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most of these suggestions are underhanded
If you expect Lucasfilms/Fox Home Video to pay attention to any of this, you should offer actual real ideas that work for both sides of the cash register. The rampant talk of stealing/copying of original versions or circumventing of encryption is doing nothing to motivate the "powers that be" to provide a solution to appease the fans of the original theatrical releases. You are only providing them with an excuse to dismiss the legitimacy of this ENTIRE EFFORT.

Albeit not a new idea, my suggestion would be to use the "Alien" franchise model. They released a DVD box set with both Original Theatrical editions and the Special/Director's Cut versions in the same package. Several weeks after the initial sales drive of the box set, they released individual titles (still with both versions) at a much more attractive price point than the box set. This is just smart marketing and business. They rewarded the die-hard fans with the initial holidays sales of the box set, and didn't upset the more discretionary fans by offering the individual titles weeks later, once sales leveled out on the box sets.