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Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse (Released)

Dreamaster said:

I did a total cleaning of reel 4… and I can tell you with even with the rough grain intact (maybe BECAUSE it’s intact) it looks phenomenal (in my not so humble opinion, LOL).

The original posts I made above promised something for Christmas at the end of the year, so let’s just see what happens between now and then. Worst case scenario I could release something incomplete that has 2 or 3 reels cleaned right? There’s a crowd here that would prefer grain and great colors, but with the caveat of dirt and scratches? But like I said… if TN1 and Poita perhaps join forces the Grindhouse print will seem like such a moot point.

The 4K80 ESB version seems to be ready in 2 years.

What about your v3 and v4 Dreamastered ?

I’d like to watch them 😛 😛

Team Negative1 - The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - 35mm Theatrical Version (Released)

Hi maxpower91

I did those 2 releases that you get on the french tracker.
Both are GOUT sync, because published like that.
Silver Screen english audio come from the ‘original’ Star_Wars_Silver_Screen_Edition_v1.6 ISO from TN1.
On ESB Dreamasered v2, english audio tracks come from ESB Harmy Despecialized v2.7 BD50 ISO
Both sources come from download on Myspleen.
My job was just to repack them with French audio coming fron LaserDisc, on the same quality as the BD.

SW Silver Screm details:
Qualité : HD 1080p
Format : MKV
Codec vidéo : x264 @25,5 Mb/s
Codec audio : PCM 2.0 FR @1536 Kbps
Codec audio : Dolby 5.1 AC3 @640 Kbps EN (1977 Hairy Hen’s 70mm 6-track reconstruction)
Codec audio : Dolby 2.0 AC3 @640 Kbps EN (1977 35mm)
Sous-titre : FR Forced, Full

Star_Wars_Silver_Screen_Edition_v1.6.iso (12/06/2016) : Video + Audio EN
Star Wars LaserDisc : Audio FR PCM

ESB Dreamastered v2 details:
Qualité : HD 1080p
Format : MKV
Codec vidéo : x264 @20,0 Mb/s
Codec audio : PCM 2.0 FR @1509 kbps
Codec audio : DTS 5.1 EN @1509 kbps 1980 Mix
Codec audio : DTS-HD Master 5.1 EN @2287 kbps (1980 Mix)
Codec audio : AC3 2.0 EN @192 kbps 1993 LaserDisc Commentaires
Codec audio : AC3 2.0 EN @192 kbps 2004 DVD Commentaires
Codec audio : AC3 2.0 EN @192 kbps 2011 BD Commentaires
Codec audio : AC3 2.0 EN @224 kbps Music only
Sous-titre : FR Forced
Sous-titre : FR Full
Sous-titre : EN Full

Star Wars Despecialized v2.7 Full Bluray BD50 ISO
The Empire Strike Back LaserDisc

So, I don’t really understand what are you looking for english audio ?

Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse (Released)

Dreamaster said:

Should I keep going? “After” starts at the half way point of the video.

You did an amazing job with v1 and after v2. I don’t understand to read so many people always complaining and requesting perfection. People that can’t do even a small part of what you did. But we are numerous to like what you did. But not requesting you to spend so much time to come for an other version. Perfection is like ‘The Graal’, always looking for it but never getting it. Thanks so much.

Denoise, Regrain And CC of ESB Grindhouse (Released)

schlanske said:

Bluto said:

YoungJaaron said:

Bluto said:

Invites have been closed since early September, sadly.

Does this mean that if you didn’t have a MySpleen account by that time, you’ll never be able to get one?

Difficult to see; always in motion is the future. A number of people have wondered the same thing, but none of the admins there seem to have hinted whether or not invites might be open again in future.

And if so, is there any other way to acquire Dreamaster’s ESB Grindhouse cleanups? They are absolutely astonishing!

Agreed - they are absolutely marvellous. Hats off to Dreamaster on his astonishing restorations. I’m afraid I do not know any other way to acquire them at this time.


FEAR NOT everyone without a spl33n:

I found a Version on a french tracker (YGGT0RRENT) and it worked great.

-> Star.Wars.V.L.Empire.Contre.Attaque.1980.TN1.Dreamastered.v2.MULTI.VFF.1080p.PCM.DTS.HDMA.x264-Foxhound

Google is your friend.


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