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Hi guys,
completely new here.

32 years old from germany. star wars fan since i was a kid and i grew up with star wars that my parents had taped to vhs. My first glimpse of star wars was actually at a friends house, the parents were watching it, but wouldn’t allow us kids to view it yet (he had very strict parents). But I was already hooked! Well my parents were always pretty lax about this stuff so they let me watch it at home.

Later in my teens I had the opportunity to actually watch all 3 of the original trilogy in cinema aswell, this was when the first major edits were made and the cinema in my area took it as a reason to screen them aswell (very unusual in my area, with a small cinema like this especially).

Now since I grew up with the original VHS versions of the OT I can’t stand the new edits… and thats when I learned about this site and all the fantastic fan edits that have been made.