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4k77 released

I was too young to see any movie in 1977, let alone SW but I remember going to see ANH during the 1997 re-release and thinking how strange the print looked (besides all the CG). It was distracting to the point where I wasn’t sure I enjoyed the experience. I think those issues partially carried over to the SE blu-rays.

While the print used in the 4K77 scan certainly has its flaws, it’s definitely superior to every official release of ANH I’ve seen. Thanks to everyone for all your amazing work.

4K83 Released

Discostu said:

As someone pointed out at Myspleen, these are included in the iso:

Track 01…: 2.0 DTS-MA (1983 35mm Optical Audio (from this print)) Eng
Track 02…: 5.1 DTS-MA (5.1 mix 2018 version (new for 4K83)) Eng
Track 03…: 1.0 DTS-MA (Mono mix 2018 version (new for 4K83)) Eng
Track 04…: 2.0 AC3 (1983 LaserDisc audio) Eng
Track 05…: 3.0 AC3 (1993 LaserDisc audio Commentary (new for 4K83)) Eng

Thanks! I’m not on MySpleen. New to the fan community. I just wandered into here and the thestarwarstrilogy forums researching a possible official GOUT release from LF, and Harmy’s DE (see? picking up on the lingo! haha.)

Learning that the fan community was working on 4K scans was a total surprise to me. The 4K83 scan in particular reminds me of seeing ROTJ in the theater as a kid. It’s kinda blowin’ my mind. And the great thing is I feel like the print used for the scan is so good that any subsequent tweaks TN1 makes will bring positive improvements to the encode. I’m a little in disbelief that a 4K HDR shot-by-shot CC version is a possibility!

4K83 Released

Is there any place that goes into which audio tracks are included in the 4K83 ISO? I can’t seem to find the track info anywhere in this thread. There seems to be more audio tracks in the ISO than in the MKV file, and I want to make a smaller version of the ROTJ scan that just has 2 or 3 of the better audio tracks.