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Dark Jedi Panaka and Emperor Palpaliam Neeson...
I was wondering if there was any online repository of all the ridiculous rumors, false "news", and so on, that were infecting the Net before the first prequel. "News" such as an early picture of Maul with a description stating that he was "Dark Jedi Panaka", the "revelation" that Liam Neeson would become Emperor Palpatine, that the prequel version of C3PO will be a female... and so on.

Here's one tiny collection - http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/swfigs/badrumors.html - but I was hoping for more. Plus some old fake "leaked production photos", etc...
Superman III: The Junkyard Cut (* unfinished project? *)
This sounds wonderful. The "evil Superman" scenes and the car junkyard fight are among the best moments in the entire quadrilogy (actually, they're my very favorite minutes in all four films) and Superman III is an unjustly maligned picture. Even with Pryor's awful "funny" sequences it's a good film (although the "general" scene in Smallville is so painfully horrible that it makes Nuclear Man I in Superman IV look like Marlon Brando's footage - I'm glad to see you're obliterating every trace of it... ), incomparably better than, for instance, "Superman Remakes" - and with such changes, it may become a great one...
The Plissken Files Project (* unfinished project *)
Indeed, the bank robbery with Alan Howarth's track restored would be an excellent addition to this.

The track is also available on the expanded "Big Trouble..." score CD, by the way, but the version on the later "Escape..." disc is clearer (and perhaps even longer)...

Perhaps the scripts for both films (the LA script is quite different from the final film) and scans of the old Plissken Comics might go in as well (for the former, see... well, pretty much anywhere, for the latter - e.g. the DC hub Comics&Cartoons... )
Idea: 'Snakes on a Plane' - an edit?
"Ssssss" is a great little flick indeed. I wonder if some Paul W. S. Anderson is going to vomit a crossover between "Snakes..." and "Ssssss". "Ssssssnakessssss on a Plane"...

(But seriously, I don't know which studio owns what, but if both films are the property of one studio, then I suppose a crossover between "Snakes" and a certain previously popular snake cheese would be likelier... "Anacondas on the Planes"...)

By the way, I see that a certain, er, "studio" known for releasing terrible video "films" with titles similar to currently popular films in USA has already done "Snakes on a... Train". I wonder how long before there is a porn title reference to it. Let me guess... "Snake in the Pants"...
Info: Starship Troopers - workprint?

Has anyone seen this? I recently got something that supposedly is just that, and what I heard about the workprint earlier made me expect many green screens, animatics, incomplete models, and additional scenes… But what I do have is essentially the same film, except with a short promo note, some reel inserts, really bad quality and no end credits. And, in fact, it seems shorter than the final film. Has anyone seen another workprint of this film, one that actually looks more “workprinty”?

What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?
To name just a few:

The stormtroopers' animals.
All the cleanups, fixes, enhancements, remastering, restoration...
Kenobi's hut.
Cloud City.
Tractor beams.
Blast doors.
Fight expansions.
Removal of the cardboard "audience".
Vader's landing.
Numerous small expansions in too many scenes to be listed.
The Further Adventures of Oola.
Fett getting definitely, certainly, indubitably killed. This dull background noncharacter annoys me extremely; frankly I'd like the 2007 edition to have a scene of him getting dissolved by stomach acids, so that no Expanded Universe garbage could ever get away with resurrecting him.
More Tatooine.
Removal of the horrid Ewok song.
Not So Long Ago in a Galaxy Just Around The Corner
Post the keepvid links instead...

"Badi", by the way, isn't as amusing as the online descriptions make it seem. The novelty wears off after a few minutes and it just gets more and more tedious. "Seytan" and "Dunyayi kurtaran adam" are better in that respect...