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William Dozier's Batman/Green Hornet

I have the entire run of Batman and Green Hornet TV series completely uncut and include the "in "color" bumper as well as the place commercial here spot. The Green Hornet has the bumper as well. I bought these as dvd sets from a now defunct website. The person I bought these from claimed the source from these was a telecine of the actual reels that local tv stations received. The set is not perfect though as film has dirt etc. and defianately needs some color correction. At least these are unaltered though. I recently converted all of the Batman episoes to mkv for easy streaming. I tried fixing the Green Hornet but all I have is TMGEnc and the results were not good. I do not have the correct software or experience to remaster/preserve these. If a preservation was to be attempted, these are definately the full length episodes you want.

Usenet tutorial?
This newsgroup crap is completely confusing. I installed forte' agent and tried to pull up alt.binaries.starwars.... Now it is clear to me why there are bit torrent sites and other methods of exchanging info and files... because news groups are barely user friendly... and that is being kind.

Darth Osor's tutorial will be very helpful and appreciated as this news group nonsense gives me a headache