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Star Wars Trilogy SE bluray color regrade

Darth Lucas said:
This is an unfortunate case of the bluray shot just not being very good. It’s clear so much of the detail was lost in the initial “restoration” process for this shot that brightening it up like that introduces so many ugly artifacts in the shadows.

Does that matter though? Isn’t the goal of Dre’s color correction to apply it to 4k77?

4k77 released

towne32 said:
This seems a bit over the top. No, it shouldnt have said A New Hope in the main release, but pretty much everyone who enjoyed the film on any home media release, before things started actually getting batshit in 1997, has memories of it that way.

It seems like the main thing going against it is what faithwyn suggested, where it reminds people of the later, terrible changes that would be made. But that sounds like a personal issue, and a side release wouldn’t affect anyone that doesn’t download it. After I did an optional ANH version of Despecialized 2.6, I made sure it was only done for 2.7 in secret, by PM, because of people getting irrationally angry about it. 😃

You’re 100% correct here. Someone offering a version with the 81 crawl, or with DNR, or with Jar-Jar rotoscoped in doesn’t affect the glorious non-DNR 4k77 I have, and I shouldn’t really care what custom versions people want. That being said, I remember how much I was annoyed that they added it when I saw it on the big screen in 81. I’ve always resented revisionism. And I feel exactly like Faithwyn feels about it:

To me, that was the first warning shot across the bow that Georgie was not
content and would alter the film further. Every time I see it I get a little angry.

But hell, that’s my problem. If anyone can make an 81 version, or can cajole someone else into creating it, then go for it. I’ll avoid making any snarky comments about it going forward.

And yeah, my analogy breaks down here, as you can indeed do a little revisionism. I just find it funny 😉

4k77 released

Faithwyn said:

rainbow battle kid said:

any chance of someone making an “a new hope” crawl for this?

I doubt it, if they did it would no longer be a theatrical preservation.
To me, that was the first warning shot across the bow that Georgie was not
content and would alter the film further. Every time I see it I get a little angry.

Agreed, completely. Trying for a little revisionism is like trying to get a little pregnant 😉

4k77 released

GZK8000 said:
Does this mean that Mike Verta’s color correction is revisionist, since in his restoration the blacks are really blacks, and that would not be representative of how Star Wars looked in theaters in 1977?

What I’ve seen of MV’s work sure looks revisionist to me. Check out

At 3:30 or so, he says that “it never looked like this in theaters”.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Fang Zei said:
George himself released the original versions on dvd, albeit in terrible quality, which is what we’ve been waiting all this time for the new regime to rectify.

That was just to kill the market for LD-rips on DVD. And GL called them an extra – not a standalone release.
The last genuine release was on VHS.

Talking about hypothetical future changes to George’s version and saying whether or not you’re going to release earlier versions that already exist seem like two totally unrelated things to me.

Well, we really don’t know, due to the poorly worded questions given to Kennedy. But there is no reason to think that Disney has any obligation to release the theatricals just because they were released in older formats. Anyway, I hope your interpretation is correct, and mine is wrong.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

yoda-sama said:
Also, I don’t know if it is necessarily disheartening that the head of Lucasfilm has announced they aren’t further ruining the OT through continued SE dicking around.

Her saying “Those will always remain his” is disheartening to me, because I take it mean that they’ll respect GL’s “vision” for SW – which would mean no theatricals, ever.

And I couldn’t care less if they screw around with the SEs further. 1997, 2004, 2011 – none of them are Star Wars to me anyway. Hell, I didn’t like it when they added “Episode IV” to the crawl in 1980! (Yes, I was old enough to care).

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (release details and updates)

Posted 2 hours ago on Usenet (a.b.starwars):

                 Star Wars Silver Screen Edition v1.6

                          General Information

Type…: Movie
Platform…: Bluray (BD50)
Image Format…: .iso
Burn Tested…: Yes

Audio Track 1…: English Stereo
Audio Format…: Lossless
Hz…: 48,000
Channels…: Stereo
Source…: DTS-MA HD English Stereo Track from Harmy’s DeSpecialized Edition (Hairy Hen?)

