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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

A small political problem.

One thing bugged me in "Revenge of the Sith"- during the conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin, Obi says "My allegiance is to the Republic, to democracy".

Wait a minute... to Republic and democracy? No, his allegiance is to the JEDI ORDER, Anakin says just before that "he brought peace and justice to the Republic (Empire)".

I don't know why Obi said this about democracy. Democracy doesn't mean liberty, it only means that everybody can vote. And thanks to democracy Palpatine (like Hitler) become the Supreme Chancellor. And our "Ben" is supporting this stupid system?

So my point is that Obi-Wan says something inconsistent. It is Anakin who represents the Republic/Empire and democratically chosen leader and Kenobi is the one for Jedi Order. In my opinion Jedi Knights are the guys who care about peace and justice, not democratic procedures. When Lucas whas writing Ep.III he didn't remember that there're good dictatorships and bad.

Aalenfae's PREQUEL TRILOGY (Heavily delayed - computer exploded)

My storyline for C-3PO in TPM was:

1) He's on Trade Federation ship, everything is the same until...

2) In the scene, where Nute Gunray landed in Theed and says "ah, victory!" I imagined there would be perfect place to put TC (or 3PO). Now, he's appointed by Gunray to accompany the queen.

3) Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan free the queen with her handmaidens and 3PO goes with them to Tatooine and Coruscant.

In conclusion, at the end of TPM Trade Federation is defeated, Maul is dead, and C-3PO serves now Padme.

The idea of Trade Federation 3PO would be good if you redub Gunray with alien voice. He would translate Gunray's lines to Amidala and the rest of the Naboo folk.

By the way, hilts of Obi-Wan's TPM lightsaber is almost the same as Qui-Gons. The only difference are the little spikes at the end of Kenobi's hilt.

Aalenfae's PREQUEL TRILOGY (Heavily delayed - computer exploded)

Have you considered changing TC-14 into C-3PO (color change and Anthony Daniels lines- from "The Clone Wars" cartoon maybe?). That would give TPM more OT character, after all that's what you're trying to achieve in your edits.

One more thing: are you going to change Obi's lightsaber in AotC (in your edits- AotR) to green one that he took from Qui-Gon? His lightsaber in original Episode II is exactly the same as in previous episode (how did he managed to get it back for that bottomless pit?).

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

Hello again,

I've got a few subtle changes for prequels, which somebody could use in his edit (especially for Revisited Team; I wanted to make some for that mock-up contest, but I'm skilled with photoshoping as Natalie Portman in acting)

Ep. I:

-C-3PO would be a Trade Federation droid, in place of TC-14. He would also replace Jar Jar through the whole movie. It is C-3PO (and R2, of course) who should bring humour, like in OT with his endless talking.

-eyes of Battle Droids should have some light, like 3PO's.

-give more/different facial expression to Neimoidians. They look like they were only moving their jaws up and down, and not talk.



-cut all lines, where Fett is refered as "Jango". He shouldn't die in AotC and Boba should be made as his son/apprentice, not a clone. Watching film in order I-VI would give an impression that they're one person. Plus, also re-colouring armour to Boba's green.

-Obi-Wan should be using Qui-Gon's lightsaber (even in arena battle) and Anakin his lightsaber from RotS (cut the destruction of his sabre in droid foundry).

-one thing would be great in AotC. Scene with Dooku communicating with Sidious holographically. This would spoil the surprise "Dooku is working with Sidious", but nevertheless it's something worth trying.

-AotC would not end with the wedding or Palpatine watching Acclamators taking off to the battlefields. Dooku's arrival at Coruscant is what I have in mind, and Republic Fleet Ships in background, jumping in the hyperspace, as solar yacht enters the orbit. And when Dooku and Sidious finish the conversation, I would add an Emperor's laugh from RotJ, like the one from Palpatine's arrival at DS.



-I always thought that Mustafar is the most unrealistic planet of all the saga. Everybody on that planet would die of the temperature or suffocate, because there are only volcanos and no plants to produce oxygen. This should be changed to at least a industrial, not volcanic, planet Mustafar or even to place the duel on industrial district of Coruscant. And the part of duel, when Obi and Anakin are fighting on that floating droids... they would burn alive that close to lava (or jumping off that giant antenna falling from lava fall)

-if someone is able to do that, I'll be thankful to him for the rest of my life: Lucas decided, that one of the greatest actors to star in Saga should be changed to CGI coughing droid, not even voiced by Gary Oldman. Christopher Lee, in my opinion, is one of the guys created to play villains. My plan was to cut Grievous from RotS, add Dooku and expand Dooku's plot. He would not be only the Jedi renegade, who became a Sith, but a spy, who would just pretend to be a Sith and get close enough to Sidious and destroy them forever. Dooku would redeem during duel with Obi-Wan on Utapau and tell him his scheme. Then Dooku would be killed in order 66 and Obi-Wan accused of treachery by collaborating with Dooku.

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread

I have an idea for a Sidious/Palpatine in TPM-ROTS.

Darth Sidious in PT is just a Palpatine in Sith robes and everybody at once figured out that they are the same character and this plot twist in Ep.III is not as surprising as it should be.

My first idea is: add Palpy's disfigured face from ROTJ to the Sidious- his real appearance will be just a some kind of a force mask. Surprise saved, if Star Wars watched in order Ep.I-Ep.VI

2nd idea: Palpatine looked more older in AOTC than in ROTS. Somebody could make Palpy's face for ROTS that would look like something between AOTC and ROTJ. This would support the original concept of the Emperor's face disfigured by using Dark Side for a very long time.

In both ideas: force lightning in Windu-Sidious duel will not have any influence sent back to Palpatine.