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<strong>Days of Heaven</strong> <em>(1978 Film by Terrence Malick)</em>

I love me some Malick. “Days of Heaven” isn’t a masterpiece (like “Badlands” and “The Tree of Life”) but it’s immensely beautiful. And painfully slow.

Here’s an excellent scene from the film. Bill returns to see Abby after a long absence and comes to a realization…

Yeah, I fell asleep too.

It has a pretty kick-ass score by Ennio Morricone though, so that’s awesome.

The Man Behind The Mask fanedits, ranked

Letterboxd list.

  1. War of the Stars II - The Future in Motion
  2. War of the Stars - A New Hope Grindhoused
  3. Jaws The Sharksploitation Edit
  4. Harmonica (The Ugly West)
  5. Iron Blood (Marvel Consecution)
  6. Wall-E Fantasy (Space Consecution)
  7. Life
  8. Cosmogony
  9. Star Wars - Silent Edition: Episode VII
  10. Death Tango (Shut Up! Consecution)
  11. Conan - Man of War
  12. Kong
  13. Star Wars 30’s Serial Edition Part 2
  14. Alien-Ate
  15. Fast Blood (Chase Consecution)
  16. Riddles of the Lost Gods
  17. The Judas Breed
  18. Fatal Weapon (Cops Consecution)
  19. Star Wars 30’s Serial Edition Part 1
  20. Underworld Temptation

How does everybody else rank TMBTM’s wonderful edits?

Drugs, ranked

“Just Another Couple Days in the Life of Neglify”


4/19 -

High AF all day. Then nighttime came so I met up with my homeboy so we could take too much acid. (But we didn’t take too much too much so we were all good.) We cruised around Haight high listening to tunes and then headed into the park to get higher.

4/20 -

Higher than angel titties all night. So my dawg and I were kicking it with Peter the Pirate and listening to King Crimson construKct some light. We cruised through the park until we got to 19th Ave and headed Southish. By this time it was past 1 AM so the buses officially sucked. We traversed down 19th for a while until the 91 picked us up and took us a little further. The bus kicked all us stoned fuckers off and my bro decided to take the easy way home so we said peace and I headed West.

In the wee hours of the morning I found myself cruising down Font Street, wondering if I could change the font of the sign with my mind. I realized of course not I can’t do that stupid shit so I kept going. I bombed through the streets for awhile until I reached the ocean.

In the 4 AM hour I was able to listen to A Perfect Circle eat the elephant. In the 5 AM hour I basked in the purple rain before the sun could kill the night.

Once I was exposed in the light I headed North. I made it back to my pad so I could listen to the disasterpiece of garbage called “The Life of Pablo (19 Track Edition)” while I rearranged the garbage in my life.

Just before the AM hours expired I decided to head back out into the wild jungle known as civilization. Not far from my front yard I found a box of joints that had been left for me to smoke. So then there I was smoking two joints while watching the Golden Gate Bridge get obscured by clouds and listening to all sorts of sweet sounds emanating from my silicon box next to my breast.

Shortly after this I realized I had a set of colars I wanted to use to eat some elephants of my own. I headed down to the park and found a comfortable place to commit my hate crimes. Here, allow me to lay out the steps:

Volume I - Have all the elements you need.
Part 2 - Get the shitts ready. (Not pictured: the drugs and the music.)
Step 3 - Things are going along nicely now, keep it steady.
#420 - I hope you know how to do things backwards if need be.
Step 5 - Finished. Look at all those colours.
Part 6 - Oh look, this group of elephants is split right in two.
Volume VII - Now another entity can begin again.

In the 4 PM hour I watched this kick-ass thing called “Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue”. Seriously, watch this immediately, it’s astounding. It opened the stash box and let loose the purple ghost to assist me in beheading the Crimson King while I smoked two joints.

Then I passed the fuck out and did this thing that humans call “sleep”.

4/21 -

I woke up at precisely 12:02 AM and was glad that 4/20 was over. I slept most of this day and while I wasn’t snoozing I listened to wonderful music and drank a little liquor and smoked a little herb.

Don’t even get me started on 4/22. That day turns my world upside down every damn time.