. The ultimate respect.
The original aesthetic is back, references to the prequels are incorporated and literally it appeals to everyone - Mission Impossible of bringing everything back on track after TLJ is a success and if truth be told, Palpatine was always far more of a villain than Snoke so hurrah to Rian Johnson for killing off Snoke.

The problem for ROS and indeed the sequels in general have been YouTubers realised that bad news gets hits and posting Industry lies, no matter how outlandish no longers gets ‘Forum replies’ but now actual monetary benefits.
Suddenly this cancer spreads to Facebook groups too and pretty much, this forum is pretty much exempt to it thankfully. But whereas the Internet wasn’t the overall conesus of the Prequels back in the day, it’s also a case that peoples view of the sequels isn’t the hyperbolic Kathleen Kenedy-Disney-Hating-frothing-at-the-mouth-mike-zeroh viewpoint either.

Personally I think it’s a great film.

Info: All Star Wars films released in 4K HDR on Disney Plus: 2019 SE with more changes

Tried to watch this on Disney Plus the other day and wowsers, why is the image so dark? The only HDR thing that pops out is the white of the performers eyes, but I at least expected it to have a normal brightness. Just looks dirty and dark, appreciate this might tie in with it looking like it’s set during WW2. Used universe etc.
But it’s definitely not the way the films were originally made. Very disappointed.