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Idea: Die hard with a vengeance "lost" disc (* unfinished project *)
Sounds like a good way to archive this material that hasn't been officially released. Does the TV version contain any new or alternate scenes? I know the sign John wears says "I hate everybody" I've read that's how it was filmed before some after effects. Then again I've also recently read that the sign was blank when filming.
Gone in 60 Seconds - and films of H.B. Halicki Preservation (* unfinished project *)

The DVD release of the original Gone in 60 Seconds(1974), featured a completely reworked soundtrack. A few lines were changed/removed as well as all the sound effects re-done. The original release featured the original authentic sound effects and such. As well the credits were modified on the DVD, see imdb:

  • The line “Unit 10 and 1-Baker-5, 10-4, stand-by on Ocean”, said at the start of the chase by the female dispatcher (over the shot of the first black-and-white and unmarked Mercury leaving the Long Beach PD parking lot), has been removed from the DVD release. Also missing is half of a line spoken over shots of the big crash in Redondo Beach at the end of the chase. In the DVD, we hear, “Redondo Fire this is Mobile Rescue 2. We’re at the scene of a four-car collision with multiple injuries. Have a ladder truck respond Code 3, we’ll need the jaws-of-life”, before it cuts off as we see the shot of Maindrian driving. Originally, the dialog continued over this shot and we said, “Have Goodhew respond Code 3, and give us an ETA please.”

  • The original end credits sequence has been completely changed on the DVD release, with production stills replacing the shot of Billy and his friends getting out to examine their wrecked car, although their dialog and sound effects can still be heard. The black screen (with credits imposed over it) that features after the “Billy” footage is also gone, with the stills carrying on. Most of the credits have been reformatted, with 'H.B. Halicki’s credits now shown as ‘H.B. “Toby” Halicki’, and the original music/sound effects credits gone completely. All of the non-police “special thanks” credits have been removed as well, and the “Low-Riders” credits merged with the “Special Guest Appearances” credits.

  • “Special Edition” re-release VHS/DVD version features remastered video, and audio. The soundtrack has also been completely changed.

I plan to first simply sync the VHS audio with the DVD and fix the ending credits. I will be using a very old VHS release if anyone has a decent VCR(i.e. JVC SVHS) and could capture if that would be swell and probably optimal results. This will be the original preservation them I may try and modify the DVD’s soundtrack and provide the changes but I’m not sure how hard it will be.

Following Gone in 60, H.B.Halicki made the film The Junkman. As well the DVD release of this saw many changes, luckily I still have my original VHS. So here are the changes:

  • The DVD release omits a scene after the end credits with the pig farmer (‘Ronald Halicki’) still sitting in the Rolls Royce at the party, looking around in dismay and saying to his pig, “Let’s get out of here, Farrah. These Los Angeles people are just too weird!” before shaking his head. This is replaced by the credits for the DVD remastering crew. Also removed are some lines of “coarse” dialog, most of which are spoken by director/star H.B. Halicki, including very unoffensive lines like, “Dammit”, “Christ”, and “I don’t need a gun”. Also removed is the “Shit!” said by Sgt. Gullen when he sees the Goodyear blimp outside his window, and the blimp skipper’s “What the hell?” when Harlan jumps aboard. This was all done by Denice Shakarian Halicki, who was in charge of the remastering process.

  • Also missing from the DVD release is a line of dialog from the second female police dispatcher, spoken over the shot of the pile-up taken from the helicopter during the main chase. She says, “Attention all units. CHP aircraft airborne from Kings City, ETA twenty-two minutes. Units from the cities of Paso Robles, Atascadero and San Luis Obispo are assisting. CHP units are also responding from Bradley, San Lucas, San Miguel, Tempelton and Blackwell’s Park.”

  • In the DVD release, the soundtrack from the original film has been completely replaced by a generic synthesizer music score.

I will simply capture my audio and sync it and see what I can do about the credits.

Next his film Deadline Auto Theft also went through a muck of changes:

  • There are many lines of dialog missing from the DVD release, most said at the start by director/star H.B. Halicki as Maindrian Pace. These include lines to the helicopter pilot upon taking off from the silo, and during the warehouse scenes of the opening pursuit. Also missing are lines from the police dispatcher during the same pursuit, where she announces a long list of units responding, and warns them that Captain Gibbs does not want “any accidents”, highlighting the goofy nature of the new scenes. The “Unit 10 and 1-Baker-5” dispatcher line and the “Goodhew” line missing from the “Gone in 60 Seconds” DVD, taking place during the big chase, are also missing here.

  • Almost all of the sound effects and all of the music has been completely changed for the DVD release, in both the new “Deadline” footage and the old “Gone in 60 Seconds” footage.

I need to find an original VHS of this and it will follow suit.

For now I will gather source materials and post when needed. If anyone would like to help that would be great, like I said I could use someone who has a decent VHS capture set up.

Info: Your work is being sold
Originally posted by: MeBeJedi
I've noticed sometimes that when you ask a seller a question, it shows up on the Ebay page. Is this automatic, and can the seller delete it? Because it would be a good idea to have someone "ask" if they know that the DVD can be had for free from OT.Com. Either that, or email all the buyers and let them know.

The seller can add the question and answer to their listing if they desire,otherwise it won't show up. It's best to just report it and maybe contact the bidders will info on getting it elsewhere.
Idea: 'That Was Spinal Tap - A Rock and Roll Creation' - a supplemental project?
Originally posted by: ThatArtGuy
Cool. I have found the Criterion DVD on the newsgroups, but I have a severe download limit... I *might* be able to swing it, however.

