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Unsolved (2018) Tupac and Biggie scenes cut together in chronological order

I don’t know if anyone would even be interested in this, or if this site is strictly for only Sci-Fi type fanedits, but hey I’ll share it here anyway. Basically in the show Unsolved, it shows the investigation of Tupac and Biggie’s murders, as well as moments from their life, spanning from about 1991-1997. Tupac is portrayed by Marcc Rose, and while he doesn’t have the voice 100% down, I believe the portrayal of Pac was a bit better in this show than in the biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’, as well as the writing and portrayal of many events. I pieced together all the scenes that show Tupac and Biggie in chronological order, starting with their friendship, and showing the East vs West beef, leading to both of their deaths. The series didn’t really focus on their music, but it shows pretty much everything else but that. Originally I was going to combine this with the Russel Poole investigation storyline, but I decided to just leave it at the Tupac/Biggie viewpoint. I completed this edit in only about two days, so it’s not perfect, but it’s worth a watch if you’re a Tupac fan, and even a Biggie fan. Due to part of Biggie’s death scene being talked over by the investigators, I spliced his death scene kind of weirdly in order to fit it in, but it’s not choppy. Overall and in my opinion, this edit definitely does justice to Pac’s story. Thought I’d post it here for anyone who wanted to see it. Let me know what you guys think! I also have an edit putting all the scenes of ‘All Eyez On Me’ (2017) in chronological order. You can PM me for either of these edits if interested!

Runtime: 1hr33min

Might not keep this post up for too long, but I’m keeping it on Google Drive so PM me for that link while you still can! Also, check out the original Unsolved series when you can, it goes in depth on both murders/investigations and it’s a great watch.