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Removing Han, Leia, Lando, Palpatine, and (most of) Luke Fixes the Sequels (3-in-1 WIP)

I think this is a solid attempt at a 3 in 1, and I can tell you put a lot of work into this edit. That being said, it didn’t totally work for me. It was sometimes hard to watch because of rough edits (but it is a rough cut). I think it’s just hard to pull off this approach of removing all the legacy characters and completely changing the setup of who Rey and Kylo are. But you’ve done a great job with the idea!

Here’s a bunch of recommendations. Hopefully some of them are helpful.

My biggest advice would be to simplify. Anything that is not necessary to the plot should be removed. Anything that is necessary should have as few changes as possible, to preserve the original flow of the editing. Every change you make removes some believability from the film, because even subtle changes can be detected and all these little things add up.

In general, the scene transitions need more attention. Establishing shots could be used in many places.

35:53 is where you started to lose me. She just randomly finds luke’s saber and then it cuts to her training it a totally different place, then she is reading a book. It’s really hard to tell what is going on here, possibly due to how the scenes transition. Maybe move the training sequence earlier in the film to show she is already a Jedi right off the bat. Or maybe just remove it because it doesn’t seem to fit well anywhere. I think It will be clear she is a Jedi when she practices with her saber on Ach-to.

36:53 is where a lot of heavy exposition is shoved into like a minute. It is really hard to tell what data BB-8 provided. And the pacing makes this exposition really hard to digest. Any establishing shots or shots of random resistance people would be really helpful here to slow down this scene so we can digest the plot that is being setup.

When poe is explaining the intel:
“They’ve been building something for years” … “on a world called exegol”
Maybe insert something like “a planetkiller”.

Rough scene transition at 43:43
Rough scene transition at 45:34

Why would Kylo need a wayfinder to get to exegol? Isn’t that his own base?

Trim down the canto bight scene to focus on finding the codebreaker. Anything else is just filler.

The dream sequence in the cave on Ach-to is hard to understand. Is it real or not? Is she actually finding a wayfinder? why is kylo there? why is dark rey there? why did she go down there? Is this scene necessary?

Especially towards the end there are too many scene changes in the middle of a scene. I think there is too many transitions in between existing scenes (For example 1:36:00)

It is hard to tell where BB-8 is before he destroys the shield generator. He should blow it up right after they are captured so we don’t forget that he didn’t get captured along with them.

Rey killing kylo is pretty rough and distracting, losing the emotional weight because of the weird edits. Maybe give him a good reason to drop his saber so the original edit can be used? Or just improve it some more. Also, Rey crying after she stabs Kylo should immediately follow that moment so it doesn’t break the emotional flow of the scene.

In the second half of the movie it’s hard to understand where things are happening. We are on a ship, a planet and an ocean at the same time. I get that it’s supposed to all be the same planet but it’s hard to believe. Anything that can be done to include more establishing shots, or connect the locations would be helpful.

I would add some dialog before the lightsaber duel because it’s feels strange to have them just jump into fighting.

Less cutting between scenes would improve the flow. The more time we can spend in one location the more invested we can become in that part of the story. For example there are like 5 times where we cut away from Kylo and Rey’s lightsaber duel and in the original film it’s all one scene, so it really isn’t meant to be broken up. This gives it a choppy feeling.

Definitely lots of cool ideas and edits. Very bold approach. The plot could use some simplification to make it easier to follow what is going on. And the scene transitions need work to make the overall film easier to watch. Best of luck!

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

All of your points are well taken and I appreciate the extensive feedback!

Airconditioning-inc said:
first I think you forgot to remove a scene because all of roses scenes are removed except the one where finn asks her if she wants to come along and thats the only time she appears in the movie so I don’t know why you left it in

Actually she has 2 other scenes with dialog later in the film so its not totally out of place. I left it in for pacing and it sets up the fact that she is “…studying the specs of old destroyers, so we can stop the fleet…” implying that the emperors fleet are old imperial ships, which I like.

also for the scene with luke and leia I think it would have been Better if you had it take place at night with the moonlight illuminating them, that way the vfx would be less distracting because its darker you would’nt be able to see them as clearly and would also hid the rotoscope errors. And this way it would fix the weird lighting when luke arrives (because it doesn’t look like they were in the same place) and just in general they would fit in a bit more because the lighting would be closer to how it was in the original scene.

