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Great idea- Let's totally SWAMP the Lucasfilm Jedi Council!
Here's what I'd like for everyone who reads this to do:
Go to the Official Site (
and ask the Lucasfilm Jedi Council on the community section about the O-OT petition.
If EVERYONE here will send in just ONE question to them, maybe out voice will be heard.
If we start NOW, maybe we can have some sort of influence.
Send them a question! Send them two or more maybe!

I've started us off with two.
Let's rock!
Sequel Trilogy? Say it's so!
From TF.N:
"the December 2003 issue of the British movie mag HOTDOG has just hit the stands here in the U.S. and found several cool Star Wars related things. In particular, on page 12, here's this possibly amazing passage:
"No wonder Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew is smiling. Not only has he been rescued from obscurity and given the chance to reprise his role as our Wookiee comrade for Episode III, but his contract also stipulates that he'd be required to appear in Episodes 7, 8, and 9.
Yes folks, seems there are actual whispers at Lucasfilm that the 'sequel' trilogy might be in the works..." "

Reactions? Think it's really possible? Wondering how much CG will be used? I'M ABOUT TO BUST!