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<em><strong>Official Release Thread - Alien Appendix</strong></em> - Updated with #2 info (Released)
Originally posted by: andy_k_250
Originally posted by: NiX
i just copied files from dvd to my hard drive and still they don´t match those in the torrent...only 13,4% match

I know it sounds funny, but I've always heard that for copying DVD files, just to get an accurate copy, you should filter your copy through a program like DVD Decryptor/ImgBurn, since just a simple copy and paste from a DVD can bring slight corruption, enough for the torrent to be off.

allright, i´ve tried the decrypter and it´s exactly the same...
i´m seeding the one file that matches....VTS_04_1.VOB
<em><strong>Official Release Thread - Alien Appendix</strong></em> - Updated with #2 info (Released)
after watching the appendix 2, here´s my impression of it:

in most cases, extended versions are way better than original cuts because they add scenes which enhance the experience, answer some questions, explain few things and usually fit the film so well that one has to ask, why they were cut out (i felt like this when watching aliens extended cut for example).
in case of of alien, except of the cocoon scene and some alien shots before parker´s death, there aren´t any memorable scenes missing. distant images of the planet or nostromo are expandable, imho.
the tempo of the virtual workprint is ssssslllloooooowwwwww indeed, so i fully understood why scenes were cut out, also if you see more of the alien, you don´t get so frightened...
i knew the score of mr.goldsmith´s very well since i listened to it many times before. themes added to this cut are sometimes well out of sync with the picture, but i see the purpose and still it is very interesting to listen to the music and watch original-audio-less scenes...

finally i want to thank meedermow 1st for the work he has done with this release, 2nd for sharing it with us all and 3rd for future releases that are under development already, i´m sure

i´m looking forward to your impressions...