Agreed. I’m currently working on improving this scene, so I’ll see how it looks with a nighttime setting. Probably will work better.

I would also have kept at the very least the start of the resistance storyline from last Jedi where Finn wakes up since last time we saw finn he was unconscious and in critical condition so it would probably be better to still pay that off.

I could do this, but I think it would make the film worse overall. The main problem is there is nothing for Finn to do for the first half of the film, so just having him wake up at the beginning and then disappear for an hour wouldn’t be good. Instead, I think it makes sense that he has healed up because considerable time has passed since the end of TFA.

I would also put all of the Palpatine stuff after ben kills Snoke since putting it before kinda doesn’t make sense and it ruins the scene where he kills Snoke for me

I’m curious how it ruins the scene for you personally. It definitely changes the implications, but I think it’s more interesting because now Kylo knows Snoke is a puppet of the emperor and he decides to kill him anyway, defying the emperor in the process. So it’s trying to tie the two characters together. I originally had it the other way but got suggestions on to change it this way and I think its better. It also improves the pacing by getting that exposition scene out of the way earlier.

and the only other thing I feel like writing about would be that you should have added ether a body hitting the floor sound or a neck snap when Ben is choking Hux so his disappearance from the rest of the movie is now clear to the audience

Good idea, i’ll try this.

also I don’t know if removing the force heal was a good idea since now Ben’s arc feels unfinished and this combined with removed Rey being Palpatines granddaughter makes Palpatines plan make absolutely no sense

One way to view my edit is as a “what if?” scenario, where force healing doesn’t exist. Then Ben would have just died on the death star, wouldn’t have been redeemed and couldn’t be there to save Rey at the end. Which makes his death even more tragic, because we know what we lost. The conclusion of Ben’s arc is his tragic death.

I agree that Palpatine’s plan makes no sense but that was equally true in the theatrical cut. Palpatine’s plan is still pretty much the same in my edit (“kill the girl!.. wait actually bring her here so I can make her the emperor… OR if that doesn’t work, I’ll just suck out her life force instead” -Palpatine). I tried to improve it by cutting some dialog where he explains his plans outright.

and I think that you should have kept the scene where Rey tries to exile herself since now that she killed Ben its more justified, and her getting Leia’s saber from Luke answers the question on why she isn’t using it at all

True, this would be nice, but it doesn’t work because Luke is not dead yet in my edit.

and I understand added the orange eyes when Rey kills Palpatine but it creates a massive plot hole where she kills Palpatine in anger like he wanted yet his essence doesn’t enter her and I think you could have kept the voices of the other jedi helping Rey since it gave the scene a little more something

The orange eyes are tricky, because it’s open to a million interpretations. My intention was to show that she is using the dark side and the light side together, which is the only thing that can defeat the emperor once and for all. So she uses her anger but she doesn’t let it consume her like Palpatine thought it would.

Also importantly, I removed the line where Palpatine explains “my spirit will pass into you”. So it can be seen more as simply a sith ritual where he is trying to turn her to the dark side by using her anger, instead of an actual spirit transfer which has never happened in star wars up to this point.

other problems I have would probably be harder to fix like now the knights of Ren and captain Phasma now being Mia and Finn getting no real story arc at all and that one old general just showing up out of nowhere.

Personally I’m not a fan of the Knights of Ren and Captain Phasma so I don’t miss them much. The general does kind of pop out of nowhere, but he has hardly anything to do in my edit anyway.

In my edit Poe and Finn are unfortunately reduced to minor characters, because their arcs don’t fit into my story. I resolve Finn’s stormtrooper arc by having him talk with Janna about stormtrooper life and why he believes in the force now (that was his only real character moment in ROS anyway). And Poe and Finn get together at the end so that’s my token of good will to them as characters. I was even contemplating throwing in a funny slideshow at the end… “Poe and Finn go on to get married and start a family together, and move to Jakku to settle down.”

its still very well done and I couldn’t do better it just creates too many flaws for me to say its the definitive way to watch them

I agree that it might not work as a “definitive cut” for most people because of how much it cuts, but I think it definitely presents some new ideas and hopefully it’s a fun watch!

Thanks for your thoughts!

Holy Yoda this is a long post! haha

<em>REY NOBODY</em> - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread

To be even more radical, I just cut it all haha.

