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TFA: A Gentle Restructure

This is amazing. Can’t believe how such a simple change turns an already good (albeit too Member Berry-ish) movie into a great one.

Quick question though, do you plan on doing a 4K HDR release of any of your edits after this set is released around March?:

Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Edition Re-Cut

OP updated.

The hiatus is over. Finally in the process of encoding the rest of the Saiyan Saga.

Episodes finished so far:

SAIYAN SAGA (Complete)

01 - The Arrival Of Raditz
02 - Reunions
03 - Unlikely Alliance
04 - Gohan’s Rage
05 - No Time Like The Present
06 - Gohan’s Metamorphosis
07 - The Strangest Robot
08 - Terror On Arlia
09 - Goz & Mez
10 - Princess Snake
11 - Plight Of The Children
12 - Pendulum Room Peril
13 - The End Of Snake Way
14 - Counting Down
15 - A Black Day For Planet Earth
16 - The Saibamen Strike
17 - The Power Of Nappa
18 - Time’s Up!
19 - The Return Of Goku
20 - Lesson Number One
21 - Goku Vs. Vegeta
22 - Saiyan Sized Secret
23 - Spirit Bomb Away!
24 - Mercy

Work has also commenced on the editing the Namek Saga-onwards, which should be a lot easier & faster now that I have all the materials and know what the hell I’m doing.

Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Edition Re-Cut

Quick update: The Saiyan Saga is complete (24 episodes total, very much trimmed down the original’s 35 but not as rushed as Kai’s 16). Haven’t updated this in a while thanks to a mix of procrastination and waiting for word on an Blu-ray series release by Toei (just so I can have a consistent video source from Namek and onwards), but here’s a sample comparison video for this project:

First is the original, 2nd is Kai, and 3rd is my edit.

Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Edition Re-Cut

“Oh boy, another one of these?”

I’ll admit my reasoning’s a little different as it’s a bit more dub-centric. Have nostalgic feelings for the original FUNimation dub but think the pacing’s too slow / voice acting’s too stilted / or the script’s awkwardly translated? Like the tightness in pacing and superb voice acting of Kai but miss the Bruce Faulconer score, some of the old voice actors who unfortunately didn’t return, too distracted by the MS Paint-like replacement animation, or even think that some of the cuts in Kai were too abrupt and missed some of the more endearing filler here and there?

This is the Dragon Ball Z: 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition Re-cut…my feeble attempt at making a “perfect” version of DBZ.


  • The Saiyan Saga uses the footage from the tragically discontinued “Level” Blu-Ray Sets from 2011. Namek onwards will use a fusion (lol) of color corrected footage from Kai and the 30th Anniversary black brick set. Although not edited as much as Kai, there’s still enough cut where the pacing reflects that of OG Dragon Ball (which in my opinion is perfect).


  • The Saiyan and Namek sagas’ soundtrack consist mainly of a Faulconer re-score, as well as some Nathan Johnson placements. The Ginyu / Frieza Sagas onwards will be entirely Bruce Faulconer (with the occasional “Easter Egg” from the Japanese OST such as insert songs).

  • Voice acting will be an equal combination of both FUNimation’s 2005 revision and Kai dub up until the Android Saga. From there it’ll be primarily Kai, however I will retain some character’s V.O.'s from the original (mainly Bulma, Gohan, and Android 18).

Tech Bits
Video: 1080p h.264 (Hi10) [MKV]
Audio: 2.0 Stereo PCM (English Revision)
File Size: 6 GB
Run Time: 23:50 to 25:20

More info (as well as the project itself) can be found at Nandato.