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44rh1n's "The Fellowship of the Ring" Extended Edition Color Restoration

Thank you very much 44rh1n, this looks utterly fantastic! I remember my first moment when watching the HD Version of the fellowship after I upgraded from my DVD set: I thought someone at the studios must have accidentally turned some color-wheel and went on mastering without realizing the desaster… After all I read that Peter Jackson had a say in every scene they did like that but to be honest I dont agree with him that being an upgrade. The color toning totally didn’t match the cosy hobbiton atmosphere at the beginning any more. All this green all over the place. If it would have been done more subtly it probably would have been good but like this… Now the movie is restored to original with much love and I cant think how this is supposed to look even better with the Netflix source. But if 44rh1n says so it must be so… I am looking forward to this.