The way I achieved Rey Nobody was by removing the entirety of Pasaana, Kijimi and instead just going straight to the Death Star. This does remove a huge chunk of the movie, but in my opinion these are the most contrived and unnecessary parts of the movie anyway (ochi, dagger, sith translations are forbidden etc etc).

Then you get a really short movie, but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. I would actually love to watch a short cut like this. (hmmm, maybe ill just have to make it, haha).

In my edit I combined it with TLJ to make it a regular movie length, so that’s another option.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

sinapellido said:

After watching it now, I can highly recommend this cut! Really well done. Personally, I like the subtle little cuts the most, for instance the thrown room scene where the whole thing with Snoke “feeling Kylos every intent” is gone, making the whole process far more impactfull!

Thanks! That specific edit was actually taken from Hal’s edit and I believe it was originally made by Popasketti. It is definitely one of the best edits I’ve seen. It makes that scene so much better.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

Here is the clip I mentioned above, where Luke travels to the Force Plane to meet with Leia.

The VFX in this clip took by far the most work in this edit. And because I’m very new to VFX they still look kinda rough. I think the rotoscoping stands out as being the worst part. I used the rotobrush in after effects, which worked, but was very finicky because the background is basically the same color as the characters, so it was hard to separate the two. Any help with this aspect would be appreciated.

Also I think it’s a cool moment between our characters where we see Luke feeling some regret in not being there for Leia, and using that as his motivation to take action and finally commit to burning down the old jedi tree.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

Crossvader said:

Great edit! It flows really well although I found the Luke and Leia force connection came across a bit like a ruff deleted scene, the idea of that scene is brilliant and would work really well but the visual effects are kinda jarring to be honest.

Thanks for the feedback!

Any insight into what made the VFX jarring would be helpful. Was it the lighting, rotoscoping, editing, background, or something else? What aspect was most distracting?

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

skyled said:

On Fanedit a month of two ago, they requested that you touch up your VFX before releasing. Were you able do any improvements for this release?

No changes have been made since then. This is regarding the scene where Luke meets with Leia’s ghost on the Force Plane. Mainly because any further improvements to the VFX in this scene will likely take skill beyond my own. Also, I am pretty happy with this scene as it is.

If anyone here is interested in working on improvements to this scene please contact me. I think the main thing that could be improved is the rotoscoping.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

CMMAP said:

So, i watched it in full. Other than my two notes, i’ve to say it works really well.

  • 33:15, odd change of scenery from exegol to the force talk of rey and kylo. But that’s me, i think it is possible to get used to it

Yeah I noticed this is a little abrupt. Maybe I could find an establishing shot to put in here. Of Rey walking, or the island at night.

  • luke destroying the supremacy is a really nice idea, but i not sure it works narrative wise because in the last battle on exegol we never see her (of course we know she still exists in your edit up to this point) and suddenly luke is attacking her through the force. My thoughts though

I could try to find some way to add a clip of the supremacy into the battle over exegol, but it will be hard to get the background to look like it’s actually on exegol. If I can’t get something that looks close to seamless I would rather just live with the inconsistency, rather than adding in a new problem.

Regarding your question with encode settings: i think most of the bigger editors use always „crf“ of 18 to 20 and two pass (if there want to achieve a non-noticable compression regarding picture quality) rather than vbr.

Thanks, maybe I’ll experiment with this next time I render it out.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

CMMAP said:

  • Reys orange eyes should emphazise that she got help from Luke or her dark side? Love either way, but if it is the first one, maybe you can accquire some line, where Luke says he´ll help her (whilst she´s lying on her back and looks up in the sky). I feel the line “the force will be with you always” isn´t enough for the viewer, to jump to the conclusion he helps her, even if you show him exhausted afterwards.

The way I think about it is that Luke helps by giving her the energy to fight, but the only way she can defeat the emperor is by letting go of her allegiance to the Jedi and using both the light and dark side together.

There are a lot of reasons why this makes sense for her character arc and the story I am trying to tell here.

Having that come through in the film is definitely the challenge, but in the spirit of showing rather than telling, I like the imagery of the red eyes and Luke falling over from exhaustion rather than dialog that is more explicit. Unless the dialog is just right, it tends to break the immersion.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

Glad you guys like the trailer!

madmanasunder said:

I really like the trailer. Out of curiosity, is the fleet “conjured” in your take? I only watched RoS once so I don’t even know if I remember it well enough to think of if that plot point would be removable or not, but that was probably the thing that bugged me the most if memory serves.

