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David Lynch's - DUNE - The Third Stage Edition

Thank you for the info.
I did find and down load Michael Warren Dune - The Complete Saga

at - link removed by moderator - Do NOT post direct links to file downloads of copyrighted media on this site, thank you. Please read the Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ.

however if anyone would like to direct me to Third Stage Edition I would be very grateful.

David Lynch's - DUNE - The Third Stage Edition

Either a 3rd Stage Guild Navigator has folded all interested parties to another part of the galaxy, all steam has been lost on this project, or nobody is monitoring this thread.

It would be nice to have someone up date the effort or put it to rest with a resounding “It Ain’t Gonna Happen” so I stop searching for a better edition than the Alan Smithee one.

On the same vein, with all the folks saying they have watched the 3 hour extravaganza regardless of who’s it is, Spicediver - would you please share the link that you watched or $ell me a copy in flash drive, DVD, Digital Download or what ever other format I can watch it in. Please?!?