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Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) <em>Released</em>

DigMod said:

Yes. The entire scene was removed as to introduce Cassian when Jynn meets him for the first time. Too much planet hopping and ultimately it wasn’t needed. I also wanted Cassian to be more of a hero in the edit.

That is fine man, I will say I am enjoying what I’m seeing so far. I will give this a full watch. I love the changes that I’ve seen such as less glossy and more natural Grand Moff Tarkin. Also, Vaters eyes aren’t to read. I do realize that his eyes were red in certain lighting in the original trilogy, but in rogue one they overdid it. You made it look a bit more natural and amazing as a post to a very detailed cosplayer’s Halloween costume. PS, I also love the or heck of planet names when people go there and I love how Jyn is dreaming about her past.