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Clone Wars Movie Series

The file size of the entire set is kinda big, but if anyone wants to send say 2 blank 25 gig blurays and a SASE to me I would be happy to oblige, let’s keep this alive so hopefully, it can move forward in some way.

BTW anyone have the disc covers by any chance at all?
And does anyone know where the story continues in the series after these so I can adjust my Clone Wars Discs and pull the others off the shelf that are covered in 1-5 of these? Been awhile.

Clone Wars Movie Series

smudger9 said:

MalàStrana said:

I must admit I’m not as convinced as I was for the first 4 edit-movies. The middle part doesn’t work that well, too many dialogues still contain the time factor that time has been passing by, but the idea of making everything happening in a row is very good though, I just think more should have been cut to accomodate it. The same goes with spider-Maul, maybe trimming more to directly make the encounter with Savage happen in the main lair (which means getting rid of the fight and most of the Lord of the rings 3 rip-off) would have been better. And I kinda miss the fact that the story goes too far away from Ventress and that we don’t get to see more of her bounty hunter life. It seems kinda dry without that substory, especially since it’s quite important in the season 5 finale. I believe cutting more of the repetitive stuff would have allowed the running time to contain more of the Ventress bounty hunter material, which should get the focus on. Maul, Savage, even Dooku aren’t very interesting. Ventress and the nightsisters are.

Sorry for the mixed review Smudger 😕

No need to apologize!

I looked long and hard at the Ventress bounty episode, but the fact that it’s a totally separate story made it impossible to include whilst maintaining a flowing narrative. So in the end I compromised by just including the two cantina scenes, which at least shows you what she’s up to post Dathomir.

As for the Maul/Savage stuff. I cut the fire breathers scene and trimmed Maul’s introduction. Trimming more would have affected the pacing IMO.

Yeah you shouldn’t feel bad, you could always pull out the old blurays if you wanna catch up on those stories. It’s not like there being taken away. 😉 This is just Lucky Charms without all the purple horseshoes when the original is still in the breakfast aisle. 😃

Clone Wars Movie Series

Haynick888 said:

Can’t wait Smudger!
For those of you wanting Star Wars Rebels movies private message me for download links for 2 of them.

The first movie is HarryBowls’ ‘Star Wars: Rebels - Episode I: Spark of Rebellion’ (which I’ve also fixed up some technical issues for). This covers the first half of season 1.
The second movie is ‘Star Wars: Rebels - Episode II: A Call For Hope’ made by me. This covers the second half of season 1.

I haven’t got around to creating an IFDB page for A Call For Hope as I ran into some issues converting Rebels from 16:9 to 21:9, hopefully, you won’t even notice though.

Really looking forward to the next Clone Wars movie (and Darth Maul arcs when you get to it). Also, additional support for poster 4.

Nice, PM me please, so how long are they and how much fluff was yanked out? Thanks!

Clone Wars Movie Series

I am so anticipating this as much as one of the new trilogy.
I also have a series of Blu-ray covers from the Customaniacs site that have a great chapter spine, I am so going to add 2.2 2.3 2.4 to your prints, with your permission. 😉 I mean to the artwork, not the video. Don’t worry.

Please do Rebels after this. The fans have spoken!
BTW, Wonder how much edit fun you could have after a certain cameo from a certain Star Wars film just released.