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Color Grading/Color Correction

poita said:

Basically I use cliptoolz to add timecode and reel numbers and get the files into the format I require, then open them in Davinci resolve and go through and pick my 'hero shots' that represent each scene and thumbnail them.

Then I do a basic Primary grade using the wheels via a control surface, and check the scopes to see if I need to bring the black and white points to where they should be.

Then it is a matter of going through shot by shot basically.

Both Cliptools and Davnici Resolve are available in free versions.

 Awesome! Thanks for the detailed response. I recently stumbled on Davinci Resolve and it looks pretty versatile but it's a shame it doesn't import lagarith avi. Might I ask what video format do you personally import into Davinci Resolve.

Thanks again for the response, much appreciated!

Color Grading/Color Correction

I've been a lurker for a long time and have noticed that we have a lot of talented members on here especially when it comes to color correction/grading. I know there are a few threads on here about different methods (i.e. g-force's avisynth, matching script), but I figured before I started pestering individual members with private messages, I'd ask the community as a whole if anyone would like to give a breakdown of their workflow when it comes to color grading.