Audio Track 2…: Spanish Stereo
Audio Format…: Lossless
Hz…: 48,000
Channels…: Stereo
Source…: 35mm film Print, Optical Audio

Audio Track 3…: English Mono
Audio Format…: Lossless
Hz…: 48,000
Channels…: Mono
Source…: 16mm Swedish Film print, on loan from Jaxxon

Video Format…: H.264
Video Bitrate…: 40 Mb/s Max VBR
Resolution…: 1920 x 1080
FPS…: 23.976
Source…: 35mm LPP Film print
Genre…: Science Fiction
IMDb Rating…: 8.7
Disc Size…: 37.5 GB

Subtitles…: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Finnish

                           Post Information

Posted to…: a.b.starwars
Posted on…: 6/12/2016
Parts…: 356 x 100 MB Rar

                             Release Notes

Changes since v1.5

  • Subtitles now correctly sync with video track
  • Removed emoticon from THX TN1 bumper
  • Letterboxing is now pure black
  • Replaced 2 missing lasers in Tantive shootout
  • Replaced English Stereo Laserdisc Audio with Hairy Hen’s English Stereo track
  • Corrected blotches that appeared in a few scenes (e.g. “Mission, What Mission?”)
  • Corrected warping in the corner of the Sandcrawler shot
  • Additional Cleanup to a handful of shots (very minor)
  • Darth Lucas Updated the '81 crawl to use Poita’s 35mm Starfield

Changes since v1.0

  • All missing frames restored
  • Restored the two missing laser bolts in Reel 6 Trench Run
  • Restored Technician’s leg in first frame of Reel 6
  • Fully GOUT Sync’d so if you don’t like our Audio, feel free to replace it
  • Additional Cleanup (mostly white dust, but also the orange Tantive marks, the
    blue splotch when Vader enters and one of the homemade Reel Change marks at the
    end of Reel3).
  • Some shots (e.g. in Ben’s hut) replaced using alternate print sources
  • Sharpening
  • Blue Color tint reduced
  • Full Re-encode from lossless master at a much higher bitrate using professional
    grade encoding software
  • Blu-ray format featuring Seamless branching of the '77 & '81 Crawl,
    Interactive Menus with beautifully rendered 3d motion backgrounds created for us
    by Donny Versiga, Fully functional Popup Menus, correct Chapter Stops,
    subtitles, etc.
  • English Stereo Audio from Japanese LD (PILF-1236)
  • Original 35mm Spanish Audio from the LPP print used for ~85% of the film
  • New capture of the Mono Mix captured directly from Jaxxon’s Swedish 16mm film

Reporting Problems

While every effort has been made to ensure it all works as advertized, it
is likely that there are still some bugs in the menus. With this in mind,
might I suggest that you test everything with a software player (such as
PowerDVD 16) BEFORE you burn it to a BD-R, or if you have a BD-RE, now is
a good time to use it.

If you find a menu problem (and if I am able to fix it) then I can do a
“partial Mux” of the disc which will only alter the files that need to be
changed. What this means is that as people find problems and I fix them, I can
post only the updated files (a relatively small download) and you can replace
them in your ISO file. (The ISO file can be opened in a program like WinRAR,
and you can just extract the contents, replace the menu files and then use a
program like imgburn to create a new iso and/or burn it).

Please report any issues you encounter with playback / menu functions in the
relevant thread on

We are aware that:

  • There is still a fair amount of dirt, dust and scratches on the film.
  • Most of the light smearing issues reported in v1.0 are still there.
  • Colors are far from perfect (probably still too much red in some shots)
  • The film is grainy, and the amount of grain varies from shot to shot. We
    don’t care if you hate it, it’s part of the FILM. No effort was made to reduce
    the amount of grain so what you see is how it is on the print.

This is likely to be the final release using this scan, so any other glitches
you find in the movie, you will have to fix yourself.

Some notes on the Blu-ray

  • If you are in the middle of the film and decide to go to the main menu,
    and from there you watch the bonus features, you will not be able to
    automatically resume the film from where you left off. This behavior is
    due to the fact that you are at that point 2 titles away from the film. You
    were on the film, then you were on the menu. From there you can resume, but by
    moving to the trailer, the only thing you can now resume is the menu. Make
    sense? HOWEVER, if in the middle of the film you use the PopUp Menu and watch
    the trailers from there, the film will resume automatically as soon as the
    trailer ends.
  • If you want to get back to the '77/'81 decision page, move to the Options
    button and click DOWN on your remote control. Note: this only works on the main
    menu (not the popup menu), and then only on the first page. If you are on the
    Bonus, or Options, or Scenes Menus, just click down until you are back at the
    main menu, then simply move RIGHT to Options and then DOWN.

May The Force Be With You