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Help: VHS debate which to buy

I want to buy a set of the vhs tapes originally cause I wanted the faces set I had growing up and I was happy when I found a widescreen version of the set BUT people on here and fans in general tend to gravitate to the older vhs set from 93 I think that’s labeled as letterbox and features the original poster art on the boxes and has from star wars to Jedi, my question is why ? Pure nostalgia reasons ? Or the supplement inclusion ? Or are the films altered differently between sets ? That’s all I want to know based on film versions only. I’d rather have the tapes I grew up with UNLESS there is difference in the films themselves . . . Please let me know the differences … Thanks

My plans for 40th anniversary blu-ray (suggestions/help)

I don’t know that this is necessarily in the right forum, apologies if not. Anyhow I am wanting to put together a OT DE blu ray set in a few months (after I get my computer built) and was wondering if anyone had helpful information. I’m wanting to create artwork for the individual BDs and make fully produced discs, menus, supplement, and what not.

First I was wondering what opinions people have on essential supplements for each film, I will also be making a designated disc for trilogy themed features (such as Empire of Dreams).

And second, I was wondering if people had any guidance for putting each DE MKVs onto a BD. And I would also like to know the possibility of putting galleries on a BD. It was commonplace on DVDs can’t think of any BDs with galleries tho.

My intent is to make the Ultimate Despecialized Edition BDs with all film specific special features coupled with their respective films probably on a second disc and a stand alone trilogy special feature disc.

Thanks, O