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IT - The Losers Only Cut (Released)

I wholeheartedly enjoyed the Loser Only Cut, the way you made the scenes from both movies flow together really worked well in the edit’s favor. If you are going to make any changes in a future edit, I’d suggest moving scenes back to where they originally were or making use of deleted scenes if you have a copies of the film that have those.

For example, the scene where Henry gets abused by his dad in front of his friends before killing him a scene late should be left where it was like in the original film. And if you want to show Henry’s abusive relationship with his father, there’s a deleted scene that establishes this. Otherwise, this was pretty good for a first fanedit, and good luck with it in the future!

Jurassic World (2015): Retold and Rewritten

Jurassic World is example of film being a mixed bag in my opinion. Despite have some fun action scenes, decent performances and a pretty cool looking park, the film suffered from a weak story with pointless subplots, motiveless characters, a stereotypical villain, and way too much CGI in scenes that could’ve used practical effects. While I do think it’s better than The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, it’s nowhere near on the same level as the original film.

So, after having recently rewatched Jurassic World, I decided to fix its plot and characters by doing a rewrite of its plot and characters. Although I didn’t change a whole lot, there are some major differences in my rewrite of it.

That said, I have done two things with this rewrite. The first being a simple plot rewrite, the second, a feature length screenplay adapted from that plot rewrite.

Any and all feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is welcome:

Plot rewrite: