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Star Wars 3D Conversion

Ik its very simple, the technique used in the shot you showed of chewie uses a conversion process which takes information from the frames each side of the one being processed and uses it in the same maner for the whole image... This early type of conversion makes panning static objects into 3D ones because the program utilizes the object with the most motion as its point of reference.

Although this works it can be very confusing to the eye.

The trick is to take information away thus reducing processing time, simple techniques like adding a slight motion blur then using a sharpening tool to re-enhance the trailing side of an object can artificially create the illusion of an object being layerized.

The layers can be cropped to give depth of field to the whole scene

Then a subtle layer depth can be achieved using focal effects and motion sensing 

Note the highly crystalized trailing edge of objects in the left hand image make the frame look like it's layers are offset...



Star Wars 3D Conversion

Thank you for recommending that I hook up with that other guy wanting to spend 200 bucks converting a 4:3 vhs to a upscaled 16:9 1080I and then converting to 3d.


But a bit late now unfortunately :)

The pictures I included were still shots to show it is NOT converted using Motion sensing technology alone, This type of motion sensing conversion you speak of just gives you a nausious feeling and the 3D is very confusing

Just look at the helmet of the actor stood to the right of Chewie in your motion tracked 3d pic, the 3d is back to front and very confusing as it has added motion to a static object...  This is nothing like mine


The versions I grabbed were a nice set of 720p .HDTV.x264.mkv files6.5GB-8Gb VIDEO-TS file ready for playback in Side By Side mode on a modern tv , it has the dolby 6.1 track added as well :)

Star Wars 3D Conversion


The picture could be better, these are Hi-def 50% SBS Widescreen 8GB DVD quality conversions.

This is converted using proprietary 3d conversion software, as well as sensing motion 3d it contains objective memory and transitional software which the 2d-3d converters in the tv sets don't have.

A conversion like this takes a computer with awesome graphics handling and a gaming rating of 9.4 over 6 hours to process 6gb of data. Properly done in widescreen with the audio synced perfectly and prepared as a 50% sbs then uploaded takes over 2 days to do.

These are for the people who ENJOY CONVERSIONS.