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"First Order, Last Jedi - A Star Wars Story" The first ever 3-in-1 Sequel Trilogy edit (Released)

This is the most ambitious of any sequel trilogy edit I’ve seen. And I love it.


Right away General Hux is using the starkiller weapon. By starting with this I feel this scene has more impact , and we get that the First Order is as strong as the empire or even stronger, and must be dealt with.

Leia and Han from the beginning are fighting on together with the Resistance in the midst of planning their attacks on the first order. We know right away that Kylo is Han and Leia’s son. We see that Rey is with the Resistance and Leia has trained her. Finn and Poe are also just Resistance fighters along with Han and Leia also.

I love seeing Leia and Han so early in this. It just works better for me continuing on from ROTJ. Taking the Emperor out of the movies works better for me also.

I would like to see this edit tinkered more with so that the cuts flow better because obviously the amount of cutting is enormous with this edit.