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'Rey Skywalker' (Upcoming live action motion picture) - general discussion thread

I’m mixed on this. On the one hand, the sequel cast deserved way better than what they got, and this is a chance for Disney to rectify their past issues and give them a better story to work with. On the other, the premise undoes the big thing that the sequels changed: rebuilding the Jedi failed, with Luke (correctly) pointing out the corruption of the late Republic Jedi and Rey burying the last known Jedi lightsabers after constructing a new kind. Undoing the OT’s impact is part of what made some potentially-fascinating sequels misfire in premise before the execution started, so I’m a bit concerned if they similarly undo the ST’s impact.

The good news is, this movie could still be well done for what it is. And if so, people who don’t prefer the ST movies (myself included) won’t have to watch them, because we can just say it’s 50 BBY and almost everyone died (which makes sense if it’s been 50 years since ANH) and that Rey’s introduced as Luke’s successor a la Star Trek: The Next Generation. How much this will work depends on how much of the ST this builds on, but I’d say we have a chance.

Since I’ve covered the good and the bad, time for the ugly: this starts a new X-XII trilogy and everyone hates it, says it ruined the Skywalker Saga, and starts asking if the ST was underappreciated in its time. (Mostly joking, but I hope that’s not gonna happen)

Channel72 said:

Rey probably won’t get married or have a family. Disney shows very little interest in adding any romance to Star Wars.

In fairness, if someone’s in Star Wars it’s better not to have a romantic relationship at all–they’ll most likely kill their spouse, turn out to be siblings, have their kid turn into a sith that makes their BFF’s life miserable (canon or legends), or have one or both of the couple die immediately after a first kiss.

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

Of Dooku as Doh-koo? I agree; it’s much closer to what he was apparently named after (Doku/毒, Japanese for “poison”).

Incidentally, I have a new version up! I decided to try out SomethingStarWarsRelated’s suggestion; the machinery’s physics is the same, but I desaturated the lightning and added some to the machine to look a bit more like it’s giving off electricity. How does this version look?


I think the biggest advantage this has is letting me use the original wide shot Anakin in addition to the landing, although the velocity in the former shot is sped up a bit to make it closer resemble physics instead of the Force. In its current state, At first I was wondering if I added a bit too much lightning, but on coming back to it in the morning I think it largely looks alright?

Speculation about the 4K Future of AOTC and ROTS

From what I understand, several recent blockbusters like Endgame are shot in 4K and even 8K, but the VFX is usually rendered at 2K due to the ridiculous render times 4K would take, so the movies mostly have a 2K master that they upscale to UHD (so the HDR is the actual deal maker, as some have mentioned earlier in this thread). I wonder if AotC and RotS wouldn’t be that different of an experience in this regard?

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

Thank you for the comments, everyone!

NotTheDri0ds said:

Genuinely impressive work! The wide shot is a bit jank, but I’d say for a fan edit it’s passable.

Thanks! That shot also occurred to me as weird; Anakin’s footage is taken from Zam Wessel’s speeder, though I don’t know what other footage of Anakin would work. One option is to rig up a 3D model of Anakin and try to do something with that (similar to the the machinery in that shot), but I’m not quite sure if the results would be worth the trouble?

SomethingStarWarsRelated said:

Because there’s no close up of Anakin hitting against the wall, it comes off as comical imo.

Why not have the thing Dooku chucks at Anakin follow him and also hit the wall?
Both hit the wall (use the close up), recolor the lightning to yellow/white, add in some additional electrical sound fx…then it might come off as this object having excess electricity while hitting Anakin?
Just a thought.

I also noticed that it seemed comical, as did a family member (although he suggested that keeping it like that would be a fun change in tone lol).

That’s a good thought; I’m not sure I could have the machine follow him all the way to the wall while keeping the physics realistic, but if having it almost explode or damaged and scatter electricity around could be an option…

G&G-Fan said:

I liked how Dooku’s use of force lightning is contrasted with Sidious’. When Dooku uses force lightning against Yoda, he deflects it easily. When Sidious uses it, it sends him flying, and when he is finally able to block it, it takes a lot of strength to do. It’s a great way of showing how Sidious is superior to his (then former) apprentice.

When viewing it in chronological order, Dooku being the first one to be seen using force lightning is to show the audience that he has gained new powers due to joining the dark side. Then in ROTS, we see Sidious has a far more powerful version of the same attack.

