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Once Upon a Time in the West - 35mm print scanning (* unfinished project? lots of info *)

Just a quick update.

Reel 1 has been dry scanned and we have some very good news, there is :56 seconds of extra footage in the opening scene (compared to the current Paramount BLU). This is the remaining footage Paramount deleted from all its individual prints (and its master negative) two weeks after the film premiered in the U.S.A. Paramount retained the scenes they trimmed but did not keep the individual shots they removed. The Scorsese restoration restored only two of these shots. 

Very luckily, although reel 1 has a few splices, none occur in the :56 seconds we need. None of the titles occur in the :56 seconds we need. Overall, after a thorough cleaning the print should yield excellent results. 

So now we are deciding whether it is worth it to scan the entire print. There is actually evidence of digital cleaning errors in the first reel of the BLU. Meaning that Paramount's automated dirt and scratch removal process actually removed things it shouldn't have. I caught a few when going frame by frame to compare the two cuts, who knows how many others are spread throughout the film. 

The colours on the print, even uncorrected for the intended bulb colour, and from an uncleaned dry scan, (and also from a compressed MP4) look fantastic and quite different compared to the BLU. The IB has a lot more blue and yellow in its palette. 

Some comparison screens (please don't judge the sharpness, the dry scan was just done quickly as a reference, and the file was compressed for web), these are not the extra shots but shots I could compare to the blu (top IB TECH/BOTTOM BLU): 






Once Upon a Time in the West - 35mm print scanning (* unfinished project? lots of info *)

Thank you everyone for the replies and the enthusiasm! 

I have very exciting news, as of today the purchase of the print has been negotiated and finalized and the print will be shipped out this week directly to the person doing the scanning. Lil Brutto (GBU project leader) and I have split the costs of the print and the shipping. 

Cost wise I cannot reveal the exact figure we will be charged for scanning the print since we are doing so at a discounted rate from this professional. Let me just say the cost is significant, (like "rent money" significant). Other than a quick test scan to evaluate colour and condition (the results of which will be shared here), the print will remain in its boxes until we can raise enough funds to scan it, or at least put a reasonable dent in the cost of scanning. The print will be wet gate scanned at 4k with 13 stops of exposure latitude (similar to HDR). 

*edit* those who can contribute funds will get a chance to see previews of the raw reels as they are scanned. I'm hoping that will be some incentive and keep everyone up to date on the progress.

Please just let me know if you are willing to contribute anything, you don't have to decide on a dollar amount now. Once i have a list I will either pm everyone with the information or post it here. 

Thanks guys! Any questions please ask.

Once Upon a Time in the West - 35mm print scanning (* unfinished project? lots of info *)

Hello all, I am part of the group currently scanning and restoring a unique 1966 Italian technicolor print of “the Good the Bad and the Ugly”.

In addition to that ongoing project, we have been offered a chance to purchase a 35mm German technicolor print of “Once Upon a Time in the West”. The reason we think it would be worthwhile scanning this print is because we could use the 4k scans to finally reconstruct the international cut opening as intended.

The current blu ray attempts to recreate the international cut but is actually missing some shots from the opening (that would be included in this print), the blu ray cut also includes a scene that should NOT be present (Harmonica rising from the platform after being shot), and has incorrect music over the closing shot of the film. The 35mm print would be useful in verifying the rising scene should not be included and confirming the music placement at the end. Also it would a wonderful colour reference as the blu ray is too red/magenta overall.

To clarify there are at least 5 different edits of this movie :

  • Original 166 min 1968 italian cut (the content of which is unknown unless it can be researched via the oldest italian VHS)

  • Original 145 min 1969 American cut (heavily edited)

  • Original 165 min 1969 International cut (the version present on this print which we hope to restore)

  • 1990’s 177 min italian dvd “director’s cut” (although this being a true “director’s cut” remains a controversy, the extra footage is mostly “padding” out existing scenes

  • 2011 165 min Blu Ray “Scorsese restoration” (although it restores some of the shots in the opening featured in the international cut , it does not restore all of them.)

There is a long and crazy history to the edits/versions of this film and we firmly believe (and have research to back it up) that the version currently available to the public is incorrect and we’d like to rectify that. Using the BR as a starting point we’d fill in the gaps/amend the differences with the 35mm german cut scans.

edit print has been acquired and we are hoping for some crowdfunding/financial support in order to help pay for scanning it in the U.S.

Feel free to ask any questions you’d like or P.M. me.

there is a very long and very detailed thread on this film and the different versions posted here:

STAR WARS: EP V &quot;REVISITED EDITION&quot;<strong>ADYWAN</strong> - <strong>12GB 1080p MP4 VERSION AVAILABLE NOW</strong>

Anyway, the camera arrived today. the 25p suffers the same problem as the NTSC 24p setting. Although it isn't really jerky the picture does tend to blur quite badly in any fast motion. There are a hell of a lot of settings on this baby to learn. The image stabilisation is amazing and so much better than i have ever seen on any other camcorder. The picture quality is astounding. I don't know why all the reviews said that its crap in low light conditions and its way too noisy. i just adjusted a few settings and i get no problem whatsoever and i can even film in almost pitch blackness and it still focuses perfectly.

thanks guys. Now i need to start all the model building



Try playing around with raising the shutter speed on the camera, the faster the shutter, the less motion blur, although you'll need to find a nice balance between the extra light you'll need for the exposure and avoiding the "stobe" effect ala saving private ryan


Originally posted by: SomethingStarWarsRelated
It's been a while since I've posted in here, but I've been following the thread closely!

adywan, I've had this idea for combining two shots in the end battle.
This shot idea may have occured to you as well:
What if you were to add Vader INTO the exterior shot of the TIE and basically "zoom" into the cockpit shot?

Just kind of a wild idea I've had...Lucas did a similar shot in ROTS...

Also, back when we were all discussing the possible new Vader-post-death-star-scene...
I just wanted to know if you have tried playing around with that idea again...?

Might be possible if you took that shot from the 1080i hd version and then downscaled to standard def, might give you enough resolution to do that big of a blow up/with motion blur of course.....