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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released - though no longer available)

If possible it would be amazing and and also chronologically correct if you can insert the short pan and zoom scenes of the exterior of the Great Hall and Viaduct from the first PS and CoS.

Although, you can also choose for the pan and zoom scenes from film 3-5 because in CoG the Viaduct Courtyard and “new” Great Hall frontside is in the background. Then you don’t have to deal with (getting digitally rid of) the Chamber of Reception.

Potential zooming in shots in order:
(0:45-0:46 seconds)
0:04-0:05 seconds
0:39-0:40 seconds
0:06-0:07 seconds (maybe cutting it a bit from the left and zoom in so the Chamber of Reception isn’t there)

Here’s a funny youtube video about exactly this Hogwarts Castle “problem”
People can say “IT’S MAGIC” and be done with it, but what’s the fun in there! 😉 I think it’s a nice challenge and a personal touch if you can and want to do it.

I haven’t been able to see the previous Harry Potter fanedits but I’m looking forward to watch and enjoy them!

Edit: For far more detailed information about where the deleted scenes fit in the story (and which scenes where originally filmed but not put in the extended edition on blu ray) I highly recommend these links:

It’s fascinating to discover how much material isn’t in the movie; deleted scenes that actors mention in their junket interviews before and after the premiere, scenes we saw in the movie trailers that are not in the released version, and notes in the final script that was published.

The problems most people have with this movie are easy to hang on J.K. Rowling but I think David Yates and all the editing are much more of a problem. It could have been a much better movie if more if not all the original script material would have been put in the film. I hope the delayed release of Fantastic Beasts 3 (November 21, 2021 instead of November 2020) is a blessing so everything will be planned better for the arc of film 3-5.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Revisited] [w/ PoA] (a WIP)

Hello Andreas, I really like this Harry Potter fanedit project and look forward to see the the progress and results!

As a suggestion that I think is important that didn’t make it in the fifth movie but out of the blue was in the seventh movie; the mirror of Sirius!
Is it possible to include it in Order of the Phoenix in any way, so the callback in Deathly Hallows Part 1 is fullfilled?