I do like this approach (and I love how the lightning scene illustrates the difference between a Padawan, a Jedi, and a true master of the Force), although I recall being confused on first RotS watch as to why Yoda wasn’t able to deflect the lightning. I think the two Sith’s lightning uses look a bit too similar for me; the only real visual difference I could see was Dooku using one hand and Palpatine both, which I could see as a power difference or just a stylistic preference. Earlier on, I’d tried out something similar to what you mentioned (foreshadowing Sideous, one might say) by changing Dooku’s lightning from a constant flow to shorter bolts; how does this look to you? https://streamable.com/h6ebi0

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

Okay; I’ve done some improvements, though probably the biggest update here is redoing the sound:


At least on the visual end, I think I’ve gotten as far as I can; I don’t think it’s perfect, but for me the biggest question at the end of the day is if it throws people out of the movie/scene.

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

Absolutely; thanks for the interest! Here’s what I currently have for the full lightning removal, which cuts Anakin from the shot as well, apart from a hint of a shadow (no audio, partially because the sound would need to be redone):
https://streamable.com/ncxe8d | direct download link

Incidentally, I tried out the alternate concept I mentioned; it took some work and a bit of Blender (luckily, my 3D skill level only has 2002 CGI to contend with), but I think most of it works.

It goes without saying that the biggest problem is still the lightning covering Anakin. Removing it using the same technique I used for the backgrounds is beyond my current skill level, so that would probably leave looking for footage of Anakin running/falling from roughly the right angle and trying to match the lighting/color grading from there (adding/recoloring the saber blade as needed). I could try and form a 3D model of him with some ragdoll physics in the wide shot, but I’m not sure whether the results would be worth the trouble of that process; I’m unsure if there are any other options, but I’d love to hear ideas anyone has.

The only other issues I can see concern the machinery: I haven’t placed the 3D cylinder thing anywhere else after it falls, meaning it suspiciously disappears for anyone paying attention (more inconvenient than problematic, since I’d just need to track more shots of that model until the viewer hopefully stops noticing). I’m not sure whether this actually needs doing or if the “fix” would be more distracting than helpful. Of course, the machinery being pulled off the wall is lifted (uh, so to speak) from Dooku’s encounter with Yoda; I tried flipping it for Yoda and the change in direction didn’t feel too awkward, so that’s probably good enough?

---- EDIT ----

Found some footage; here’s what I have so far! (still no audio)

I think I’m done with the close shot; it helps that the Anakin footage didn’t need any color correcting, to my eyes at least. The wide shot… I don’t know. It’s probably enough if people aren’t looking for it, but it doesn’t hold up for me yet. I might just need different source footage; hard to say. I don’t think substitution is possible for Anakin landing, so I’ve replaced it with a shot of him moaning a little afterward–there’s still some smoke, but not as much of an offender as the landing would have been.

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

Okay; I’ve tweaked it since then, but nothing major enough to be its own upload (some very minor light improvements and a bit less lightning on Anakin in the wide shot). I could replace the lightning with an entirely different effect, temporarily ignoring the lightning covering Anakin, or even just change the effect to look less intense, but I’m unsure to what degree reskinning it would solve the problem.

I still think the scene wouldn’t even need a Force-based direct attack if not for Dooku taking Anakin out so quickly–lifting and throwing him into a wall by itself doesn’t feel like it would take him out for that long. Maybe Dooku’s hand motion sends a CG rock or machine part into Anakin, knocking him back? It’d take some time, but if the lightning on Anakin can be removed I could see it working.

Entirely Removing/Dramatically Reducing Dooku's Force Lightning?

It struck me that many Star Wars viewing orders (including Chronological and the excellent Machete) show us Attack of the Clones before its successor or RotJ, meaning that Force Lightning is introduced with Dooku. I don’t think his scenes using it are badly done, but it feels a bit disappointing to me to have such an iconic dark side ability introduced by a relatively minor sith. I also feel like it undermines just how evil Sideous is—RotJ’s lightning shows how far down the Dark Side he’s gone, representing the Force at its most corrupted (even compared to Vader), and I just don’t think Dooku’s at that level.

With that in mind, I have to wonder: is it possible to remove AotC’s lightning entirely (by VFX or clever cutting) while keeping the scene at large intact? I thought I’d pull up After Effects and give it a shot. Here’s what I had, mostly with just VFX rather than cuts:


I think Anakin’s the biggest obstacle here; one could probably cut the lightning out of Obi-Wan’s encounter and have then just exchange dialogue before going to lightsabers. Yoda’s the easiest in this regard: just have Dooku resort to the lightsaber after throwing things doesn’t work. Lightning or not, though, the fact that he knocked Anakin out with one swing of his hand would bring into question why he didn’t try the same thing against the Jedi Masters.