Anyone have "Return of Spinal Tap" on Laserdisc? Is there footage on it that the DVD doesn't have?

I think there is footage on the TV version that the DVD doesn't have. The quality may possibly be better than the retail DVD on this LD(thats a big maybe).
The Godfather - a fan edit idea.
Interesting idea, I think the footage would look out of place and look kinda weird. Perhaps the dialog could however be salvaged and used to fill in parts in the movie. Perhaps playing it over a long scenery shot or something. As far as recording this you can use a program like fraps to record whatever is on your monitor.

Also on another note, isn't there a fan edit of all 3 movies combined into one? I believe the Laserdisc box set was the basis that already interweaves all three. Then I believe he took some scenes only shown on the television airings. Perhaps even more. This makes for a monstrous epic that I would love to see.
Book Of The Dead Preservation (* unfinished project *)
Originally posted by: cashflagg
I'm surprised that Anchor Bay have been so successful in keeping the version of WOODS they prepped out of unwelcome hands. I've heard a few people say they saw the amazing job they did yet it has seemingly never left AB HQ. When it was withdrawn from the DVD, I thought for sure it would eventually leak - first among the big shots in the scene and then trickle down to the online community.

Oh, and for the record, apparently it was Raimi himself who put for kibosh on WITHIN THE WOODS. Not due to music rights, not because it starred an embarassed governor's daughter (or some such nonsense) but simply, it would seem, due to Raimi's own insecurities as a perfectionist filmmaker. Sounds strange but then this is the guy that has done his own fair share of Lucas-esque tinkering with THE EVIL DEAD in recent years (e.g. re-framed shots, ropey effects excised etc.).

Anchor Bay posted screencaps of the remaster work they did and it looks pretty good. I have the pic somewhere. Anyway I doubt it has enough popularity to be leaked, I'm sure people would rather keep their jobs then be known as the fellow who leaked a nice copy of Within The Woods. Still would be nice though.
Help looking for... Hollywood's Master Of Myth: Joseph Campbell, The Force Behind Star Wars
Originally posted by: Ell the Ewok
On the subject of BBC doc I rememeber seeing an omnibus or something very similar that had BTS and clips from either PTM or AotC, I watched my copy till the tape broke. It had interviews with the stars and Lucas etc.

This might be the Power of Myth. In fact I'm almost sure. It is an EXCELLENT multi part doc, basically a real long conversation with Campbell. I think there is an official DVD release but it also airs on PBS at times.
WOW Someone just released ANH Fan Edit in the THEATERS!!! (aka ERAGON)
Originally posted by: corellian77
Hey jaberdoo,

I don't mean to delve into an entire literature lesson here, but the similarities you're describing have occurred time and again throughout literary history. As Wesyeed pointed out, Star Wars is just as guily of 'ripping off' these elements, so to speak.

The characters in Star Wars, for example, are just a rehashing of classic archetypes, such as:
- the Reluctant Hero (Luke)
- the Mentor (Obi-Wan)
- the Anti-hero (Han Solo)
- the Damsel in Distress (Leia)
- the Sidekick (Chewbacca)
- the Comic Relief (C-3PO, R2-D2)
- the Villain (Darth Vader)
- the Evil Genius (Tarkin)

Moreover, the entire story structure of A New Hope is once again just a retelling of the classic Hero’s Journey. For example, it contains such elements as:
- The call to adventure (Leia’s holographic message)
- Refusal of the call (Luke saying “It’s such a long way from here” regarding the Empire)
- Supernatural aid (Luke receives the lightsaber, the “magical weapon”)
- Crossing the first threshold (Luke leaving Tatooine)
- The belly of the whale (Being caught in the trash compactor)
- The road of trials (Luke practising his lightsaber skills on the Falcon)
- The ultimate boon (Luke destroying the Death Star)
- Refusal of the return (Luke not wanting to leave the Death Star without Obi-Wan)
- The magic flight (the Falcon fleeing from the Death Star)
- Rescue from without (Han saving Luke at the last minute in the Death Star's trench)
- The crossing of the return threshold (Luke returning to Yavin's moon)
- Master of two worlds (Luke is now a hero in the 'real' world and has begun mastering the Force)

You'll also see the exact same structure in movies such as Willow and the Matrix, which themselves were preceded by such Greek tales as those regarding Perseus and Odysseus.

And, as Sluggo suggested, perhaps this thread should be moved here or here.

Your are pretty much describing the typical epic. Thank Beowulf and some others for this.....

Art is constantly revising itself, that is just how it works in our world. I think the kid was 15 when he wrote the book. I had a chance to buy an original copy from his private pressing for about 60$ years ago, really wish I had bought it now. The movie is different from the book, but how great can a fantasy story with a dragon written by a kid.

Army of Darkness - The Primitive Screwhead Edition (Released)
Originally posted by: bigrob
Originally posted by: ReverendBeastly
Originally posted by: ocpmovie
No workprint now even exists for Evil Dead 2 as far as we know

I'm actaully getting what the trader purports to be a workprint in a trade very soon, it should be on its way to me this week. His description referred to scenes not seen anywhere else. I'm very curious as to the authenticity of it.

Wanna know something. The Evil Dead 2 workprint was even mentioned in The Evil Dead Companion book as well.

Well most movies do have a workprint, it's just not all the time a dub is made and eventually VHS copies making their ways into out grubby hands. Hope that Army of Darkness WP is legit, I got stiffed on a big trade for the ED 2 WP recently:-(, hope it's not the same fellow.