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trimboNZ said:

INVAR said:

TiiN said:

In contrast to ANH and TESB the deleted scenes from ROTJ has many potential to be reediting into the movie. I agree with you. Especially:

  • Luke building this light saber
  • Bunker rush (nice action, see the link)
  • Emperor is commanding to destory the moon (more dramatic, more evil)

The difficult is to restore these blu ray material that it is matching to the rest of the movies (color, sound, scratches, effects). I think this is a lot of work. But when Adywan can handle this, this would be an amazin change.

I hope Adywan will try 😃

I’m not savvy on seeing Luke build his lightsaber. It takes away from the dramatic moment we all felt in 1983 when R2 launched it to him on the skiff. THAT was a terrific reveal. We do not need to see it to serve the storyline that Luke built a new one.

^^ This.

Also having Palpatine order Jerjerrod to destroy the Endor moon takes away from the Emperor’s own Achille’s heel that Luke himself states; his overconfidence in his own ‘legion of my best troops’. There would be no need for a failsafe should the rebels disable the shield generator, which Emp himself gave the Rebellion the coordinates of.

^^ Also this.

Cutting back and forth between Jerjerrod’s dilemma of wiping out the moon diminishes Luke’s tension with Vader. Truly Emp’s overconfidence WAS his weakness, and I think expanding the ground battle to showcase the overwhelming odds the rebels faced is good enough tension without sacrificing the main point of the storyline to yet another plot point that only serves to add another level of tension where it is not needed.

^^ Again, also this. Those scenes were cut for a reason. One thing Return Of The Jedi doesn’t need is more clutter.


Mass Effect

I really really love Mass Effect.

I got on the bandwagon a little late (buying my first Xbox 360 Christmas 2015) and have since devoured everything in the franchise. Two full playthrough of the trilogy, all the comics and novels and OST album and animated cartoon. I have an N7 baseball cap and a sticker of Liara on my computer at work.

I’d say its the most enjoyment I’ve had with a entertainment brand in my adult life.

I am SO pissed it looks like two completed Mass Effect Andromeda novels may not be released since that game didn’t do well. 😦

So, anyone else play?

The Kenobi Movie

captainsolo said:

Well this doesn’t bode well.

How do you make a serious space adventure western? Ahh yes get the director of Billy Elliot and The Reader.

The Kenobi novel is really the best starting point for a screenplay as it is practically already tailor made for adaptation. Personally I would have pitched that but slightly expanded to have at least one off-planet sequence.

At best I get the feeling this will be another TWINE scenario where a more art house type director is hired for a big budget feature and there is a complete disconnect between story, characters and action sequences.

(coughs) Patty Jenkins (cough)
(coughs) Kershner (coughs)

The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **

SilverWook said:

dude98ish said:

ChainsawAsh said:

Since I wasn’t around when TFA came out (and to possibly re-rail this thread a bit), I mostly enjoyed TFA, rehashes and all (and I say that as someone who’s very critical of ROTJ for its rehashiness).

It was a necessary palate cleanser after the dumpster fires of the prequels, introduced two protagonists I already have a lot of interest and investment in (Rey and Poe) and an antagonist that is compelling and frightening due to how unstable and unsure of himself he is (Kylo), and set the stage for something truly fresh and unique to come after.

It’s not perfect, of course. For one, I hate Starkiller Base and think the movie should have ended with Rey imprisoned on Kylo’s Star Destroyer, with the rescue attempt happening amid a battle between the New Republic fleet (which would have been decimated) and the First Order as they staged a surprise orbital bombardment of the New Republic capitol rather than on a snow planet that for some reason is a hyperspace Death Star. For two, the actual politics of the Resistance/Republic/First Order were woefully underestablished (or not established at all). For three, I thought Finn was poorly handled - a defecting stormtrooper shouldn’t be a bumbling comic relief character.

But overall? Better than any of the prequels, and better than ROTJ.

What you say are dumpster fires (ok episode 1 and 2 are bad lol) I enjoy more than this new family friendly disney mainstream film made entirely just for the box office

Are you implying the prequels and OT are indie art films? Lucas likes making money too!

And I’m sure that SW, ESB, and Jedi making money was just a lucky side effect of producing art.