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"Champions of the Force"; Holly's Attack of the Clones edit (Work In Progress)

DuracellEnergizer said:

stickydixon said:

DominicCobb said:

*Her, and whether she follows a project through to the end is her business. Shaming is poor form.

HER? What an inconsequential piece of information that has blown my mind.

Snooker is trans; it’s only fair to provide ample warning so as to avoid accidental misgendering leading to unpleasant misunderstandings.

Ample warnings… we ought to speak as we like mate.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

I can’t stress how strongly I disagree with this.

As has been mentioned, “Who talks first” is the moment that won me over to TFA after going in very apprehensively. I’ll be pretty immediately stacked against any edit that removes it.

Are you trying to say how much you enjoyed the theatrical cut? Why where you in that position of fear or awareness when entering the theater, and one more thing, to what extent does it benefit the character or the significance of the scene in motion. Could you elaborate your answer a little bit more.

The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)

ziggyonice said:

Miche said:

Yeah, I was wondering, why did you keep that awful jokeful dialog at the opening segment. ¿Does it really work? I see it as a horrible statement to a terrible character. (Poe being the central victim here)

I absolutely, 100% disagree with this comment. There are some folks that are very anti-humor in Star Wars. I am not one of them.

While yes, I believe there are some jokes that run on or just miss the mark (C3PO’s puns in Attack of the Clones come to mind), Poe’s snarky comments to Kylo Ren are lighthearted and “feel” real. They sold me on him being an awesome character from the start.

If it were my fanedit, I wouldn’t get rid of either line. I think they are both a welcoming introduction, especially for folks that aren’t as familiar with Star Wars — keeps things fun and fresh. Puts some life in Star Wars without being too meta or overbearing.

There is no reason why either of Poe’s intro lines should be removed. Just my opinion, of course.

You can’t take that character seriously from that moment on, it is not anti-humor we are talking about it is a mock up performance, looking for the audience attention as you pointed out. If you want to bring a more realistic comparison, you should look at the original set of films, with those late 70’s expressions, where people could really rely on the characters carisma. Now as “real” as that out of tone conversation might seem to you, someone in these circumstances; with the possibility of dying, failing their mission, seeing his fallen comrade right before him, would not react in a comedic way, while at the same time, while he is saying that, you can see he comes off as uncomfortable, and bewildered. This is unrealistic human behaviour, he recieved no pleasure from these comments! If they wanted to imitate a scoundral, scruffy looking, nerf hearder, we’d ought to have seen that out of tone joke follow up with a grind atleast. American movies have relied on this type of mock up scenary for many years now, this is partly because people accept it as it is, and it is boring, unrealistic, and most importantly not funny to the mass mayority of media consuming maniacs.