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The Force Awakens: 1.78:1 scenes in 2D? - with recreation of IMAX scene

Papai2013 said:

mapet318 said:

I just noticed removed 1.78 from the TFA 3D listing. Hopefully it’s a mistake or inaccuracy.

So, that means the IMAX version won’t be released on home video. That’s very very sad and frustrating seing as they advertised the IMAX version much before the film came out. Even released stills showing how much the scope version would be butchered. Now they are abandoning it? Hopefully J.J. will release it later like the Star Trek compendium set.

To add to this frustration, I don’t think the IMAX version I saw when TFA was in theatres even properly showed the IMAX scenes. The film was presented at my IMAX theatre in 2.39:1 throughout the entire film with no changes to widen the frame during the IMAX portions. Other movies since that such as BvS, Doctor Strange, Civil War have all had the proper IMAX widening but Star Wars didn’t. I gotta say, I feel kind of robbed, especially since I did the Star Wars marathon, and saw it in IMAX about 4 times. I know this discussion is a bit old but I just wanted to air my frustration about not being able to see the Mil. Falcon scenes in at least 16:9.

To those who don’t like the shifting aspect ratios, I have to say I’ve always wanted to see popular films have shifting aspects like that ever since I heard that Dr. Strangelove was filmed in several different aspect ratios. I always thought how cool it would be to see a movie go from 2.39:1 to 1.85, and I’m truly glad that Nolan has brought this trend. I just think it’s a shame that some of the films with variable ratios like BvS don’t have this occur on the Blu-rays…

'97 vs. '04 (and '11) - Your preference?

One thing for me that stands out about the SEs - in fact really the only thing that bothers me (even though Jabba in Episode IV was completely unnecessary and repeated about 80% of the Greedo scene’s dialogue) is the Jedi Rocks in RotJ. Is it just me or have they toned it down over the various DVD and BD changes? I seem to remember when I saw it in theatres that the aliens were gyrating a gesticulating more, and maybe I just played it up in my mind as worse than it actually was but when I last saw it on Blu-ray and again as part of the marathon leading up to Episode VII it didn’t seem as…out there. It’s still bad and cringeworthy, mind you.

team negative1 - star wars 1977 - 35mm theatrical version (release details and updates)

Hello there, new poster to this board and thread. I only just heard a few days ago about the Negative1 35mm scan. This seems like a much better alternative than the Harmy Despecialized version. I’ve had the Despecialized on Blu-ray for a while now but some parts of it, while great to see it essentially as it was in theatres left me cold. I could tell that they had somewhat downgraded the BD’s color timing, to look more old-school film. But I always knew in my heart of hearts that the best way to view this would be a full scan of some kind. I’m rather blown away that someone has managed to do this with their own person 35mm copy. I’ve got that and the Negative1 Empire “Grindhouse” scan. It’s a bit of a shame there doesn’t appear to be a Jedi copy out there. Other than Harmy’s version and scans from the DVD, are there any good, unaltered Jedi options you can point me towards?

Thanks for any info and I’m forever grateful that even if FOX and Disney won’t do it, there are some fans out there who are preserving films as they originally were.