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Star Wars Insider celebrates the 40th anniversary with...

Well, at least they’re celebrating something star wars related.

For a lot of people, the special edition is what brought Star Wars back,
before then, it had pretty much disappeared, and was nowhere near the
popularity it had.

Despite the after effects of what it did, it brought the franchise back,
and allowed for a lot more to be done to the series, all at the expense
of the originals.

Whether that was intended or not, has only now become the implication.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

If you really want better comments, some forums place new members on moderation.
That way you can see that the comments they are making, and decide to allow them or not.

If they are requests, they can easily be blocked.

I’ve been on several forums where that is the case. If the new member posts enough quality posts,
then they are put on unmoderated, and are allowed to post to the forums.

Another method, is to have a forum thread, or area, just for new people. Once they make enough
posts, or meet some other criteria, then they are allowed to post in the other forums.

In both cases, they can still read posts from any forum.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

You don’t want to make it harder than it currently is for people to get these. Most people can’t even grasp where to look for invites to Myspleen, or bother reading the first post or stickied ones, hence the constant requests for help.

It should actually be easier, and then you wouldn’t have these issues.

Disclaimers encoded into the video are a basic deterrent, and will be a slight bump
for the resellers.

Help: looking for... StarWars.com 2004 Audio Commentaries

Not sure what you mean by the full commentaries not being available. Of course they’re on myspleen:

Star Wars Commentaries - From the Site (For Official DVD’s)
Download: Star Wars DVD Commentaries.torrent

Description: From the readme included with the files:

From the Official DVD website exclusive content for Original DVD owners

In Blue: Behind the Scenes

In Green: Lore

In Red: Did you Notice ?

The Screen Capture program I used:

  • the video is coded tooking 1 frame each 5, so thats why you see it delayed or freezing, is Not a problem of your Player
  • the audio is air recorded using a microphone pointed to speakers

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It’s right there.