To fix this, I decided to go the (slightly redundant) route of bringing the lightning back in—though just in small bolts, more foreshadowing Sideous than using the same power. Probably the biggest advantage this offers is explaining why Anakin’s covered in lightning, which I wouldn’t have any idea how to remove traditionally. I’m fine with Yoda returning the lightning at full force, although most of the sound needed to be replaced for the shorter scene.


I like this better, but there are still a few issues, mainly in Anakin’s wide shot where Dooku’s hand still shoots lightning a couple feet. Are there any routes you think would work (for this or in general)?

2011 Blu-ray Style Sequel Trilogy Case Cover

MoiseMust said:

Awesome covers! I love Mxylv’s over all but I wanted to have CarboniteSolo’s front on my case so I put together the best of both for myself and those interested. Problem is I’m French and I don’t know if it’s specific to France or Europe or something else but here we somehow have the spine upside down compared to most covers found online. So I also put it upside down so it matches the other two trilogies but I think I could have done a better job at it.

I hope you guys don’t mind.

Sounds cool to me; thanks!

CamDW said:

Do you guys have textless versions of the front covers you made?

I’m having custom Steelbooks made using the 2011 Prequel and Original Trilogy posters, and would really love to be able to make one for the Sequel Trilogy.

(example of the steelbook: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdZYjKZOAob/)

Sure! Here’s mine:
Textless front cover, a collage of images from a Sequel Trilogy mural painting

That steelbook looks gorgeous, by the way; I’d love to see what the final trilogies look like!

While I’m here, I thought I’d drop the latest version; I found some ink splashes and thought those would allow the back covers to align with the others better than what I’d been using.
Slightly updated cover, with the back cover more closely resembling the 2011 covers' painted style

Unusual <strong>Sequel Trilogy</strong> Radical Redux Ideas Thread

thebluefrog said:

Holdo’s kamikaze scene, while visually great, was not a good addition to the SW lore. Yes, yes, all the arguments have already been made, especially as this kind of overpowered attack would actually win the rebellion.

So…why not make that scene part of the final dogfight battle…and involve Luke.

Maybe something like:

Instead of dying after the Force projection, Luke pulls off the greatest Jedi trick and wipes out the fleet from afar and THEN dies. Proving size means nothing and the Jedi are one with everything, including space. He’s gone beyond sabers and fighting with lasers.

I really like that! It has me thinking… what if it were reordered so Luke has an (optional) force hologram moment, then dies, and then the battlefleet is wiped out, driving home Obi Wan’s words of “becoming more powerful than [one] could ever imagine?” I’m not entirely sure how one would indicate that the ship was his doing; probably an echoey voice for a couple lines.

(Of course, that would raise the question of why he wouldn’t destroy Exegol by himself afterward…)

2011 Blu-ray Style Sequel Trilogy Case Cover

CarboniteSolo said:


This is one I did a while back, I didn’t do any of the art, but I put it together. All that’s missing is the splatter paint, like the other two covers.

Nice! That’s definitely closer to the original layout. What you said about the splatter paint has me thinking, though; I found a few free watercolor splashes and decided to try them out on mine. I’m not sure I like the front as much, but I feel way more satisfied with the back now.

My updated cover, which now frames shots from the films with paint splatters

2011 Blu-ray Style Sequel Trilogy Case Cover

Hello all,
I’m new to the forum, but I’d been working beforehand on a Sequel Trilogy cover that recreates the stylized look of 2011’s trilogy releases:

Sequel Trilogy custom cover, along with prequel and original covers

In the pictures (printed a bit before my latest version), the sequel disks occupy the former spot of a spare 2013 Prequels case so I could have each two-disc Blu-ray set in one case, so that’s why the spine looks a little wide. There only thing missing from the front is a giant face, but beyond that I feel like the mural used for the front imitates the painted look of the other two pretty decently.

Here’s the full version:
Sequel Trilogy cover, printable version

As shown in the picture, some space on either side will be cut off in the final Blu-ray cutting; it’s mostly just there for some extra bleed room. The above print was made with the blu-ray bonus discs in mind, but there’s also a standalone, 3-disc version:
Same as above, but meant for 3 discs--just the movies--instead of the 6 disc bonus feature version

Finally, I also made a slightly tweaked variant for fans of… uh, particular opinions:
Sequel trilogy cover, but instead of the 2011 "The Force on Blu-ray" marketing, it says "the forced trilogy on Blu-ray"

In any case, the rest of the images can be found here; the back description text was based on Reddit user Maxachord’s independently done variant for the 2013 releases and the images for the front came from the saga’s 2019 giant celebration mural.