No, the fleet is shown but there is no mention of where it comes from. And the ships do not burst out of the ground, because that’s just silly! I like to imagine that the fleet is some kind of imperial remnant.

Skybatman said:

sooo much good, but you will not re-edit the Force Awakens ?

I think there are plenty of good edits of TFA and it doesn’t suffer the kind of structural problems that the second two movies do. This edit is a sequel to TFA, trying to resolve the story in the best way possible.

The End of the Jedi (Ep. 8 and 9) (RELEASED)

It’s time for the Jedi to end! Luke has forsaken the Jedi path. Dark powers rise to take control. Kylo tries to find a middle way, while Rey clings to hope that the Jedi can persist. Our heroes must face their greatest fears or darkness will surely engulf the galaxy.

This edit combines the best parts of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker to create a satisfying resolution for all our characters. I crafted a new story from the two movies, using about an hour of footage from each movie. The first act is primarily Rey training with Luke, and the second act is Rey (and Luke!) facing the emperor. This edit includes significant story changes and restructuring, including original effects work, and new conversations constructed from existing dialog.

I think there are so many problems with both movies that the only way to remove enough material to fix them is to strip them down and craft a new story from the compelling features that remain. I look forward to seeing other edits using this approach. If you have an edit like that I would love to watch it!

This is my first fan edit, I hope you all like it! Reply below or PM me for the link.


Featured Clip:

Running Time: 115 Minutes

Major Plot Points Removed:

  • The entire Resistance plotline from The Last Jedi
  • Crait
  • Kylo’s new helmet
  • Lightspeed skipping
  • Pasana
  • Kijimi
  • Rey being a Palpatine
  • Horses on a Star Destroyer
  • Navigation Towers
  • Most importantly this edit removes Force Healing

New Content:

  • Luke has a flashback of a previous encounter with Kylo
  • Luke has a premonition of what will happen if Rey tries to save Ben
  • Kylo has a force conversation with Rey asking her to help him defeat the emperor
  • Luke meets with Leia after her death (
  • Removed Rey talking to “all the jedi” and instead she talks to Luke.
  • Luke helps Rey defeat the emperor
  • Luke uses the Force to help win the space battle
  • Added romantic moment between Poe and Finn!

Rough Outline (Spoilers!!):

  • Rey finds Luke hiding in his hut
  • Rey learns that Luke has given up on the Jedi
  • Rey gets trained by Luke
  • Rey talks to Kylo
  • Luke sees visions of the past
  • Kylo goes to Exegol and discovers the Emperor
  • Luke sees visions of what will happen to Rey if she tries to save Ben
  • Luke gets angry at Rey
  • Rey goes to face Kylo and Snoke
  • Rey and Kylo fight Snoke and guards
  • Kylo and Rey both try to grab the lightsaber and it explodes, allowing rey to escape
  • Rey trains with Leia
  • Poe and Finn go to SpaceBerg
  • Poe returns and reveals the location of Palpatine
  • Rey and friends go directly to the Death Star to find the wayfinder
  • Rey finds the wayfinder and Kylo crushes it
  • Rey and Kylo duel on the Death Star ruins
  • Leia dies
  • Kylo gets killed by Rey
  • Rey steals Kylo’s ship and goes to face the emperor alone
  • Luke talks to Leia’s ghost and gets encouraged to join the fight (
  • Luke burns the Jedi tree
  • Rey uses Kylo’s ship to fly to exegol and meets the emperor
  • Space battle begins
  • Emperor sucks out Rey’s life force
  • Lando arrives with reinforcements
  • Emperor zaps the fleet
  • Luke encourages Rey to give her life to defeat the emperor
  • Rey kills the emperor (with Luke helping through the force)
  • Rey dies
  • The space battle is being lost
  • Luke uses the force to destroy the fleet
  • Luke dies
  • Rebels celebrate
  • Broom boy

The edit of TFA that works best with my edit is any version that removes the end scene where Rey meets Luke (that scene is repurposed as the opening of my edit). I recommend DigMod’s “Heir to the Force”.