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How do you rate EpIII?
My rankings (although I love each of the movies in different ways):

1. Empire Strikes Back
2. Revenge of the Sith

NOTE: Earlier I had these two in a tie... I think, however, I'd always have to give the edge to ESB, simply because of the presence of Han Solo.

3. A New Hope
4. Return of the Jedi
5. The Phantom Menace
6. Attack of the Clones

Also, I'd like to note that in my ranking of all time great films, the entire Star Wars saga ranks as #1 (I lump them together to keep it as simple as possible), followed by the Indiana Jones series, Godfather 1 & 2, Rocky (1 only), etc.
The Liam Neeson Mystery (spoilers within but questions answered)

Originally posted by: greencapt

Originally posted by: PMD

I'm kinda wondering if the youngling's calling Anakin MASTER made him go just a little more apeshit... Nothing like rubbing a little salt in the wound.

LOL- I had the same thought! After making such a big deal out of him not being 'Master' and all. Threw me right out of what otherwise might have been a pretty chilling scene.

It was still chilling-- I didn't think of it until the movie was over and I was home thinking about it. Scared the cat when I started giggling for no apparent reason...
My review of Episode III (minor, minor spoilers)

Originally posted by: Jaster Mareel
You make a really good point with the Kamino thing, but there's one thing about your post slightly off.

The Jedi DIDN'T want to train Anakin. Yoda, Mace and all those guys were against it, and then Obi-Wan said he would do it if they allowed him to or not because Qui-Gon Jinn told Obi-wan to.

So, if Palp REALLY wanted Anakin inside the council, he would of put him on Courasant. There's just no possible way he manipulated things enough to make it so that Qui-Gon would find him on Tatooine, then even though the Jedi council said not to, he would still be trained...

I mean, even if the Jedi found him, they still wouldn't of trained him, and Palp just got lucky that Qui-Gon was the one that found him... Any other Jedi, including Obi-Wan if it wasn't for Qui-Gon, would NOT of trained Anakin because of his age, and then he'd probably just be sent back to Tatooine to be with his mother.

I just don't understand how Palp could organize and manipulate something like that in that way. It just doesn't work...

Though, the "Christ-like birth" is an even worse idea, so maybe we should just go with this explanation.

My thoughts are that if Palps and his master were manipulating midichlorians, then it could be that during their experiments Anakin came about by (un)happy accident. No one would necessarily have to know of his existence at all. Another thought just popped into my mind... Perhaps Palpatine's master perfected the art of creating life from midichlorians and created Palpatine (after all, he is pure evil) and then once Palpatine became the master, he decided to try his hand at midichlorian experiments, didn't quite know what he was doing, and created something no one would have known about except for a twist of fate.
Which of the 6 films is your favorite?

Originally posted by: Klingon_Jedi
It's still a tie between IV and V, and always will be.

After seeing Sith twice now, I have to say that the ONLY thing that keep it from being my favorite is that The Empire Strikes Back has Han Solo. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, Han Solo turned out to not be a major player, but he was still fun to watch, and my all-time favorite SW character. And how many guys can say that they attempted to kill their father-in-laws... only to have said father in law freeze your ass?

So, I'd have to say that my list is as follows:

1. Empire Strikes Back / Revenge of the Sith (tie)
2. A New Hope
3. Return of the Jedi
4. Phantom Menace / Attack of the Clones (tie)
ROTS: The Child Birth Scene and Sidious Motives? <em>SPOILERS</em>

Originally posted by: InfoDroid
"Eye Patch Guy"? Are you talking about Padme's security guard, Captain Typho? He wasn't working for the Sith. Atleast I never got that impression. Unless you're talking about someone else...

It wasn't Typho-- the troops were clones of Jango Fett. If you notice, Commander Cody and the troops and even the pilots all looked alike. I did notice, however, a few dudes who did not look like Jango. Perhaps the beginning of the volunteer Imperial Army?
Favourite non Star Wars roles for Star Wars actors
Agreed on all counts, but how can you forget James Earl Jones in "Field of Dreams"?

As for Harrison Ford, I would also have to add the Jack Ryan series, particularly "Clear and Present Danger."

If we are allowed to mention PT actors, I would like to mention Ewan McGregor (oh how I adore him!) in "Moulin Rouge" and "Big Fish." And let's not forget Liam Neeson in "Schindler's List." While I am going on about the Prequel folks, let's add Samuel L. Jackson-- everything he does is magic.