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Hello, My name is Jarod(not a real one but I like it). I am a huge Harry Potter fan. just crazy about it. I have my reasons to love it and it helped me through some time as a kinda safe blanket. I started collecting it and now I have almost all special editions from allover the world. I like to see how same movie can be wrapped in different covers. Also I am a huge fan of Disney. I have it all. When I was a kid I collected everything on VHS. Then did same with dvd. now I am living in Canada and I completed my Blu-ray collection. My big goal is to find all blur ays from Disney that contain Russian audio track (official releases).[I am from Belarus BTW] I have all of them now. Also I have them all in Steelbooks from UK.

So I am a movie fan. Huge one. I just like to resolve in a story and enjoy it from start till the very end. Few years ago I discovered Open Matte format. I fell in love. I searched fro Imax versions of Harry Potter. Finally I was reworded with all HBO Harry Potter web files. It was amazing. Then I start to look some some of my favorite movies and I found a lot of them. Like I have almost all Marvel cinematic universe in Open Matte Format with Localized Video Track (It is when movie title is in Russian language in my case).

Why I am here? It is simple. As a child (I am 40yo) I loved to see movies in cinema. I am not very happy with what is coming now on BR and 4K. It is not the same emotions that I had as a kid. So I found on Russian tracker scanned version of Aladdin 35mm. OMG!!! You have no idea what the day it was. I found exactly same translation I had as a kid and with Final Cut Pro I adjusted it to the picture. It was like I am back to my childhood. Way better than any 4K. I started to search for those who does that amazing job and found that web site. My goal is to find all original Disney scans.

Oof. I got carried away with writing. 😃