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We won!
Strange, I must have imagined all the quotes where Lucas said the 'original' versions no longer exist...

Lol... he pulled the same thing with the Special Editions. Apparently they were only going to be able to be seen in the cinema...

the September after their summer release they were withdrawn from cinemas for VHS sale. The student cinema I worked at couldn't show the Special Editions as they had been withdrawn.

Then if you remember, Star Wars wasn't going to be released on DVD until the prequels were finished. Yet Episode I DVD was released, just in time for Christmas a few months prior to Episode II being released in the cinemas.

Lucas never changed his mind, he planned on selling us VHS and DVD versions (as many as possible). It has been said that he is a better business man than a director. I remember reading he grossed $5.6 billion from the Star Wars franchise prior to 1995, god knows what it is now.

...were on to you George.
Could it be?
Great news.

It only took several releases on VHS, two releases on DVD, and the introduction of High Definition video format to get here!!!

For those with Dolby its still bad news, unlike the Indiana Jones Trilogy its Dolby 2.0 Surround sound (i.e. stereo) ...but to get rid of the SE I'll take.

Lucas is great at squeezing money out of us. After this I willing to bet you will get a HD version of the SE, two-years later followed by OT in Dolby Digital /DTS 5.1 (or 6.1)

Time to get fleeced again...