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What do you look like?
Originally posted by: ADigitalMan
Not knocking you or your chickie-poo PeculiarSatyr, an amusing quote popped into my head after seeing your g/f's "head gear." Robin Williams once said:
It's interesting when you see a girl with a bolt through her tongue.
Why did you do that?
"To enahthe the thekthual thtimulathon. Nothing driveth my boyfriend crathy like the feel of cold schteel on hith hot rod.
"But the problem ith I ended up knocking out all my teeth and living in a trailer park with a man named Bubba."
That's the trade-off, my darling.

Thats funny because I got my girlfriend the Robin Williams live on broadway set for Christmas.

Good stuff.

PS, it is possible to talk normally with a tongue stud.
MSN's "Do nice guys always finish last?"
I used to be the dorky kid that never had a girlfriend.....I was 22 and thought there was no hope:-( I for some reason couldn't work up the courage to ask a girl out or really even talk to girls.

Then I started socially drinking (I know, I'm a real late bloomer). I started to see that my social fears were stupid and started talking to more people and even started going out with someone. I'm living with her now, more than a year later and am very happy.

The moral of my story?
-Drinking makes it easier to talk to girls. (not being an alcoholic)

Also....The story about the girl that hooked up with the guy at the baseball game...Assuming this was a regular occurance for her...She probably has the clap and a wide variety of HPV strains. Who wants genital warts? Not me!
Pay it Forward category or thread?
I read the rules and was a little bit confused. The general consensus around here seems to be that Preservation efforts should be spreaded freely (to those that have purchased official releases of the trilogy). I'm just thinking it might be a good idea to start a "Pay It Forward" thread or categoy where people could post what they've recieved and would be willing to "Pay It Forward" to those that would do the same in the future.

The reason why I'm posting this is partially because I've been trying to DL (via torrent) Moth3r's OT PAL transfer without much luck (it seems as if it will take till the end of time), and I really don't know who/where I can find someone that would be willing to "Pay It Forward", and I'm assuming that there are a few people with similar problems....Anyways, If this would be against the rules, I'm sorry for mentioning it.

Thanks for reading anyways,