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RoboCop: TV Edit HD Restoration

MEGA will never be reliable. Avoid them at all cost. I am trying today to download some files and after 1.5 GB they want me to wait 5 hours to continue, otherwise I’ll have to use a paid account. I can rely on Ultrasurf or try other stuff but after a while this gets tiresome (and never work when we want). I need to download over 15 GB of data today, and this is my current situation… Then there’s the fact you never download or upload things from there at max speed. I always have to send more than one file/part using 2 browsers, to get good results.

I suggest Google Drive for backups and sharing. Create a copy to share with others (if you want you may even use a different Google account, I created additional others for me) and another copy for you (for backup purposes), never shared with anyone, and using a different digital fingerprint/hash.

Of course the “creating a copy” command from Google Drive will only make a duplicate, which is 100% the same, no, you need to change any data in the file for it to have a different hash while using a MD5 software to check what it is. The easiest way to do this is using MKVToolnix and saving in Matroska, and then internally modify any track name.

Advantages: 1) Google Drive offers max upload/download speeds. 2) There’s no risk of the company going down tomorrow (unlike Dropbox and others which I doubt it will be around 10, 20 years from now); 3) Even if a file is hit with a strike, if you are the owner just log into your account/Google Drive and you’ll be able to download again (it’s just not accessible for the public). This isn’t possible with MEGA, once hit with a strike you either file a counter-notice or the whole thing is gone. 4) No expiration for account or files due to inactivity.

I once uploaded Cosmos 1x01 (HDTV rip) to my Google Drive account and never shared with anyone. Then I discovered it was hit with a strike. That was because this copy is shared worldwide. I reuploaded the file only by changing in MKVToolnix how the tracks are named, and voila! The file is to this date still there, years after this. It stopped being detected by their machines:

For Google Drive there are 3 options for sharing: 1) public, 2) semi-private (only known if you tell someone the link to download, and after this you take a risk the rest of the world will find it), and 3) private. Even for personal documents I only use semi-private. The links for my contents I saved in a closed for the public (and not cached) blog hosted in blogspot.

As for Youtube be very careful of them. They are even less reliable. I shared an one minute clip from “Central Station” (the movie) only with the objective of showing how good the new Blu-ray is. The SOBs that own this movie hit me with a copyright strike! Of course I filed a counter-notice claiming fair use, but GOOGLE REJECTED without even forwarding to them. This was the 1st time ever I had a counter-notice rejected. The strike is still valid for a couple of months. So don’t commit the same mistake I did, to think a mere minute of a project you made being showed in Youtube will not be targeted by these cowards.

If needed put these videos in Google Drive, too, since it can display them and has another advantage: the streamed video is 100% lossless. With Youtube you’ll only see a reencoded version of it, with the lossless one 100% gone after you upload. Or try Dailymotion/a similar site.

Movies with wrong color grading *** UPDATED ***

Batman, Batman Returns (1989/1992)… haven’t looked into Forever (1995) and Robin (1997), but it’s unlikely they aren’t modified as well.

These for the 4K. Look at these caps, to see how they modified them, compared with the old Blu-ray (1080p) release.

Has anyone provided any Batman in 35mm? If not this is a much needed project.



Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation (V3 Now Available.)

Hello, I am also interested if you can share this version. It’s a shame the DC hasn’t been released in HD yet.

BTW, I heard this film exists in three versions:

(1.) The original 1979 theatrical version (132 minutes)
(2.) The extended 1983 home video version (143 minutes)
(3.) The 2000 director’s edition (136 minutes)

Dracula 1979 - The original theatrical color version

The Koch (german) Blu-ray was already released (March 14). However it’s the same crap again, apparently.

In they confirmed to be just like that Universal BD.

Here’s the comment from the Amazon page:

Peter V. says:

I just received this version and I must report that this is indeed the same, colour-drained, John Badham approved version from the previous Universal release and NOT the theatrical version with its lush, vibrant colours.

I’ll stick with the internet edited one, then, since no one wants to (or can) do a proper release.

Superman IV International Cut

Watched the copy sent to me and the whole thing is marvelous! First of all it was really a joy to watch this movie with the isolated score, sadly forgotten in all Superman sequels (only the 1st movie got that extra feature).

Second, the LD scenes have incredible quality and I wasn’t expecting this sort of care with them and everything else. I haven’t seen other fan edits from movies, this is the first one, however I doubt there could be something better than this.

As for they not adding the original score (and finished special effects in the deleted scenes from tornado/missile), I remember reading about this in an interview:

Superman IV International Cut

SupT said:

Booshman said:

THe disc is now on mega. PM for links.

Hi, may I have the link for the download?

I second that request! Really a shame Superman IV didn’t receive full treatment from the studios

I remember a guy posted a series of videos called “The Quest For Score” in Youtube and they were taken down (only saved a few). It was a good attempt to create an isolated score for the movie.