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Best Performance in the Original Trilogy

Matt.F said:

Harrison Ford was incredible in Star Wars, he’s a charismatic shot of adrenaline to the movie as soon as he appear in the 2nd act. However his performance gets a bit broader in ESB, and by the time of ROTJ he’s become something of a caricature. Guinness also sleepwalks somewhat in ESB and ROTJ.

Cushing is definitely a good shout but considering he’s only in the first film of the trilogy, it’s hard to award it to him.

I’m tempted to say Anthony Daniels or Peter Mayhew. Both created incredibly iconic characters under very difficult performance circumstances.

Peter Mayhew was very talented at what he was able to do with Chewbacca

Help: looking for... SW Trilogy Laserdisc Download with 3:2 Pulldown Corrected

ZigZig said:

@freetheworld: Plldwn refers to reversing the telecine process.

Hi Plldwn,

Althor1138 preserved almost every LaserDisc related to Star Wars:

IIRC, all his preservations were done by applying an inverse telecine filter (IVTC).


I don’t see a preservation for the Definitive Collection. It says pending. Thanks anyway. I know I’ve heard about the Dr. Gonzo preservation. Maybe that would be better. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d be grateful.

Best Performance in the Original Trilogy

It’s generally agreed upon that Ewan McGregor gave the best performance in the prequels. I was curious who people thought the best performance was in the original trilogy.

Some would naturally go to Harrison Ford and I agree his is good, but the best? Mark Hamill is dependable but we all know his true talent lies in voice work. Carrie Fisher’s performance is career defining for sure, so you could make the argument for her.

Speaking of career defining, there’s Alec Guinness, who was nominated for his first appearance as Obi-Wan (he of course came to despise how the trilogy overshadowed his distinguished career). There’s also Peter Cushing as Tarkin.

I think most would go to James Earl Jones as the voice of Darth Vader, but let us not forget Frank Oz as the voice and puppeteer of Yoda.